10 Best Heated Mattress Pads | Heated Mattress Pad Queen And Beautyrest

As winter arrives, There are piles of blankets on your bed in severe cold and you feel your blood freezing. If you are living in the coldest zone of the world, you want to get rid of these piles of blankets, so we recommend choosing the best heated mattress pads to have a sweet dream on frosty nights.

These best-heated mattress pads give you a heat setting according to your needs so that you can get ultimate warmth and enjoy a luxurious life. Most people are happy with a heated mattress pad because using electric bedding to heat your bed costs pennies a night. You find many heated bedding products on the market, a water-resistant topper that is perfect for parents, and pet owners and an ultra-padded one that feels like a cloud.

Best Heated Mattress Pads

Electrically heated mattress pads come in adjustable settings which warm your bed and feel cozy at night. These pads fit over your mattress like other protective pads, these pads have a wired system will keep you that will keep you toasty warm sleep. These pads are also used for pain relief on your neck or a small part of your body. As you find different heated mattress pads, that offer you many heat settings, whether they have single or dual controls, and if they can be washed.

The 10 Best Heated Mattress Pads for sweat sleep and dreams.

Basically sleeping is a natural phenomenon, after working all day long we need recreation and comfortable uninterrupted sleep. The best-heated mattress pads definitively fulfill your needs optimally. The electrically-heated mattress pads offer you a different setting to warm your bed and help you in a comfy and cozy sleep.

These mattress pads not only provide you warmth but also add some type of cushioning to your bed. Some advanced mattresses have two features they offer heating in winter also offer you cooling in summer. So choosing the right mattress pad is definitely a bit tricky and we are here to get it easy for you with in-depth research so that you save time.

1: Sunbeam Polyester Heated Mattress Pad 10 heat setting.


Sleep comfortably with gentle, continuous heat, and a comfy climate zone. The sunbeam heated mattress pad provides you soothing all-over warmth throughout the night without the need for layers of blankets and other bedding. So sleep comfortably with these heated pads.


The heated mattress pad is made with durable ultra-soft 100% polyester. It is nice and smooth and also offers you soothing warmth throughout the night. It has a thermocline technology that delivers consistent, evenly distributed heat.

Heat setting

The sunbeam pad comes with ten heat settings, and after 10 hours, it will auto-off. So go to bed and have a pleasant sleep without any tension. It also has exclusive wiring system senses and adjustment features.

Soothe tired, aching muscles.

When you feel aching muscles, this heated mattress pad will get the relief your body needs with its gentle heat therapy as you rest in bed. So you relax your tired muscles and relieve aches with auto adjustment.

Machine Washable

These warm mattresses have a feature of machine washable and dryer safe. It is also convenient for preheating settings, super soft and cozy.


  • Nicely toasted
  • 10Heat settings
  • After 10 hours auto shut off
  • Great for pain relief


  • Inconsistent heating

2: Beautyrest 3M scotchgrad Heated Mattress Pad

Beautyrest 3M scotchgrad Heated Mattress Pad

The Beautyrest electric heated pad contains secure comfort technology. It has excellent heating capability. So it makes you warm and comfy your bed before you sleep. Also, save your money from having a lower thermostat while still being cozy and toasty.


The Beautyrest heated mattress pad is made with microfiber fabric with 3M Scotchgard treated which is easy to care for. Also has a feature of resistance to stain and moisture-wicking. So it offers you surety of a cozy, dry, and warm night.


39″x80″, past perfect for your mattress with deep pocket fitting up 19″ height. So relax and enjoy the toasty warm feeling when cuddling in bed.

Heat setting

The electric heated mattress pad has five heat levels to find the comfort zone of your cotton electric quilted mattress. It also has a pre-heating feature that allows your electric mattress to be snuggly warm before you crawl into the cover. Further comfort it provides you 10 hours max auto shut offsetting. So take a sound sleep while soothing those aches and pains.


The warm pad has a promise of 5 years of savings and service.

Machine washable

Just unplug the controller and toss it into the washing machine. So after washing, you will get a clean and refreshing mattress pad.


  • 5 heat settings
  • Dual controller
  • Overheat safety
  • Secure and comfortable


  • Nothing

3: Sunbeam water-resistant Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam water-resistant Heated Mattress Pad

During winter the might temp drop well below zero, and you won’t stay comfy warm, and sound asleep, so a sunbeam heated mattress pad is best for you. The sunbeam water-resistant, heated mattress pad is very affordable with an additional protection layer against spills and stains.


The water-resistant warm mattress pad is made of 100% cotton and also has water-resistant backing. It has a feature of a quilted construction with 200 thread-count. The simply heated mattress pad has featured an extra soft quilted hourglass.

Heat setting

The warm mattress pad comes with 20 heat settings. Ten heat settings help mollify neck pain, shoulder pain, backache, and more while you sleep. You also can set 10 hours auto-off with the setting controller. Furth has two heating zones from each side that can control heat levels individually. Also, provides you with ThermoFine technology senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth while you sleep.

Machine Washable

The Sunbeam warm mattress pad is waterproof conveniently machine washable and dryer safe.


  • Machine washable
  • Great heat distribution
  • Water-resistant


  • Dries very quickly

4: Perfect Fit soft heat Heated Mattress Pad

Perfect Fit Soft Heat Heated Mattress Pad

This is a very affordable electric heated mattress pad that offers you soothing heat. It also warms your bed safely and efficiently. In this mattress pad, the safest technology is used, which is most comfortable to use. So it provides you highest quality warmth.


This electric heated mattress pad uses used softest plush fabrics. It uses soft heat an additional inner layer of fiberfill and soft fabric that delivers you extra comfort and support. Every wire is wrapped in a layer of fiberfill that directs the heat downward towards you, providing even heating and staying warm for a long time.

Safe and warm low-voltage technology

This technology keeps you safe while you stay warm. The soft heat of the heated product operates on less than 25 volts. The low technology has a small power supply box that changes AChome current into low voltage DC current. So the warm pad provides you warmth, protection, and safety even if the mattress is wet.

Even heat distribution

This warming product features wires loosely spaced 5 inches apart. Thin wires secured 3 inches apart from head to toe. So heat distributes evenly from head to toe.

Dual controls

When you do not want to warm your bed, and your partner wants, then the dual controls help you. The dual-zone allows you to customize heat management according to individual comfort in this warm electric mattress pad.


  • Equal heat distribution
  • Soft to touch
  • Do not feel the wires


  • Does not have an auto shut-off setting

5: Sunbeam quilted polyester Heated Mattress Pad


The Sunbeam mattress pad is the right quality pad. This quality warm pad has dual-zone control for individualized comfort. So enjoy the cozy comfort of heated bedding for a cold-free night.


The heated mattress pad is made of 100% polyester, and also fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep. So it is a super soft and comfy pad.

Easy to use

The warm sunbeam pad easy set pro controller gives you control over heat levels. At the same time, dual-sided ThermoFine technology assures you heat consistency by auto-adjusting throughout the night.

Heat setting

It comes with ten heat settings and 10 10-hour auto-off function that shuts off the heat on a timer you set so that you can rest without worry.

Warm and Soothing

The dual side controllers with ten heat settings help to soothe the neck, shoulder, back, legs, and many more, while you get painless sleep.

Machine washable

The electrically heated mattress pads are machine washable and dryer safe.


  • The cord is long and stretchable
  • Slim enough
  • Wires not feel


  • Not work consistently

6: Biddeford blanket electric Heated Mattress Pad

Biddeford blanket electric Heated Mattress Pad

Biddeford keeps you warm and comfortable on your bed. The warm product is crafted with unique fiber and special blends to produce this mattress. Snuggle into bed on those cold nights with the warm mattress pad.


The heated mattress pad is made with 100% polyester composition and has ultra-thin wires for additional comfort for your bed and pleasant sleep heated pad ultra-soft comfortable woven fabric.

Heat setting

The comfortable mattress pad has ultra-thin heating wires for additional comfort. Further, the analog controller includes auto-off. It also offers you ten heat settings, which give you the perfect personalized warming solution.


For your safety and reliability, the warm electric pad comes with a controller that has the feature of an auto shut-off timer. This is tested and approved by a 3rd party to comply with industry safety standards.

Machine washable

The warm pad is machine washable and dryer safe. But make sure to disconnect and remove controllers before washing.


  • Debilitating comfort
  • Fitted sheet
  • Auto shut off


  • The wires feel

7: Sunbeam sleek set king Heated Mattress Topper

Sunbeam sleek set king Heated Mattress Topper

The heated mattress pad snuggles into the kind of softness that is just right for you. So trust the quality will help you to provide warmth and care for you and your family.


The mattress pad uses plush fabric which will make you feel most comfortable. Because it is made of 100% polyester that allows you soft to the touch, it is also comfy and durable for years of use.

Soothe aching muscles

The sleek set mattress pad has the feature of a dual-side controller. So each side has a customized heat setting, you can set your side according to your desire. Also, ten heat settings to help soothe the neck, shoulder, back, and legs, while you get sound and cozy sleep on chilly nights.

Easy to use

The sleek set controller gives you control over heat levels, while dual-sided. Thermofine technology assures you heat consistency by auto adjustment throughout the night. Also has an auto-off function that allows for peace of mind.

Machine washable

The soft quilted warm pad is machine washable and dryer safe. 


  • Soothe aching muscles
  • Quickly heat up
  • Auto shut off


  • Nothing

8: Soft smart Heated Mattress Pad

Soft smart Heated Mattress Pad

All the soft heat mattress pads are equipped with a unique preheat feature that allows you to warm your entire bed before you snuggle in for the night. It is also perfect for those who like a freshly cleaned feeling, right out of the dryer sheets.


It is made with waterproof 233 thread count 80% polyester and 20% cotton with built-in micro-thin wires. Further, even heat distribution and you do not feel the bulkiness of wires.

Voltage Technology

The gentle heat smart pad has a low voltage technology patented safe and warm non-hazardous, and secure in the presence of moisture, so it will not harm your pets.


It has a single control and has a feature of automatically shuts off after 10 hours for your convenience. Further has a giant backlit display with an auto-dimming feature for nighttime adjustment without having to turn on the lights.

Heat setting

The electric pad comes with ten heat settings with the controller. So you can get warm conveniently on cold nights.

Machine washable

It has a cotton dobby stripe decorative shell which is completely machine washable and dryable without any pilling, shrinking, or stretching.


  • Soft warm and comfortable
  • Even heat ditribution
  • Soothe muscles and reduce stress


  • Single controller

9: Beautyrest cotton blend Heated Mattress Pad

Beautyrest cotton blend Heated Mattress Pad

On chill nights of winter cover your bed with the Beautyrest cotton blend heated mattress pad which offers you secure comfort technology. It has a feature of preheating to 4 levels of heat. Also, separate control for each side of the bed.


The warm mattress pad is made with cotton polyester blend fabric. Polyester filling with 60% cotton and 40% polyester material is used.

Auto shut feature

If you want to sleep without being disturbed, the feature of auto shut comes here for your help because auto shuts off after 10 hours. Further virtually eliminates electromagnetic field emissions.

Heat settings

 It has five heat settings to control the temperature to ensure your safety. The soft, flexible wires and top quilted provide you with exceptional comfort, while the fitted skirt perfectly fits up to an 18″ mattress.

Machine washable

These heated pads are machine washable. So it is effortless to care for them


  • Use in machine washer and dryer
  • Slim enough
  • Auto shut off


  • Little difficult in use

10: Electric Heated warming Mattress Pad

The electric warming mattress pad is safe and incredibly soft warms not only your bed but also refreshes it. It comes with low voltage technology so you can save money on your electricity bill. Be comfortable and warm on all the chilly nights of winter.


It is waterproof and constructed with 233 thread count 80% polyester and 20% cotton dobby stripe shell is incredibly soft, soothing, and supportive.

Low voltage technology

This is constructed within the patented safe and warm low technology. It uses DC current to work; you can also use a generator to work at the time of electricity shortfall. It uses DC current similar to a battery to provide warmth, protection, and safety even if the pad becomes wet.

Heat Distribution

The heat wires in the soft heat pads are so small; that they are set as virtually unnoticeable. The wires are ultra-thin 3 inches apart and evenly distributed from head to toe. The pad’s benefit is that it gives more of an even heat and has no annoying hot and cold spots.

Auto shut off

For your security convenience and power conservation, it has a feature of auto shut off after 10 hours and forget. So take a cozy warm sleep whole the night.

Machine washable

It is completely machine washable and dry without shrinking, pilling, and stretching.


  • Thinnest undetachable wires
  • Even heat from head to toe


  • Little noisy transformer

Which Type of Heated Mattress Pad Should You Choose?

The Heated mattress pads come in two main types. While both use electricity to generate heat for warmth, there are some significant differences between the two varieties.

Electric Wire-Heated Pads

Traditionally heated mattress pads are used in a metal wire-based system. This variety of heated mattress pads works with electricity to create heat; it has a network of thin, flexible metal wires. The heating wires are assimilated directly into the fabric of the mattress pad.

The thin design allows the cables to provide you warmth without disturbing the comfort of your sleep. However, metal wires in the fabric increase some safety concerns and demand sleepers to carefully follow all instructions. Electric wire-heated pads come with a handheld control that allows you to adjust the heat level. They are also affordable.

Electric Water-Heated Sleep Systems

Advanced heated mattress pads have a feature of the water-heated system. While this type of mattress pad also uses electricity, producing heat is quite different from a wire-heated pad. An electric water-heated sleep system uses electricity to heat a small quantity of water of your choice temperature.

The heated water is pumped into a network of silicone tubes distributed throughout the pad’s inner surface. Electric water-heated sleep systems are equipped with a controller for adjusting the warmth to your needs. This variety of mattress pads is wonderfully useful for keeping you cozy, but it is costly.

How to Consider best-heated mattress pad buyer’s guide


Heated mattress pads have three kinds of material: polyester, cotton, and a blend of the two. Polyester is stretchable, and while less absorbent, it is also breathable. Cotton is softer and porous, so you will not wake up sweaty after sleeping in a heated bed.

If you want a stretchable fabric with a plush feel, you have an option for a polyester microfiber. Blends are also the best materials. When you choose heating pad material, always keep in mind that a high-quality product has a higher thread count, making it softer.


It is another essential feature that you should consider before your purchase. You should look at whether the heated mattress pad complies with all safety standards. The safety feature is most important because it belongs to your life. Some manufacturers will give you the quality of non-hazardous DC voltage.

Make sure that you have read everything about it very carefully because all heated bedding is not safe for everyone, such as those who have health issues, adults with disabilities, children and infants, circulation problems, and those who can not understand the given instructions.

There are also most pads with a timer on them. Most are set to 10-hour auto-shutoff. It is an essential feature for those who may forget to set it and forget it.

Heating element

These heating elements produce heat using wires encased in fabric bedding pads and blankets. So it is good to find pads that have thinner wires and a best that you will not feel them. This is one of the pads’ essential functions—different heat settings set these heating elements.


All heated mattress pads and blankets are used as an attached controller on the end of a cable. So the bed heating systems are operated with remote control. The controllers, according to their design. They are usually straightforward either a small screen or a turn dial with numbers saying little more than setting.

There are two controllers in queen size and up so you and your partner can set different heat settings on their sides of the bed. Usually, this works well, though the middle of the bed can end a little harder to keep under control because of the build-up of the heat pad and your body.


The big reason for buying the heated mattress pad is to keep you warm when you sleep on a cold night. Besides warmth, the mattress pad should also deliver maximum comfort. So make sure the warm mattress pad is soft and comfortable. It should suit the shape of your body and diffuse the heat. It also produces even heat in every part of your body.

Electric mattress pads are available in the standard bed size of a king, twin, and queen. Some of them come with an elastic skirt, which will keep the pad in place throughout the night, and some are like a fitted sheet and wrap firmly around your bed.


So it tends to be a better product because it is less likely to get bunched up and to move in the night. Before choosing a mattress pad, you should know the depth of your mattress and its size. The mattress pad should fit the depth of your mattress.

Heating Mechanism

The heated mattress pads get their heat from small wires set throughout the pad. Usually, the lower the voltage, the thinner the wires and the heat in the pad.

You also consider the space between each wire when selecting a mattress pad. There are wires spaced several inches apart that will distribute heat over a wider area of the pad, while there will be no cables in the central area.

Ease to Clean

As the usual type of mattress topper is easy to clean, you also want to choose a heated mattress pad that is easy to clean because you would not damage it by cleaning it. So before buying a mattress pad, first check its cleaning instructions.

Many of them are machine washable, but you should use the machine’s delicate cycle with your pad and wash it with cold water. Machine washable pads can also be put in a clothes dryer. In contrast, the other mattress pads can only be spot-cleaned with mild soap.


When you are purchasing a warm pad, you should know the warranty of your product. Some have up to five years, some for one year. So I recommend checking it has a good warranty. It is also great if you have a trial period.


Which is the best-heated mattress pad to buy?

The best-performing heated mattress pad is to provide you with single and dual-temperature options. It offers you the best zoning control and can cool and heat. A Polyester Heated Mattress Pad is the best option for you; it offers you ten heat settings, dual control, and a comfortable sleeping experience. But if you are looking for durability, Cotton Blend Heated Mattress Pad is the best option. It comes with an easy-to-use controller that has five settings.

Are our heated mattress pads bad for us?

Heated mattress pads offer a comfort that is not matched by heated blankets or warm room temperate. Today, most heating pad comes with auto switch-off and low-voltage technology. An electric mattress pad should not be used for children, infants, and adults sensitive to heat, face health issues, and circulation problems.

Does a heated mattress pad use a lot of electricity?

Usually, the heated mattress pad uses 60 to 90 watts of energy on high settings for 8 hours straight. So, a pad consumes 120 to 180 watts of power. But some places come with low-voltage technology and from this, you can save money.

How long do heated mattress pads last?

A heated mattress pad’s lifetime depends on the model you select, the care, and the usage. A good quality heated mattress pad will offer you a minimum five-year warranty. But if you want your mattress pad to last, be careful not to leave it on overnight.

Can we use a heated Bedding pad with a memory foam mattress?

Yes, You can use a heated mattress pad with any mattress, even those made with memory foam. But remember that memory foam can get damaged with direct heat or pressure, compromising its performance and its lifetime. So, do not place the heated pad directly on the mattress unless it softens the memory foam.

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