The 11 Best Pintail Longboards To Commute Around The Stree

The Best Pintail longboards are a refined type of longboard, becoming famous in the last few years. As its name implies, this type of board is designed in a pintail shape. Further, the wheels of the longboard pintail from coming in contact with the board.

The 11 Best Pintail Longboards Good For Who Love Carving And Cruising

These boards also have a top-mounted truck which keeps the board high. So changing direction is straightforward, making it excellent for carving and cruising. With time, the longboard has evolved a bit from its roots as street surfing. Hance board of pintail is versatile, and they are some best board options for carving and cruising. You should consider your height, weight, location, and budget when buying it.

Which are the Best Pintail Longboards for Beginners?

Pintail boards have a unique shape, giving you a different ride experience than other board styles. So Pintails are always top-mounted and are fitted with a pulpit to increase grip, making them able to carve more deeply than most other deck shapes.

When beginning, riders carve so profoundly they can crush, and if inadvertently doing so at high speed, they can also lead to disaster. There are many questions about the quality of the table’s hardware, and it will also ensure you the most delightful riding experience. So first of all, deeply check the tightness of everything, and then start your ride.

Check out mainly the deck from the cheaper options and, at the same time, consider the order of bushings. Bushings will be an even more critical replacement part due to the deep spare curve of pintail longboards. Replacing bearings, bushings, and trucks will prevent blunders caused by faulty equipment.

1. Retrospec Zed longboard pintail bamboo

Retrospec Zed longboard pintail bamboo longboards
Brand Retrospec
Material Aluminum
Durometer hardness 85A
Wheel material Polyurethane

The Retrospec Zed pintail longboards come with a classic surfboard shape and feel. These pinboards not only carry you here and there but also transfer you back to the time of sun, salty surf air, breezy days, dew nights, and so on.

The best review pintail board also has anti-bite technology, which avoids wheel-biting at all coasts. It is easy to ride by including wheel wells to eliminate grab. For a high-speed board, a pin with a precision ball bearing in the ABEC-7 tolerance grade is ideal for high speed and extreme running accuracy.

So it will be able to handle your adventures, further enhancing your ride with smooth and shock-absorbent 70mm polyurethane wheels that give you full grip on rocky places. If you want to know about stability, it gives you 8ply Canadian maple and sustainable bamboo from an infallible hybrid of strength. So enjoy your commuting with this board pintail.


  • Best for beginners
  • Easy to learn and handle
  • Looks good and deboard


  • Bit heavy for cruising

2. Seething 42-inch boards pintail for cruising, carving, freestyle, and downhill

Seething 42-inch longboards pintail for cruising, carving, freestyle and downhill
Brand Seething
Trucks 7-inch Aluminum alloy
Size 42X10 inches
Wheel 70mm, BOA high rebound
PU wheels

The seething pintail longboard is designed for cruising and made of high-quality Canadian maple. It is lighter, so you can make freestyle dancing and more stability. The deck of pintail board is made of high-quality material, durable enough to withstand riders up to 330Ibs, and offers you the perfect balance between toughness and weight. If you plan to ride on the beachside or any out of the city, you can carry it in your longboard backpack very easily.

Further, the pinboard is equipped with ally trucks which add more comfort to your riding. So with reactive and smooth gliding reverse kingpin truck with precision ABEC-11 bearing.PU cast bushing gives you a pleasant riding experience at a different place. Further, the high-density waterproof anti-skidding diamond emery paper brings more board for keeping you riding steadily and safely.


  • Sturdiness
  • Value of money
  • Good trucks and smooth-running wheels
  • Lightweight
  • Fully assembled


  • Nothing

3. Atom Pintail longboards

Atom pintail longboards
Brand Atom longboard
Material Maple
Deck length 99cm
Durometer hardness 78A
Wheel size 65mm

I bought this board a little year ago; I am a newbie. So I want to learn the basics of the longboard. I am pleased with this because all the components of the board and the trucks are pretty good. So I used this board to cruise on unsmooth streets and improve my skill level.

The best sturdiness pintail longboard components are 8.5 inches Aluminum trucks, bearings are 5 ABEC, and the lengthening of the deck is 77cm. Pinboard has a classic deck shape that helps you avoid wheel bite, ideal for beginner longboard riders.


  • Great board for beginner
  • Best sturdiness
  • The deck is fully laminated with maple for extra durability
  • Give you a great level of comfort


  • Bearing is not so stable

4. Yocaher Beach series complete pintail longboards

Yocaher beach series complete pintail longboards
Brand Yocaher
Wheels Speed cruiser 70X52
Trucks 9.675 HD 7 heavy-duty mm trucks wheels
Hardware 1.5 inches
Riser 1/2 inches rubber

The Yocaher pintail boards are great, smooth, and ready to ride without any adjustments. You will be surprised by how smooth and easy it is to carve on this board. My friend bought this and shared his experience with me. He wants to cruise around on a regular longboard carving all over the place with this flexible long pintail board.

He said that he would highly recommend this board. Further, the pintail teardrop-shaped deck is the most suitable for beginners. The gateway pintail board has a shape to prevent the wheel from contacting while providing ample foot space. It also makes excellent campus cruisers. The heavy-duty pintail board provides perfect stability.


  • Good for beginners
  • Solid entry-level cruiser
  • Very solid board
  • Great quality and comfort
  • Affordable


  • Trucks feel a bit cheap

5. TGMkrown longboard 9X43 pintail maple

TGMkrown longboard 9X43 pintail maple
Brand TGM skateboards
Material Maple
Color Green flame
Durometer 78A
Wheel size 63mm

The TGM pintail board is of excellent quality and affordable. The deck is 9X43 inches wide, trendy in shape, and made by one of the largest longboards. Further, it is completely assembled. The trucks are 7.0, and the bearings are ABEC-7.

Moreover, the wheels are 63mm,78a.1/2 risers have been added to help reduce wheel bite and give you one great smooth ride. But the TGM longboard pintail is not for beginners.


  • Affordable
  • Awesome pinboard
  • Available in multiple color
  • Very popular shape


  • Not for beginner

6. Jyfsa pro 7layer maple deck 46.4X9.6 inch longboard pintail

Jyfsa pro 7layer maple deck 46.4X9.6 inch longboard pintail
Brand Jyfsa
Material Maple
Durometer hardness 85A
Wheel material Polyurethane
Wheel size 63mm

The longboard pintail size is best for all-level lovers. It’s a highly suitable size for riding the longboard on the street, park, and pool. Further, it has a durable bearing; the truck is made of 7 layers of Canadian maple and emery non-slip, well made, and sturdy. Its maximum weight is 150kg.

Further, it has 60X45mm anti-shock high rebound PU wheels. It also has high wear resistance and good stability. Moreover, it offers you a better balance during descent at high speed. The pro dancing pintail longboard is suitable for kids and adults and ideal for girls and boys.


  • High-speed precision breaking
  • Best for kids and adults
  • Great gift for boys and girls


  • Nothing

7. White wave bamboo longboard

White wave bamboo longbaord
Brand Jyfsa
Material Maple
Durometer hardness 85A
Wheel material Polyurethane
Wheel size 63mm

This board is lovely and smooth, and the deck feels sturdy with a light spring. Further, the trucks turn beautifully. So you can easily carve, and there is no looseness anywhere. The Hellion 2-bearing roll is smooth and silent. There are fast enough and do not feel any resistance from the bearings at the push-off time.

The wheels have the right level of softness and can roll over small gravel patches without any problem. So these are perfect for a relaxing cruise. It is a great board and allows the highest allowable weight.


  • Fit for larger guys
  • Awesome board great value
  • Cutting edge board design
  • High quailty


  • No major cons

8. Krown city surf longboard pintail board

Krown city surf longboard pintail board
Brand Krown
Material Maple
Color Resta
Size 9X46 inches
Wheel size 70mm
Item weight 7pounds

This board pintail is fantastic; its pintail shape and large wheels make for excellent carving ability. It turns so smoothly, and the trucks are pretty good. Since the wheels are 71mm, they have a slow acceleration yet hold their speed longer. Further, you can quickly go 60 yards without pushing again.

The pintail looked terrific, the grip tape is excellent, and the length is perfect for riding. Further, the extra length of the pintail makes it ideal for dancing and smooth moves. The truck of pinboard is made of Canadian maple, and the size of the pintail shape board is 9X46inches. It also has black wheels and black grip tape.


  • Affordable
  • Good for beginners
  • Wonderfull board
  • Great quality with a pintail shape


  • Trucks need loosening to trun

9. Hana longboard bamboo pintail boards for cruising,carving, dancing

Hana Longboard Collection Longboard
Brand Magneto
Material Maple, bamboo
Deck length 107cm
Wheel size 70mm

The 42 inches pintail Hana longboard is designed as the ultimate stylish cruiser board. It is the best board for the cruise. The board’s deck consists of 8 layers which laminate with a hard maple core and a beautifully stained striped bamboo top and bottom.

A classic pintail shape deck with wheels cut in the bottom of the deck to prevent wheel bite and made of a beautifully stained bamboo and hard maple core. Further, the 31-inch wheelbase makes the board super responsive and comfortable.

Additionally, the deck set of holes in case you want to change the truck to one with a different hole mounting pattern. So the deck has the right amount of flexibility to make turning more manageable and fun.


  • Beautifull board with money worth
  • Excellent carver
  • Smoother and comfortable


  • Nothing

10. Goldcoast complete longboard classic bamboo pintail

Goldcoast complete longboard classic bamboo pintail
Brand Goldcoast
Material Maple
Size 44X10 inches
Wheel size 70mm
Item weight 1pounds

It is an excellent board pintail for beginners if you are just starting out and also. Great to cruise with. The pintail boards boast seven-ply maple deck construction for a responsive ride with its printed grip tape.

Further, 26 inches of wheelbase give you smooth, stable carving. And also ready to ride with 71mm. So you will find the perfect size and perfect price. It is too lightweight to carry, So you can carry it in your skateboard backpack


  • Good for beginner
  • Smooth and perfect pintail longboard
  • The great value of money


  • Having balance issuses

11. Yocaher blank/checker complete pintail longboard

Yocaher blank/checker complete pintail longboard
Brand Yocaher
Product dimensions 40X9X5 inches
Wheelbase 27inches
Wheel size 70 X52mm
Material 9ply maple

These pintail longboards are complete with black window premium 80A grip tape. The truck is made of Aluminum Alloy and an ABEC-7 bearing, and the wheel size is 70mm. The wood is natural bamboo and is well balanced, smooth, and solid. So the durable pintail longboard is perfect for rugged, outdoor use.

Further, this pintail board teardrop-shaped duck is the most suitable for beginners. Moreover, the shape prevents the wheel from contacting the board while giving you ample foot space. So you will find this pintail offers you an excellent campus cruiser.


  • Decent board
  • Smooth and solid
  • Best for beginners
  • Great quality


  • Wheels are bit large

Reason of Choosing points of Pintail Longboards


Pintail longboards give you excellent stability compared to other board types. First, because it has a pinched shape, and second because of its large size and the longer distance between trucks, it means these are best for those riders who want to get around fastly and efficiently without a high level of skill.

No Wheelbite

A pintail longboard has a slim and slender shape, and the smooth finish will save the rider from the experience of any wheel bite caused by the truck and wheel combinations.


Pintail longboards are available at a pretty reasonable price. Indeed, the price will always depend on the quality of the board and materials and the brand, but whole pintail shapes are cheaper than other boards.

Great for Beginners

They are larger, have good stability, are easy to ride, and have a lower price tag, making pintail longboards excellent for beginners and those who want to start their longboarding journey. So these are great for cruising and commuting.

Smooth Riding

The pintail longboards come in the large wheels and the broader trucks, adding even more stability to the board. Further, they also help to keep the riding experience smooth over bumpier surfaces like Stoney gravel.

Good Speed

Generally, Pintail longboards allow you a faster experience of riding. Because when you push on the sharp tail end of the board, it moves faster, reducing your pushing effort and increasing your speed.

Good Responsiveness

The pintail board is attached to the truck as a top-mounted system; therefore, they will have more responsiveness from the truck than any other longboard shape. So it is another significant point for beginners.


The center of the pintail board often acts as a shock absorber because they have a good level of flexibility. So it is straightforward to ride. A flexible pintail board is best for you if you are into cruising, carving, and commuting.

What is Pintail Longboards Exactly?

The pintails look more like a classic surfboard and feel even a smooth surfing type when carving. It has a narrow nose, a tail to hold larger wheels, and a wider middle. Pintails are typically top mounted to gain as much grip over the trucks as possible and come in two basic shapes, cambered pintail and pintail with a kicktail.

Pintail with Kicktail

A pin with a kick is the best longboard for cruising around town. The pintail has one vital component, a kicktail which does not found in cambered pintail. It would help if you could climb onto sidewalks and pavements during your ride. It also looks pretty uncomfortable for a beginner rider. A kicktail permits you to handle the sudden hurdles of the city streets and even allows you to do a trick or two. A pintail shape is an excellent board for commuting when you like to commute.

Cambered Pintail

The cambered board is the best pintail longboard for cruising. It is not suitable for hills or rough terrain, but good for flatland going at a leisurely speed and just surfing down the boardwalk or zipping onto an empty car park.


What is a pintail longboard good for?

Mainly Pintail longboards are used for casual cruising and sometimes for commuting. The classic design of the pintail deck is the same as with longboarding’s vintage roots in the surfing community, and pintail longboards are bought a lot for their aesthetics as they are for any performance features.

They congenitally give you low stability, and the sudden narrowness on either end forces your feet into a small area of the board. Some pintail longboards feature a kicktail on the rear end of the deck, which can allow you more control and potentially expose your little freestyle tricks.

Is pintail longboard good for downhill? 

Savvy riders generally do not select pintail boards to take downhill. The main reasons for not choosing pintail longboards for downhill are its top-mounting and bais to lean deeply.

While these are superior in carving and cruising, pintails tend to lose stability around 25 mph and begin shaking dangerously. So you should select a drop-through mounted longboard with a hardware complement explicitly designed for downhill riding. Stay riding and stay safe.

Is pintail longboard good for turning?  

The Pintail Longboard is designed to control quickly and clearly to avoid wheel bites when turning. Ideally, as a beginner, your board Pintail should be able to turn or carve tight enough to turn quickly.

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