The 10 Best Skateboard Backpacks Reviewed

When you make a skateboarding program, carrying a heavy skateboard in hand is difficult because you can not get rid of or attend your call, so you need the best skateboard backpacks.

Therefore, I will help you in carrying the heavy skateboard. Instead of carrying multiple bags for your items, you should get one of the best skateboard backpacks for a smoother ride. An ideal skateboard carry bag offers you space to safely keep all your gear, water bottles, essentials, and even your laptop. More are armed with straps to keep your skateboard secured.

My Favourite and Best Skateboard Backpacks

Eastsport multi-compartment skater backpackssimbow skateboard backpacks laptop backpackIWONDER Electric Skateboard Adjustable Travel Backpacks
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Skateboard Backpacks Essentials.

We know that we need some essential things when skating, such as skate tools, skate wax hoodies, helmets, and water bottles. But all these things are difficult to carry in hand, so you need a backpack for this stuff. Therefore the best electric skateboard backpacks are essential and helpful for you.
There are many skateboard backpacks on the market, but we provide you with a review of some of the best skateboard backpacks.

Keep in mind point Wear a Backpack While Skateboarding.

You get onto the road with your skateboard; consider the following points first.

  • Is it Safe?
  • Weight of your backpack 
  • Size of your backpack
  • The fitting of the backpack 
  • Your skateboard bag back padding
  • Straps are rightly adjustable

GORide tech electric skateboard backpack 

GoRide Electric Longboard Skateboard Backpack Bag Carrier with Laptop Holder

The GoRide electric skateboard backpack is designed to serve the needs of daily travelers. So you can use it to travel or to school. It is a perfect fit for your needs.


The GoRide backpack is made with double padding of foam and also has breathable mesh and back padding. So the extra padding offers all your things so that you can travel with additional protection from damage.


The straps of the electric backpack are made with double padding. These are very strong, and the sternum strap and hip belt are also handy. 

Easy to carry

The skateboard backpack is designed for optimal weight support. Also, the ultimate fit and comfort with its adjustable shoulder straps and hip belts help distribute the weight evenly.


It comes with double belt holders for outdoor activities such as hiking. It also has large storage compartments, great as a day pack: additional GoPro handgrip, and foldable camera tripods.

Perfect for laptop

The longboard skateboard backpack has a laptop slot, perfect for traveling, college business, and school use.


  • High quality and sturdy build
  • Comfortably fit around your back
  • Can Carry a wide variety of electric skateboards


  • Can not allow you to overload

Nike SB RPM skateboard backpacks


Nike is the best backpack in the market. It has quality design and production, so the Nike skateboard backpack is top quality and stylish, and comfortable. It also has ample carrying capacity.


The casual day pack backpack is made of 100% polyester. The material is water-resistant; therefore, it helps to protect your gear.


The skateboard backpack has a curved, designed strap that conforms to the contours around your shoulders and back. At the same time, the front straps are obligatory for an electric skateboard backpack. They are very sturdy and can hold a heavy load securely.


The electric skateboard backpack has a sturdy, robust zipper that secures the backpack’s main compartment. It also has outside hand-free storage.

Laptop sleeve

This electric skateboard has an internal storage space. So laptop up to 15″ fits perfectly.


  • Spacious internal space
  • Stellar durability
  • Extraordinary quality


  • Expensive

IWONDER electric skateboard Adjustable Travel backpacks

IWONDER Electric Skateboard Adjustable Travel Backpacks

I WONDER electric bag allows you to have your hand-free durability when you rid, of elevators, stairs, and many other places. So it makes your commuting very easy with your electric skateboard.


The IWonder electric skateboard is made with polyester. It is very durable and gives you a stylish look. So it holds all regular longboards and electric longboards.


The backpack comes with curved shoulder straps for you to comfortably fit. So with these curved straps, you can wear them over your shoulder as a shoulder bag. Further, the velcro design holds the board even when you are running. It also has your board firmly behind you.


It would be best if you had this backpack with any board, especially for commuters. So carry your electric skateboard securely and in style.


  • Best for 15.5 Ibs electric skateboard
  • Safe and environment-free material


  • No padding on the strap

Dakine Misson 25L skateboard Bag packs

Dakine Misson 25L Skateboard Backpacks

The Dakine Mission skateboard backpack is the best and perfect balance skateboard backpack. It is equally at home, in the mountains, and on the city streets, so it is ready for any of your missions.


The skateboard backpack is made with sturdy 600D polyester. So it is durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use for many years. The material is semi-waterproof, so it is perfect for light showering.


The skateboard has shoulder straps, and these straps allow you to carry your board with the right distribution on your shoulders comfortably. Also has a sternum and waist strap. These are long enough to secure the pack to your body and distribute the weight around your body. It also has a robust board strap with heavy-duty plastic latches which can handle the heavy boards. So these adjustable straps are perfect for your board.


The backpacks for skating come with valuable storage space for your needs and have a thin fleece pocket lining.


  • Affordable
  • Made with durable material


  • Unstable bottom

Travel electric custom skating board backpack

Travel electric custom skating board backpack

The travel electric custom skateboard backpack has all the features of the best electric skateboard case. So if you have to travel long then put your skateboard in this case without any tension and move on.


The electric travel backpack is made with 600D nylon fabric. It is a very lightweight and washable case. The weight is just 2 pounds. This is a waterproof feature that secures your electric skateboard from rain and moisture.


It comes with several interior accessory compartments. So you can pack many various items that you need. Furthermore, you can put your charger, and spare parts tools in the internal chamber of this electric skateboard case on your long trend.


The YUNEECE-GO comes with stiff foam padding for extra protection. So the case will be handled by your board proactively. So start your travel with a durable, lightweight, washable, and waterproof electric skateboard.


  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Lock of carrying handle

Eastsport multi-compartment Skateboard bag

Eastsport multi-compartment skater backpacks

The East sport skater backpack is of high quality and affordable. It comes with all the features which you want in a backpack. The skateboard has a multi-compartment for a skat backpack.


The backpack is made of polyester. It closed with the help of high-quality zippers.


The skateboard backpack has an adjustable strap made with velcro material. So you can easily carry your skater. There is extra padding on the shoulder strap, so you feel comfortable. Further, it has a back panel made with high-density foam, so you do not feel back pain.


The skater pack comes with a padded pocket. So you can store your accessories in this pocket such as tablets and laptops, all are secured. Side mesh hydration pocket with elastic which has a top fleece-lined small zip pocket.


  • Zipper pockets
  • Equal weights distribution


  • Straps do not tightly wrap around the board

simbow skateboard backpacks laptop backpack

simbow skateboard backpacks laptop backpack

The Simbow skateboard backpack is excellent and stylish in appearance. It also has a USB charging port and a super organizer backpack. It looks nice and feels lovely and perfect for you. The casual backpack is a simple and elegant design.


The skate backpack is constructed with high-density fabric. So the backpack is made with premium material.


It has a double strap for the skateboard. Further, the adjustable chest strap is designed according to human body technology, which can quickly reduce the shoulders’ pressure.


The bag has a side not a pocket for a water bottle or compact umbrella. For extra security, it has an anti-theft pocket on the back. The main compartment you can use for your clothes, a notebook and many more. Furthermore, you will find two pockets for your tablet and laptop. This is not enough; you also find pockets for your pen,iPhone, and many other items.

Best for

The skater backpack fits women as well as men. You can use it for hiking, camping, shopping, school, or college, and use it as a handbag. It is perfect to wear because it has padding on the back.


Convenience is the key feature of this backpack with a USB port, and organized pockets.

Set the password

First of all turn, the dial to 0-0-0, which is its original password. Second, pull the switch to the left and hold it. Third, rotate the digital dial to the number you want to set the password. Lastly, release the button once the password has been set.


  • Digital lock
  • USB Port
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Multiple pockets


  • Nothing

skateboard backpacks & basketball travel school backpacks

Skateboard Backpack Basketball Travel School Backpack 17.3 Inch Laptop Bag

The RONYES skateboard backpack provides you satisfactory, excellent, and high-quality backpack. It has multiple places for skateboarding, quality backpacks, basketball, baseball, laptops, iPhones, iPads, pens, keys, wallets, textbooks, clothes, and many more. So this product will feel comfy and easy to carry.


The backpack is made with polyester, a waterproof coating to prevent the water from passing through. So if there is rain during your travel, then it will protect your language from water.


The skater board pack has adjustable board straps to carry a vertical board or skateboard. Further has a hidden net to contain the basketball, baseball, football, soccer ball, volleyball, and helmet. Also has an adjustable buckle sternum strap and buckle waist belt which offers you great comfort.


The bag comes with multiple storage because all pockets are well organized. One double zipper front and one top hidden zipper pocket.Two separate inner compartments.


There is breathable air mesh padding on the shoulder strap, for more comfort beck and to relieve the pressure on your shoulder.

USB Port

The board backpack also has an external USB with a built-in charging cable which offers you convenient charging.


  • Also can be used as a laptop or school bag
  • USB port
  • Great storage


  • Large pockets are not so deep

Skunk nomad skater backpacks are smell-proof weatherproof

Skunk Nomad Skater Backpacks Smell-Proof Weatherproof

This is a super cool backpack. The SKUNK Nomad skaters bag is durable, and all zipper seems, strong and sturdy. Further, the skater board bag is smell-proof and waterproof.


The backpack is made with carbon fiber which looks durable. This material is waterproof and smellsproof. So keep your travel on rainy days.


It has a lock so you can keep all your stuff in the lock-in bag all the time. It is a combined lock with two front pockets.


The skateboard backpack has skateboard secure straps. These straps have a padding of foam for your comfort.


It has many pockets. There is an inner padded laptop pocket. Also has interior zipper pockets for the laptop and a side net pocket for your water bottle.


  • Combination lock
  • Waterproof and smell-proof


  • Expensive

GoRide elite electric skateboard backpack

GoRide Elite Electric Longboard Skateboard Backpack Bag Carrier with Laptop Holder

The GORide electric backpack is perfect for commuters, and also it is long-lasting. It is an adjustable bag size so that you can use your GoRide Elite as a backpack. So it carries your skateboard while looking stylish at the same time.


It is made with polyester and has extra foam padding throughout the backpack, keeping your items protected from the inside. So the durable elite backpack is best for travel.

Elite travel design

Attractive, sleek design with thoughtful consideration for your everyday use.


The elite comes with a breathable and comfortable supportive strap that offers support to your shoulders and hip. So it will not hurt your body around all day.


 The GORide skateboard bag has an internal skating helmet strap and also has two large multi-use front pockets for travel. Further has large storage compartments which are great as a daypack. Also has front pockets which can be used to store spare batteries. It also provides you with, a laptop holder.

Universal design

It is universally designed to hold most regular skateboards up to 44″ long and up to 24Ibs. This adjustable backpack is convenient for all ages. So carry your board in style. 


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable size
  • Elite travel design


  • Nothing

There are different electric skateboard backpacks for different situations.

We use different skateboard backpacks in different situations. Because there is no one perfect skateboard bag, two of the most common electric skateboard backpacks on the market are.

The Travel Electrical Skateboard Backpack

The electric travel backpack is best for extended travel, whether by air, road, or other transport resources. If you want to travel and need to carry your skateboard along with you, you need a travel electric skateboard backpack.

Heavy Padding

With the above considerations in mind, you need to choose a backpack with heavy padding. Heavy padding will enhance the protection of the backpack.

High-Quality Construction

Along with heavy padding, the bags should be robustly built. It has the feature of standard double or triple stitching. This ensures that the bag is of high quality constructed. It should also have a robust zipper.

Comfort And Usability

When you find all the above features, you need to consider the quality of comfort and usability. While you are using any bags for traveling, it should not strain your back, spinal, or shoulders.

The Commuter Electric Backpack

Day by day, many people are using electric skateboards as their priority last-mile commute solutions; an electric skateboard offers you a unique commute experience.

However, while using e-boards as a tone of personal commute, you need to buy a capable e-board backpack for an even better experience. So Moving around with a commuter backpack and your skateboard on your back is more convenient than carrying your skateboard in your hands.

An Astronomical user experience

Your backpack must have an astronomical user experience. You need to enjoy every feature of using the backpack, whether it be loading or unloading a skateboard. Further, Good backpacks with skateboard straps should also offer you a fair weight distribution.

When you use a backpack with poor weight distribution, it may result in spinal, back, and or shoulder injuries after using the backpack for a long. It should come with a high-quality strap because thin-strapped backpacks will create a lot of pressure on your shoulders, putting your health at risk.

 A Robust Construction

A longboard and an electric skateboard are not lightweight tools. You need to take into deliberation the weight issue when you are purchasing a backpack. So you should buy a bag that is robustly built and also has robust material.

Therefore you have an option for backpacks with durable, strong, and moisture-resistant material. Additionally, they should be made using double or triple stitching, which ensures it does not occur. Further, it would help if you took the robustness of the zipper used in every backpack you are thinking of buying.


Whenever you are using the electric skateboard as a commuting tool e from school, work, or any other place, you will often not need to carry other items with you. You have to take books and a laptop and your water bottle. Your commuting backpack must have plenty of space. It should allow you to move with everything you need.


Now there are plenty of waterproof electric skateboards on the market. These allow you to manage light rainy conditions. So you can go out on your skateboard, even if there is rain. However, if your board is not waterproof, but you have a waterproof backpack, you will use it to protect your board from water damage.

How to choose the best skateboard backpack

Before choosing the Best Skateboard Backpack you should consider some important features that are-:

Backpack Size

compact and Small bags are no longer popular. However, some people still give priority to overly bulky backpacks that are not so efficient. That is why many individuals are moving towards skateboard backpacks.

But the proper size of your pack is essential for you when you are skateboarding. If all your needs and skateboarding gear are adding helmets, skateboards, etc., just a small size bag will fulfill your needs. However, you need more space if you have more items.

Durability and Padding:

You should consider Your electric skateboard backpack; it must be durable and equipped with a lot of padding so that the skateboard would be safe enough.

Your backpack has value for your essentials, such as laptops or tablets, and many more. So you must look for heavy-duty and durable materials. Polyester is the right choice because it is lightweight and durable. There must be padding in your backpack for extra comfort, and it also gives cushions the things and breathability.

Theft safety:

Theft safety is an essential point, especially when you are traveling by public transport. Nowadays, a lot of people want to secure their backpack because it has many important things, such as your mobile, laptop, and high-quality electric skateboard.

Therefore you must purchase additional security products. So it should be mesh nets, slash-proof, and padlocks. With these locks, your skateboard and your essential items become secure and safe.

Suppose you want to travel on rainy days to protect your electric skateboard from rainwater and moisture. In that case, you need water-resistant backpacks. It would help if you bought that backpack, which has durable fabric and offers water resistance.

Board Strap

The essential feature of the skateboard backpack is the Board strap. Everyone looks for a backpack that can carry their skateboard very tightly and firmly, so you should look board strap feature. This important feature of skate backpacks makes them different from other backpacks.

A board strap should be adjustable and durable enough to carry the weight of an average skateboard. When you are purchasing a backpack for your skateboard, also be sure to check that they are wide enough and durable enough to hold onto your skateboard securely.

Shoulder Strap

The great backpack is the shoulder strap design. These shoulder straps will allow you to hang the backpack on your shoulder and spread out the weight of the pack equally on your back, so your one specific body part will not be overloaded.

Further, The shoulder straps should be wide enough to handle the load easily; they should be congenially padded, ensuring you can carry the backpack with comfort.

comfort and fit

The essential feature you should consider before purchasing a backpack is that it should be comfortable and fit. When you are carrying your backpack for a more extended trip, then it should fit and also have adjustable straps with excellent padding, which is very comfortable.

Weight distribution

Your backpack must have the feature of weight distribution as when there is the proper weight distribution; then it can be beneficial in the back pain. So you can carry the backpack for a more extended period. To ensure that when you are carrying heavy things in the skateboard backpack, then the weight should be evenly distributed.


Before buying your backpack, consider your backpack’s primary use and then buy it according to your needs. If you do not travel much and are not a college student, then the small one is perfect for you.

The large size backpack has a lot of space, which is just wasted. But if you are a traveler and go skating far places, you need space for your clothing. So or more space providers fulfill your needs? Be sure that enough space will be there when you need it.

Compartment and pockets

When you want to use the backpack for traveling, then it has many compartments and pockets. If your backpack has more compartments and pockets, you can put every little thing into a pocket such as small phones, keys, wallets, snacks, water bottles, etc.


Q 1 Why do we need a skateboard backpack?

A Skateboard backpack is carrying your electric skateboard as well as other essential items such as a tablet, laptop, wallet, and small water bottle; therefore, you need the skateboard backpack. It is best for both men and women must use a skateboard backpack to move quickly and free their hands for long distances.

Q 2 What are the essential things you need to consider in a skateboard backpack?

Firstly, you should consider an average skateboard backpack. You also consider the added padding with which you can save your things. It also has excellent storage space for your different items.

Q 3 Why should you buy a backpack with a zipper?

The backpack, which comes with a zipper, provides you with more security for your stuff that will not simply fall off the backpack. So all the things would be saved with the help of zippers in the backpack.

Q 4 What is the primary purpose of the wheels behind the backpack?

The backpacks that have velcro behind them give them more support and the quality to carry more weight. For carrying more weight, the durability factor will also be increased so that you can withstand more damage. 

Q 5: How can you know the maximum capacity of a backpack?

When considering the backpack for the electric skateboard, you should know that the straps are stitched tightly to the backpack. So you can use your backpack for your skate trip as well as for any other travel.

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