12 Best Light Up Shoes For Adults To Walk In Style

Light Up Shoes For Adults are a favorite for everyone. The light-up shoes for adults are stylish and durable so enjoy your sport and fun and sports with style and light. Tennis-led shoes are very comfy and nice-looking in your sports.

Light Up Shoes For Adults

Firstly, the led shoes were only made for children; now they are for men and women. After passing days, there are plenty of LED shoes on the market for women and men. Some are designed for fun and walking, and some shoes light up for professional and sports use. In the beginning, they only light up when you start walking.

2.SANYES USBlight-up shoes for adults LED dancing sneakers5.LXSO Fiber optic light up shoes fashion sneaker for adultsWONZOM light up shoes for adults
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Now you have complete control of lighting with the click-off button. You can control the pattern of the lighting of shoes. The energy light-up shoes for adults is soft, comfortable, and stylish for approximately every size. Now you think, where can you get the light-up shoes? Here for your help, we provide a review of some best light-up shoes for an adult. With this help, you can buy your favorite one. If you have to go to any faraway place for a party, you can comfortably carry it in your backpack for gym and work.

Can Light Up Shoes be used for running, dancing, and safety?

Of course, these light-up shoes are best for running on all kinds of surfaces due to their nonslip sole material. It helps you during the walk, running, or dancing at a party with your friends. These light-up shoes are made of high-quality material. These are very comfortable shoes and can be worn for a long time.

1. black light up shoes with high tops

1.Skechers light-up shoes for adults
  1. 100% Leather
  2. Imported
  3. Rubber sole
  4. Energy lights midsole

The Skechers energy light-up shoes for adults are made with leather. Their sole is made of rubber, a good fit, and beautiful mid-light-up shoes for boys. These illuminator shoes work great, and the lights look great. These Skechers adult shoes that light up are very comfortable and soft. You will feel happy wearing lightweight energy shoes. The light-up sneaker shoes for men; you can charge them easily to the charging cable and light up your boots for a long time.


  • Comfortable
  • High-quality leather
  • Energy lights midsole


  • No major cons

2. SANYES USB glow shoes for men and women

2.SANYES USBlight-up shoes for adults LED dancing sneakers
  1. PU leather Rubber sole.
  2.  Cotton Fabric.
  3. Hidden switch button
  4. Light Modes
  5. Charge instruction

The bottom light up adults shoes are made of cotton fabric and PU leather rubber soles for comfort. Further, sneaker light-up shoes are available in every size. Measure your heel-to-toe length and then choose your best-fit size. The unisex light-up sneakers have a hidden switch button beside the charging port. Press the switch on when you want to wear the shoe light up. Further, It has the quality of change to another mode at each press. These are gold shoes with lights that fascinated young people.

When you want to turn off the power, press the button for three seconds. It has eight colors, and every press changes the light. These popular shoes for adults are also comfortably charged, connected to a USB cable from the computer mobile and other chargers, and charged on the mobile charger. It is safe and reliable .2-3 hours of charging offers you 8-10 hours of lighting. So these light-up shoes for girls are awesome and super bright.


  • So cool
  • Affordable
  • Best for parties wear


  • No major cons

3. High-top LED light up shoes USB charging shoes for adults

  1. Rubber sole
  2. 11 lighting modes
  3. USB Charging
  4. Non-slip, durable rubber sole

The High-top LED lighting shoes give you five color options to choose from. There are seven colors in every pair of shoes with two light control modes, a switch control, and a remote control. So you can control lighting very quickly and more conveniently. The upper of the boots comes with an air hole which ensures good breathability and comfort. Further, the soles are not slippy but soft and wear-resistant.

It also has a hidden USB charging port to charge your shoes. You can wear it for dancing, birthday parties, Halloween parties, and shopping. There are also fantastic Christmas light sections of town for your walking, which give a great look to your feet and also look beautiful with your dress. So sneaker-led shoes for adults are best for your every function.


  • Breathable and Comfortable
  • Multiple-use Dual lighting control
  • Best for all weathers


  • Sizing issues

4. MILEADER Adults LED light up shoes

4.MILEADER Adults LED shoes light up shoes
  1. Pu leather
  2. Rubber sole
  3. Remote Operation
  4. USB Charging 
  5. Breathable and Comfortable

The red color cool-led Adult unisex shoes have adopted high-quality cotton and inner, absorb sweat dewetting, and breathable mesh, which keeps your foot dry and cool. The shoes have lights that come with a non-slip and durable rubber sole which offers you a suitable environment for your feet when you are wearing them.

So you will not feel sweating and tired in a short time. The real light-up shoes for teens come in 7 single colors and four flashing models, so these multi-color light-up shoes are very cool, and the best LED sneakers can light up your feet and catch all eyes on you. The cute light-up shoes give you the option of a remote control, which allows you to control the lights without bending down easily.

Further, the hidden button will not affect your comfort. So very easy to light on and off. It is very easy to recharge with a USB cable. The red light means needs charging and turns green for finished charging. It takes 1-3 hours for complete charging. So these real adult light-up shoes are ideal for music festival parties, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s day.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Adults light up
  • Nonslip rubber sole


  • No major cons

5. LXSO Fiber optic light up shoes fashion sneaker for adults

5.LXSO Fiber optic light up shoes fashion sneaker for adults
  1. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  2. Fiber Optic Cloth Upper
  3. EVA Non-slip Sole
  4. Switch & Charge Instruction
  5. Light working for 5-8 hours

The LXSO LED shoes adopt new technology fiber material with seven single colors and four flashing modes. Further, the LED sole shoes are applied to the upper cloth, which ensures you higher folding endurance and reduces the risk of broken light issues. So the supper light EVA outsole offers you excellent buffering to your feet.

There is a hidden switch button inside the strap on the heel for on, and off. The flexible grooves’ bottom pattern strengthens the ability of the cool shoe that light up to anti-skid and grip. The shoes that light up charge for 2-3 hours and keep the light up for 5-8 hours.

For shoe cleaning, use a wet towel to the upper direct spots, use the sponge eraser to brush the wet upper smoothly, and after this, put your shoes in a ventilated place to dry. Further, the shoes could afford water sprinkling but never soak in water. So its cool fabric light up your feet and catch all eyes on your feet. It is also a perfect gift for your family and friends. Hance enjoy your parties, dances, nightclubs, etc.


  • Fiber optic cloth upper
  • Super light EVA outsole
  • A wonderful gift for friends and families


  • Nothing

6. WONZOM LED light up shoes for adults

6.WONZOM LED light-up shoes for adults
  1. PU leather
  2. Rubber sole
  3. Switch Hidden Inside Shoes
  4. Comfortable Cotton Inside
  5.  Phone charger to the Shoes

The best cheap LED light up shoes PU leather, adopt high-quality cotton as inner, absorb sweat dewetting, and make your feet dry. The sole of the LED light-up shoes when you walk is made with rubber sole lining material and cotton fabric. The light-up energy shoes have a switch hidden inside the USB port shoes; you can also press the button to fix the light-out shoes on color light.

Further, you can use mobile charging for charging your boots, while after complete charging, the light will automatically turn off. Besides this, the upper with an air hole to ensure good comfort and breathability. So you and your kids can enjoy birthday parties and other parties with light-up best-value shoes.


  • Comfortable and cool
  • Great shoes
  • Affordable
  • Unisex


  • No major cons

7. ATS Unisex LED shoes breathable light up shoes for adults

7.ATS Unisex LED shoes breathable light-up  shoes for adults
  • Rubber sole
  •  Cell Phone charged
  • Leather with cotton linings 
  • 8-12 hours of lighting time

The ATS men’s and women’s gym light-up shoes are made with high-quality fabric and leather and used UP leather with cotton linings and holes on top for breathability. The soles of glow shoes are non-skip rubber. Further, for on, and off, there is a hidden switch inside the light-up shoes for growth near the micro USB port. So gently press the button from outside for the lighting to change color and on off the light.

It also has 11 different light modes. Further, with a micro USB charging cable, you can change your shoes. Replacement batteries and charging cables are available separately. The ATS is an American-owned brand that stands by its products. So it is committed to bringing the best quality at an affordable price. So you will find them so comfortable. The sports light-up sneaker works perfectly the fun shoes that glow up got a lot of attention the best gift for nightclubs, Halloween, birthdays, and many other festivals and celebrations.


  • Affordable price
  • High quality
  • Dual USB charging cable


  • Nothing

8. High-top LED light-up USB charging shoes for adults

8.High top LED light-up  USB charging shoes for adults
  1. PU leather
  2. Rubber sole
  3. Lining Material
  4. Cotton Fabric
  5. Suitable for winter and summer

The Wonzom are very fundable and comfy sneakers that light up shoes for teens. They come with a remote to control the colors. So the light bottom shoes are light and Lil snug, super-bright, and respond quickly to the remote. It has a comfortable cotton inside, which absorbs sweat dewetting and keeps your feet dry.

These flashing shoes for men are made of PU leather, rubber soles, and lining material. Further has a button which is hidden inside shoes. It is near the USB port; you can press it to fix the shoes in one color. The light shoes for women have cable but no charger; you can also use a mobile phone charger for charging.

When charging, the light will automatically turn off until charging is complete. The light-up sports Skechers are available in 5 colors, and the remote control gives you convenient light control. There is an air hole on the upper side for breathability and comfort. Further, the rubber sole provides you with a firm grip on your feet.


  • Comfortable and fun
  • Multiple-use
  • Breathable


  • No major cons

9. KALEIDO Shiny night light-up sneakers sports shoes

9.KALEIDO Shiny night light-up sneakers sports  shoes

The Shinynight LED shoes have a bright color. You will love dancing with them and having them change color with a slight movement of your ankle. The light-up boots have a rubber sole and PU leather. There is a hidden switch button beside the charging port. Press it to switch on. You can also change the light mode with each press. It has eight colors and four light modes. The KALEIDO shoes have strict quality control to ensure the high quality of shoes. So switch on the shoes when received and light up until all power is gone.


  • Super fun
  • High quality
  • Bright and colorful


  • No major cons

10. WONZOM LED light up shoes for adults

10.WONZOM LED light-up shoes for adults

The best value flashing light-up shoes are easy to charge and have good battery life. The design is also cute and comes with a remote control for your convenience. The boots have comfortable cotton inside, which absorbs sweat dewetting and makes your feet dry.

There is a switch hidden inside the USB port, so you can press it to fix the sneaker light up shoes on the bottom one color or flashing. The shoes up and changing colors are best for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. They are also breathable and comfy. The skidproof rubber outsole with a Hexagonal Texture prevents slipping. So enjoy your parties by shining up.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Breathable
  • Great gift
  • Rubber outsole


  • Sizing issues maybe

11. FIBER OPTIC LED Skechers light up shoes for adults

11.FIBER OPTIC  LED Skechers light-up  shoes for adults

They come in 7 single colors and four flashing models. These men and women light up so cool, and the LED sneaker can catch all eyes on you—the Botton of the strap on the heel. So very easy to control the light on and off. The hidden button will not affect your comfort in wearing it. Further, the charging of 2-3 hours will keep the light working for 5-8 hours. You can charge it by power bank or computer and mobile phone, it is safe and convenient.

They are made with lightweight and breathable material; mesh inner liner material gives you more comfort. Further, the nonslip and durable EVA outsole provides good cushioning for your feet and lights up when you step. These youth-led shoes are an excellent gift for your family and friends. Also can be used at different parties or festivals.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Great for festivals
  • Great gift


  • Nothing

12. Skechers unisex child energy light up shoes

12.Skechers unisex child energylight-up  shoes

The Skechers chilled energy shoes are perfect for your small and big kids. These kids-led light up shoes are made with 100% leather and synthetic, which is very comfortable. The shoes’ sole is made with a rubber sole, and the outsole is very flexible, so it is very easy to move with them. Further, the inside of the light-up sole sneaker shoes is a soft footbed that increases your comfort. The lights-up running shoes are multicolor and also durable and comfortable to wear. They have seven different colors and four patterned light shows. They are charging light up 5-6 hours. Perfect for Halloween parties and looked cool.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Really cool


  • Expensive

Dancing Shoes

Before buying your light up shoes, consider these factors


The sizing of any shoes matters a lot. These are usually unisex, so consider your size very carefully because there is a difference between women’s and men’s sizes. Women’s feet usually is smart; on the other hand, men’s feet are wide, so very carefully measure your foot and order you’re true to size. If your shoes are your true size, then they look comfortable and friendly on your feet.


This is another essential feature of your shoes. If your shoes in true size do not feel tight or not wide on your feet, you can comfortably walk and enjoy your fun and parties. Their soles and upper are also should be comfy enough to dance and walk.


When we purchase your shoes, you want to wear them long-lasting. So durability depends a lot because your favorite shoes won’t spend a long time with you. So the mesh and leather material and rubber sole provide you with durability.


When you want to buy light up shoes, then consider the battery timing and time of light. So consider how much time of light they will offer you and how much it takes to charge. Usually, they come with 6-7 hours of lighting and 2-3 hours of charging, and a full battery. Now a day these LED shoes come with a remote control so that you can conveniently control lights.


Where can light up shoes you wear?

You can wear them to any party such as a birthday, Halloween, etc. They will attract people and be eye-catching.

Are their light up shoes for adults?

LED shoes are highly famous among kids; adults can also enjoy walking around in magic shoes that light up. There are plenty of light-up shoes on the market for both men and women. They are designed for walking and some for professional use and sports.

What are light up shoes called?

Shoes that light up on the bottom are commonly known as LED sneakers. They have also made a comeback with a tech upgrade which includes USB charging and light switch remotes.

Are Skechers light-up shoes waterproof?

The Skechers light-up shoes are water-resistant, but you have to keep the battery inside the shoe dry. In other words, you cannot soak your shoes in the water, but they can compete with light rain.

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