5 Best Portable Skateboard Ramps | Beginner to Expert Level

Portable skateboard ramps are the perfect accessories for improving your skateboard’s or pintail longboards skills, especially for a beginner. They make you master the fundamentals; ramps often look fun but intimidating. Portable Skateboard Ramps are a fantastic way to get that fix and hit your flow state. If you are a seasoned skateboarder or trying to raise one, then building a skate ramp offers you a fun and satisfying experience when done right. 

portable skateboard ramps

The key features of Purchasing Skateboard Ramps

Design: Purchase versatile Portable Skateboard Ramps; you can stack on top of each other, allowing you to create unique hurdles that are perfectly skatable.

Convenience: The ramp should be convenient to set up a small skate park in your backyard. Therefore you can stop searching around for skate spots, and you also have control over practicing your tricks.

Sturdiness: Skateboard ramps are made extremely durable so that you can use them for a lot of time on end. Further, launch ramps provide you with optimal stabilization to help stop injuries.

Ten-Eighty Ramp Portable Skateboard Ramps

Ten-Eighty Ramp Portable Skateboard Ramps

Skatepark Ramp comes with a sleek black design for your sports setup’s fun and versatile addition. The texture of the skate ramp has slip-resistant, which provides you safety without compromising on fun. Furthermore, three included kicker ramps give air time while the tabletop is perfect for manuals, and the 40″ square rail provides you an ideal place to practice grinds. It comes with a Wide design that gives ample space for use with inline skates, skateboards. It accommodates the skate riders who have up to 175 lbs.

Starter Kit, Ideal for Skateboarding Stunts and Jumps

Starter Kit, Ideal for Skateboarding Stunts and Jumps
  • Textured Anti-Slip Surface
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Stays Safely In Place
  • Heavy Duty Build
  • Suitable For Beginners & Pros

This skate ramp comes with two inline launch ramps made with heavy-duty polymer to make sure you. They can also stand up to everyday use; they offer high-impact resistance to handle any thrashing and skating during your practice. It is best for Beginners; the ramps for skateboard offer you full coverage in your practice moves. They are perfect for use at home and practice jumps and stunts. They are non slipping and Stay Safely In Place due to the non-slip rubber feet. These double skateboard ramps set stay securely on any flat surface, whether jumping or grinding, so it is ideal for daily use.

Ten-Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set

  • Shaped for Beginners
  • Durable Construction
  • Built for Ages 8 and Up
  • Easy Assembly
  • Secure

The skate ramp comes with two durable launch ramps and a tabletop connector. Further, it has a smooth radius for big airs, and its material is slip-resistant, giving safety without compromising on fun. Besides, you can easily assemble in minutes. The ramp allows safe fun for skateboard, bike, and inline skate riders. The weight capacity for each ramp is 125 lbs.

Ramptech 2′ Tall x 4′ Wide QUARTERPIPE Skateboard Ramps

Ramptech 2' Tall x 4' Wide QUARTERPIPE Skateboard Ramp
  • Built with custom ABS Plastic
  • Modular, side-by-side connection
  • Made in the USA
  • Galvanized steel coping,
  • With 4 ramps you can create a mini halfpipe

QUARTERPIPE Skateboard Ramp is built with a custom ABS Plastic top surface; outside panels are HDO, galvanized steel coping, and outside screws.

Built with custom ABS Plastic top surface, Exterior HDO side panels, Galvanized steel coping, and exterior screws. Modular connection of side by side. If you have four ramps, you can create a mini halfpipe. It is Made in the USA. This quarter pipe is perfect if you’re looking for something light enough to take with you and weatherproof enough for when you forget to put it away. 

Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack

Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack
  • Made in USA
  • rubber feet resist sliding
  • Easy to assemble and configure
  • Skateboard ramp kit perfect for home practice
  • Two ramps provide multiple assembly possibilities

Easy to assemble LandWave ramps, and you do not need tools. You can use it with skateboards, BMX bikes, inline skates, and a skateboard ramp kit perfect for home practice. These two ramps give multiple assembly possibilities; you can combine and expand with other Landwave products and make a unique design. The skart ramp comes with durable plastic of tractable surface, perfect for skateboards and inline skates.

Graw Jump Ramps J15-5.9″ Wooden Launch Ramp for Skateboard

Graw Jump Ramps J15-5.9" Wooden Launch Ramp for Skateboard, BMX and More
  • Multifunction
  • Skateboard Jump Ramp – Height 5.9″
  • Light and Compact – No Assembly Needed
  • Made in Beechwood for Maximum Quality and Stability

The Graw Jump Ramps have 5.9″ Height and is Made in Beechwood offering you Maximum Quality and Stability. The ramp is Lightweight and Compact and has No Assembly needed. These are available in three different heights (15/20/25 cm); all models are made of 100% beechwood with 15 mm of thickness.

Further, the rubber pads give you maximum stability under any surface.

Benefits of Portable Skateboard Ramps

  • These ramps are Extraordinarily flexible for inner and outer uses.
  • You can wash them without damage and any fear of warping.
  • Many skat ramps are almost waterproof.
  • Most ramps for skateboards are recycled plastic sheet material, and those that come in wood are highly resistant to termites and other insects.
  • Portable Skateboard Ramps are easy to assemble.
  • Also easy to transport.

Best Types of Skateboard Ramps

There is much variety of ramps for skateboarding and rollerskating. So you should know the difference so you can use the ramp to maximize your trick or air potential.

Launch Ramps 

Launch ramps are the most basic types of skateboard ramps. These are called “kickers” because they usually have a gradual slope; these ramps permit you to get enough lift for average flip tricks. These ramps are also best for gap setups, permitting you to trick between two kickers over a gap.

Box jumps

Box jumps enclose a kicker on two opposite sides, with a flat surface in the middle that connects them. Many flatland skaters prefer box jumps on other ramps because of them; you can know the difference between flip tricks and manuals on this ramp. It also allows you to chain together in different trick combos in your run.


Spines are ramps in which two-quarter pipes are placed back to back. The side slopes of a spine permit a skater to change from one side to the other in mid-trick without losing his momentum, which is crucial in the middle of a run.

Half pipes

Half pipes give a controlled area to the skater where he is continuously moving back and front between the two-quarter pipes. They also allow the skater to build up speed, catch some air and pull tricks each time when they fly up a side of the ramp.


Bowls ramps generally look like in-ground swimming pools. Skaters dive into bowls to fastly build up speed and catch air without worrying about coming down on the flat ground.


Pyramid ramps fundamentally look like traditional pyramids with the tops chopped off. Sometimes it is called double box jumps; in pyramids, a skater approaches from any side and successfully lands on any other side. It is a great ramp for flatland and flip tricks and for those who are a combination of the two.

Vert ramps

The Vert ramp somehow looks like quarter pipes, but they have an extra addition to the top that is extended vertically. This extra strip of the ramp makes sure that a skater doesn’t cross the threshold of the ramp. That’s why he can land safely on the original angle.

Wave ramps

Wave ramps are named because they have a constant rising and falling shape. This wave ramp rise and fall help a skater control his speed while combining tricks. He can also combo tricks that require rotations more easily.

Quarter pipes

Quarter pipes are curved ramps 1/4 of a circle, so a skater rides into them and grabs some air when they’re launched up at the peak. These ramps can create a controlled area for grabbing some air; this is perfect for quick grabs and other air tricks that require concentration and control.


What is a skateboard ramp?

There are different types of skateboard ramps for tracks. A bigger skater can learn his different tricks on these ramps.

What are skate obstacles called?


Why is it called a kicker ramp?

Launch Ramps are Called kickers because they have a gradual slope and allow you to get enough lift for moderate flip tricks.

What is a quarter ramp?

A quarter pipe ramp is for skateboarding, and that is 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. 

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