What does PS mean by shoes? Whenever you go to the market for shopping, you notice several classifications listed on the shoes. You cannot understand what these abbreviations mean if you have not shopped much on the platform. In this article, I give you some important tips to ensure you do not order the wrong size of shoes.

What does PS mean shoes?

What does PS mean by shoes?

PS. stands for preschool shoe sizes—these sizes range from 10.5 to 3. Many brands include PS. with the shoe size so buyers can be aware of the shoes. The P.S. shoe sizes do not confuse you with bae sizes. Bae sizes are larger than preschool sizes.

PS associates with an average preschooler’s foot size. Typically, these shoes are for kids between 3 and 5 years old. However, some toddlers have larger feet and cannot fit into PS-sized shoes.

What Does GS Mean In Shoe Size?

What Does GS Mean In Shoe Size?

GS stands for grade school, and it belongs to the size of an average child’s foot. These shoes are for kids aged six and older, though they can differ on the size of your child’s foot.GS shoes are suitable for both boys and girls. Some kids’ shoe styles are specified for gender. Grade school sizes are for kids in elementary or primary school ages, with a GS after the number and range from 3.5-7.

What Does TD Means In Shoes?

What Does TD Means In Shoes?

TD acronym for toddler and their size to fit the typical size of a toddler’s foot.TD shoes are for boys and girls between 1 and 3 years old, and the sizing is gender specified.

What Does C Mean In Shoe Size?

What Does C Mean In Shoe Size?

The “C” in shoes stands for “child.” This abbreviation is to differentiate between sizes made for children and adults. In this category, the target audience for the shoe is Infants and preschoolers. However, the C is no longer used for your after Pre-School. It was replaced by the letter “Y,” an acronym for “Youth.”

What Do I Means In Shoes?

What Do I Means In Shoes?

I am the abbreviation of an infant; it is the smallest size. These shoes are for infants and babies under the age of one. Because there is not much difference in the foot structure between baby boys and baby girls, these are specific for gender.

Using these references, you can order the right shoe size. Different brands and manufacturers’ sizes are slightly different, so a GS-size Nike shoe fits differently than a GS-size Adidas shoe.


Do All Shoe Brands Have Pre-School Sizes?

No, not all shoe brands do not have preschool sizes. Some brands use different terminology for the different size ranges.

Can Adults Wear PS Size Shoes?

No, PS-size shoes are specifically designed for kids’ tiny feet. So these shoes will not fit an adult foot.

Are girl’s and Boys’ Pre-School Shoe Sizes the Same?

Yes, boy and girl preschool shoe sizes are the same. The main difference is in the design of the shoes. Boys’ shoes have a simple look, while girls’ shoes are decorated with flowers.

Bottom line

In the end, “PS” stands for Pre-School. The shoe size range is for kids between two and five—PS-sized shoes are specified for toddlers. So Always choose the right size when shopping for shoes for your child. The wrong size can cause all sorts of problems, from minor discomfort to long-term damage.

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