What to wear for horseback riding? Remarkable horse riding outfits

When looking for horseback riding clothes, you must wear them when riding a horse. What to wear for horseback riding? Horseback riding has been used for various purposes throughout history; for example, in ancient times, we did horseback riding for war, transportation, sending a message, etc.

Currently, horseback riding is changing; people ride horses for fun on beaches, trail ride in the mountains, and participate in horse races. I will discuss modern modes of riding in general. If you are a beginner, you must be careful before riding a horse to avoid injuries the follow the standard guidelines.

what to wear for horseback riding?

Horse riding is a passion, and we ride for some grace, but we must know what we should wear when riding horses. Here I am discussing horseback riding outfit ideas for 2023 with my horseback riding team.

If you are a beginner, there are some critical things you need to know about horseback riding clothes to wear. We mostly associate horseback riding with high-class society, but it is optional because I have often seen people from the middle and lower class have a passion for hours of riding.

In this post, I will continue to talk about what we wear and what not to wear when horseback riding; let’s start do’s and don’ts of horse riding outfit ideas by consulting expert horse riders. We have to wear different clothes for an additional time or occasion. I cover them one by one with details.

what to wear for horseback riding


horse-riding helmets

We should maintain our life when the word riding comes to our mind for horse or other sport that needs it. Our head is more vulnerable, and sometimes head injuries compromise our life. I select some top-quality helmets to wear when horseback riding. Hundreds of companies manufacture horseback riding helmets, and if you are a beginner, you should consult some experts before buying a quality helmet.

Point to consider before buying horseback riding helmets.

1. It must be lightweight.

2. It must be comfortable and sung to fit around the head.

3. Good helmets have adjuster clips that are quickly set up.

4. Easily removable visor.

5. These helmets must meet ASTM or SEI ASTM standards.

Here I have selected some good quality helmets for you to consider with horseback riding experts.

Riding Boots

Before riding a horse, you must wear boots or even casual shoes that hold in the stirrup.But if you want to be a professional rider, you must wear a special boot made for horseback riders.

I use different boots for different rides; when I mode for a western ride, I use cowboy boots, but when I style an English ride, I use comfy ankle strap boots. I never recommend females wear high heels or flip-flops, even if they go for a casual ride.

Point to consider before buying horse riding boots.

1. comfortable

2. waterproof,

3. lightweight

4. modern look

Horseback Riding Pants.

I always use stretchable and breathable pants for horseback riding to have a very comfortable ride yet stylish. I sometimes wear a pant that is loose and comfortable at the ankles. The pant that is very tight at the hip sometimes make rashes.

What to wear for horseback riding in winter

Some people are crazy and never give up horse riding, even in winter. And they need to wear embarrassing layers of clothes they feel very uneasy in. so here I will suggest some very beneficial clothes that will help you while riding in cool winter.

Heated gloves

These gloves keep your hand toasty and warm during snowy winter while horseback riding. These are battery-heated gloves and constantly provide 6 to 8 hours of hand warmth. You have the option to control their temperature to your will.

Heated jacket.

These Heated jackets will provide you with smooth warmth in winter horseback riding. We can enjoy our smooth ride in harsh winter.

Heated socks.

These thermal socks are designed explicitly for the snowy part of the world. These socks are easily worn with any shoes, and rechargeable batteries are used.


A sweater is suitable for our casual winter ride and to satisfy our horseback riding craze. Some sweaters are made with pure natural wool and provide cozy winter warmth.

Riding Gloves

horse-riding gloves

These horse-riding gloves are compulsory and wearable during the ride. These gloves protect us from injury in any incident during the ride, and we never compromise.

 What pants do you wear while horse riding?

We should wear breathable and flexible pants while riding, as these pants do not cause irritation to the body. I mostly wear bootcut jeans as I feel comfortable and relaxed.

what to wear for horse riding in summer

Summer is lovely weather, and we feel the energy outside. We want some adventure in trail horseback riding. It depends upon on every one mode what one wants to wear in pleasent summer.

Here I shall discuss some unique summer outfit ideas that you love.


I love to wear shorts in summer, and cycling is my second love after horseback riding. I used to wear padded cycling shorts to protect my back from chafing and hurt. 

Sleeveless shirts.

We never compromise on our life; we may wear sleeveless dresses in summer or hot weather. But women can choose some elegant options from their wardrobe, such as top tanks, sports bras, etc. Horseback riding outfits for females can be super stylish and sexy.

It is usually a long-sleeved, button-up shirt or jacket with a collar, wallpaper print, or Western yoke for professional horseback riding.

Western horseback riding outfit ideas.

Cowboys or cowgirls are typically western-style outfits that were derived from old traditions. The most famous western wearable is cowboy boots that look excellent. But it is a very different look than a casual horse riding outfit.

What should you not wear when horseback riding?

For the man, we should avoid bulky dresses to wear while equestrian. Experts recommend these dresses not wear.

These wearables catch on the saddle if you should fall off.

  1. baggy pants
  2. loose sweaters
  3. long heels
  4.  loose waists
  5. flip flop
  6. skate shoes

Final Thoughts:

We can wear any dress while riding, but if you follow our guides, that will lead to your comfort zone and safety level.


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