The 18 Best Slippers For Sweaty Feet To Get Relief

Nowadays, many people face the common problem of sweaty feet. So they need the proper footwear that will be somehow helpful for them. The best slippers for sweaty feet are the best option for sweaty feet that manage sweat. This slipper usually comes in an open design that allows good airflow and prevents discomfort and odor.

The proper selection of sleepers is not only about maintaining health but also giving comfort to your feet. If you have a reliable pair of slippers on your feet, it is very nice if you enjoy being comfortable. If your feet are more sweaty, your slippers might become smelly and sticky and wear out faster. So it would be best if you had a good thing as the women’s slippers for sweaty feet.

The 18 Best Slippers For Sweaty Feet For Men And Women

The sweaty feet often discharge a terrible odor. It is embarrassing for you if you have not taken it seriously. While it is a widespread problem, many people do not know the best ways to combat it. So here we are reviewing some best slipper options for sweaty feet that will keep your feet cool, dry, fresh, and sweat-free in Spring or Summer.

How can you Control Sweaty Feet?

Best Slippers For Sweaty Feet: The best sweat-absorbing slippers will help you absorb the sweat on your feet and give your feet friendly feelings. In this way, you can reduce your problem somehow.

Use of antifungal powders: Another choice is using a simple dusting of cornstarch on the feet. Cornstarch does not have the same antifungal properties as antifungal powders.

Putting on the right socks: When you face a sweaty foot problem and try many things for this, one thing more recommended in summer is cotton socks for better ventilation. Wool is a good option for winter. Please do not use nylon socks because they will make your feet sweaty.

UGG Men and Women’s Cozette Slipper For Slippers For Sweaty Feet

UGG Men and Women's Cozette Slipper

The UGGwomen slipper is a soft and furry open-toe slipper best for both winter and summer. The slipper for sweaty feet has sturdy and anti-slippery soles good for indoors and outdoors. The slipper is crafted from a luxurious blend of skin seep.

This fur is dyed lamb from Australia. For more comfort and safety from slipping, the slipper of sweaty comes with a synthetic sole. The tread lite by UGG outsole for incredibly lightweight traction, cushioning, flexibility, and durability. Further, a 10mm UGG pure wool insole increases your comfort.


  • Comfy
  • Seep skin material
  • Sturdy and blood circulation


  • Not for wide feet

Acorn Women’s Spa Thong with Premium Memory Foam

Acorn Women's Spa Thong with Premium Memory Foam

The slippers with memory foam have a super soft and classic flip-flop design for your all-year comfort wear. The comfortable sweaty feet are skid-resistant, weatherproof, and rugged sole, which gives you indoor and outdoor versatility.

Further, it has a soft multilayer cushion insole with fast recovery and memory foam footbed for your heel and arch support, cradling your feet’ contour. It has a durable rubber sole, which has an anti-skid texture on the bottom that offers you safe and secure footing.

These open-toe style slippers for sweaty feet come with the breathable support and a cushion for tired toes, and heels help reduce muscle fatigue and relieve pain and pressure. So this durable, lightweight slipper is best for multiple uses.


  • Supportive
  • So comfortable
  • Flipflops


  • Nothing

landeer Memory Foam Slippers Men’s and Women’s House Casual Shoes

landeer Memory Foam Slippers Men's and Women's House Casual Shoes

Whenever you are buying your slippers, make sure that they give you the feeling of comfort, happiness, and safety. It has a soft rubbery bottom that is soft, lighter, and more elastic to provide a firm grip and excellent anti-skid performance.

Further, these have high-density memory foam, which gives you a surety of support and reduces pain in your feet. The slipper also has excellent breathability and moisture-wicking function and keeps your feet dry and odorless.

The edge of the slippers is made with a side seam process, making it more durable. You can also wash them in the washing machine. It has a skin-friendly soft fluffy lining and a lightweight non-slip sole.


  • Breathable
  • Non-slip sole
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Neet stitching


  • Only for winter

CIOR Men’s and Women’s Memory Foam Slippers For sweaty feet

 CIOR Unisex Men's and Women's Memory Foam Slippers For sweaty feet

The slipper for sweaty feet is high quality and has a superior cotton-blend texture, so your feet will remain safe from a stuffy feeling. Further, its soft cotton material also absorbs the sweat from your feet quickly after your long walk day.

Besides, the soft and breathable cotton material can wick moisture away, and your feet will feel fresh and dry in all seasons. These slippers come with a removable memory foam insole for easy on and off.

You can wash them in the washing machine. Its high-quality insole consists of a layer of high-density memory foam and high elastic memory foam layers. These will offer you marshmallow-like comfort, reduce muscle fatigue and pain, and relieve the pressure of all-day work.

The sweaty feet slippers have a rubber sole which is durable soft, and waterproof. So these excellent house slide slippers are best for wearing in the bathroom, spa, kitchen, playground, garden, and many more.


  • Decent slippers
  • Super comfy
  • Soft and durable


  • Runs small

Women’s and Men’s Slippers Couples House Shoes for sweaty feet

Women's and Men's Slippers Couples House Shoes for sweaty feet

This shoe comes with a soft rubbery bottom that is more than an inch thick. Further, the sturdy and durable sole is strong enough for long-term use. The sole also has a nonslip texture that can hold the floor firmly.

The slipper for sweaty feet is a high-quality cotton blend fabric to protect your feet from sweating. It has an inner flannel material which is soft and comfortable, so you always want to wear it. Further, the sweaty slipper comes into multicolors. So you can select your favorite color.

The pair will provide you with protection and comfort. It has high-density memory foam pads that provide excellent cushioning and support, reduce pain when standing, and protect your feet. Also ideal for breathability and moisture-wicking function. So feet remain odorless, calm, and dry.


  • Soft fluffy lining
  • Flexible
  • Non-slip and firm
  • Excellent for plantar fasciitis


  • Nothing

CIOR Men & Women’s SPA Cozy Memory Foam Flip Flops House Indoor Slippers

CIOR Fantiny Women's Cozy Memory Foam Flip Flops House Indoor Slippers

The Cior Fantint cozy slipper for sweaty feet is made with fabric and coral velvet with a rubber sole. Further, they have breathable gridding upper and soft coral velvet lining and can wick moisture away to keep your feet refreshing and dry.

For more comfort and durability, they have a soft waterproof TPR sole that is excellent for indoor or outdoor. Their high-quality insole consists of one layer of premium thickened high-density memory foam and a layer of elastic sponge heel.

They will reduce muscle fatigue and relieve the pain and pressure of all-day work. These for all ages slippers are also best for the gift.


  • Cozy slipper
  • Soft and durable
  • Good for hardwood floor


  • Little bit snug side when the new

Women’s Fuzzy Faux Fur Lightweight House Slippers

Women's Fuzzy Faux Fur Lightweight House Slippers for sweaty feet

These slippers for sweaty feet have a soft and fluffy plush upper that is very comfortable to wear, like huge to your feet. Further, the light EVA sole makes these slippers comfy and cushiony to walk.

The sole is nonslip, which offers you good traction, so every step is safe. The lightweight sweaty slipper has a breathable open toe, and the soft men-made plush upper has a design that makes your slipper comfy, gorgeous, and fancy. So the fashionable cute slipper is well-made, quality, and comfortable for everyday use. Hence relax your feet in these relaxed women’s indoor or outdoor slippers.


  • Well arch support
  • Soft and comfy
  • Durable and affordable


  • Nothing

AIOMELY Women’s Slippers Soft Not Shedding EVA Non-Slip

AIOMELY Women's Slippers Soft Not Shedding EVA Non-Slip

The soft slipper for sweaty feet is made of sheepskin and rubber sole. So it suits every fashion because of its beauty. Due to soft rubber EVA, they are effortless to get on and off. Further, these slippers are gorgeous, wonderfully fluffy, and available in beautiful colors. They are also hot and lightweight, so they are easy to take a step and relax and comfy when you wear them indoors or outdoor.


  • Ergonomic Affordable
  • Great fluffy slippers
  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful


  • Nothing

Vionic Women’s Relax Slippers for sweaty feet Orthotic Arch Support

Vionic Women's Relax Slippers for sweaty feet

These casual slippers for sweaty feet are made of 100% synthetic. Further, the upper has a textile and textile-covered EVA footbed. Also, TPR with the fabric of the outsole.

For comfort, they have an adjustable hook and loop strap. So happy your feet in indulging relax, a slipper that pampers in luxe padded terry. They come with VIO motion support to your even step and meet every curve of your feet. It also gives you essential support in all of your casual dress and is comfy in the walk.


  • High arches support
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable fitting
  • Machine washable


  • Nothing

DL Womens Cross Band Soft Plush Furry Fleece Slip-on Slippers

DL Womens Cross Band Soft Plush Furry Fleece Slip on Slippers

These Fuzzy luxury slippers are soft plush fuzzy fleece upper with a cross band. Further, these slippers for women with sweaty feet are cozy, elegant, and stylish. The shoes are breathable cool, and fresh in spring or summer.

They come in 9 different colors for all ages of women and are fit for all lifestyles. The slipper comes with high-density memory foam, which offers you stable support and molds to your feet that give you a woman and cozy feeling. Besides, these slippers for women reduce muscle fatigue and relieve the pain and pressure of all-day work. The sole of the slipper is TPR with excellent nonslip resistance and versatility, so it is best for home and outdoor use.

So the house slippers are cute in design and good quality material, which can easily match your loungewear or pajamas and robes. They are machine washable.


  • Best for all seasons
  • Anti-skid sole
  • Super softness
  • Cute and comfy


  • Nothing

CIOR Men’s Memory Foam Slippers for sweaty feet

CIOR Men's Memory Foam Slippers for swaety feet

The slippers are made of high-quality and superior cotton-blend texture, combined with a waffle design to stop your feet from constantly stuffy feeling. Further, its excellent and soft cotton material also absorbs the sweat from your feet quickly.

They are perfect for all seasons and give you complete comfort. Their durable and soft waterproof TPR rubber soles are best for indoor and outdoor use. They come with an anti-skid texture on the bottom for your safety and secure footing. These slippers for sweat feet have two layers of insole one is a High-quality insole that consists of one layer of premium high-density memory foam. Another layer is the elastic memory foam heel gives you marshmallow-like comfort.


  • Good for wide feet
  • Machine washable
  • High quality
  • Comfortable


  • Runs small

Wishcotton Women’s Memory Foam Spa Thong Flip Flops Slippers

Wishcotton Women's Memory Foam Spa Thong Flip Flops Slippers

The slippers have premium memory foam and come with two levels of sponge which can offer you cloud live comfort with every step you take. These comfy sweaty slippers relieve pressure after a long day of work. They have an adjustable toe and thong upper that lets you find the ideal comfort for your feet.

This slipper for sweaty feet is covered with a breathable and quick-dry velvet upper, which keeps your feet away from sweat. Further, the waterproof stiff rubber sole is for lounging around your house. The slipper is machine washable.


  • Very soft
  • Adjustable thong flipflop
  • Nonslippy sole
  • Lightweight


  • Nothing

DL Women’s Open-Toe Slide Slippers for sweaty feet

DL Women's Open Toe Slide Slippers for sweaty feet

The soft flannel cross-brand open toe slippers for women are skin-friendly, and they will also keep your feet cool and fresh by keeping them sweatless and odorless in spring and hot summer. Further, they come with a TPR rubber sole that offers you excellent nonslip resistance and versatility, which is best for home and outdoors. The sole of the slipper for sweaty feet is ergonomically designed to give you arch support and fit your foot curve.

The ultimately improved insole comprises three layers of good-density memory foam and EVA to provide superior comfort. It reduces muscle fatigue and relieves pain and pressure after a long workday. Besides, the comfy sweat slippers are machine washable and have excellent quality.


  • Machine washable
  • Super comfortable
  • Great quality
  • and super soft


  • Nothing

Sollbeam Fuzzy House Slippers for sweaty feet With Arch Support

Sollbeam Fuzzy House Slippers for sweaty feet With Arch Support

The sweaty slippers for women have arch support to enhance comfort and help you. Besides the soft fur, keep your feet warm and comfy, and deep cups that help you support the foot during high-impact activities and long distances.

Further, the outsole will help minimize absorbing toxic shock from the ground up. Sollbeam footbed also offers contoured feet and helps to promote alignment by evenly distributing your weight. So these slippers are comfortable, supportive, and perfect orthotic feel arch support deep heel cup velcro straps to accommodate bunions rubber soles like to fit flop, and plushy furry material, making your feet feel slim.


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Great supportive
  • Great for heel and arch support


  • Nothing

ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Memory Foam Flip Flop Slippers with Cozy Terry Lining

ULTRAIDEAS Women's Memory Foam Flip Flop Slippers with Cozy Terry Lining

The lovely slippers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These slippers have an adjustable toe post and thong upper you find comfort. Further, allow the spa slippers to be flexible and adaptable to provide you with better foot fitting.

You can easily slide in when you want your feet relaxed. These are lightweight and soft enough that you feel like walking on pillows. It also gives enough support and reduces the stress on your feet. The moisture-wicking slipper is skin-friendly and keeps your feet cool and fresh by keeping them sweatless and odor-free. The sweaty feet slipper has a durable, stiff rubber sole to make your feet anti-slip waterproof grips to keep you safe.


  • Perfect for narrow feet
  • So cute and comfy
  • Adjustable bow for better fitting
  • High-density memory foam
  • Durable


  • Nothing

shevalues Women’s Soft Indoor Slippers Open Toe Cotton Memory Foam

shevalues Women's Soft Indoor Slippers Open Toe Cotton Memory Foam

These house slippers have a memory foam cushion to keep your feet comfy. It is very lightweight and has a nonslip style with an open-toe design that helps your feet breathe. The soft TPR soles keep you safe and secure on any indoor surface. They come in safe material, perfect for home use and outdoor use. The slipper’s footbed is made with pure cotton, giving you vital breathability.

And your feet stay sweatless, remain excellent fresh, and dry. More pure cotton and high-quality memory foam give you the feeling of walking on a cloud. So these are the best slippers for sweaty feet and give you a comfy, soft, and breathable feel.


  • Anti-slip and waterproof
  • Comfy, soft, and breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Pure cotton material


  • Nothing

JOINFREE Women’s Bedroom Slippers for sweaty feet Comfort Four Season

 JOINFREE Women's Bedroom Slippers for sweaty feet Comfort Four Season

The slipper has soft faux rabbit fur, which wraps your feet for warmth and comfort. Further, the thong slipper with an open-toe design creates a cozy, chic, and fuzzy feeling. This best value slipper for sweaty feet has high-density memory foam with shock absorption EVA offers you extra comfort and relieves the pain and pressure of long days of work.

Besides, they have an anti-skid bottom to save you stable footing and prevent scratching on the floor. So these are best for both home and outdoor use. The upper and footbed are covered by furry faux fur fabric, which softly wraps your feet and offers you more breathability. These are great slippers at this great price.


  • Super soft
  • Comfortable and cute
  • Breathable, flexible
  • Durable and nonslip


  • Nothing

ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Memory Foam Open-Toe Slide Slippers

ULTRAIDEAS Women's Memory Foam Open Toe Slide Slippers

These sweaty feet slipper has an adjustable bow which makes the slipper stylish and cute. So you can tight strap for narrow feet and a loose one for wide feet. The slipper for sweaty feet has an ultra-soft insole and soothing upper comfort for your feet.

Further, they are lightweight and let you walk effortlessly. The high-density premium foam and cushioning EVA insole mold your feet and offer your feet like walking on soft pillows. So they give you enough support and reduce foot stress. The moisture-wicking insole is skin-friendly and keeps your feet cool and fresh by stying them sweatless and odor-free. Their stiff rubber sole makes the footwear for sweaty feet anti-slip waterproof and has a firm grip on the floor to keep you safe.


  • High-density memory foam
  • Cute and comfortable
  • Adjustable upper sole


  • sizing issues could be

Important points before Buying your best slippers for sweaty feet


When you choose cooling slippers for hot feet, comfort and warmth are just as critical as style. You should pick slippers that are well-made, lightweight, and snug fit.

Color and size

The important feature for selecting the best slipper lining for sweaty feet is that it fits your feet and comfortable to wear. A good style and color of slippers are better suited to feet. Shoes with an open toe will give your medium to large foot a little more space. If you have big feet, look for flipflop and boot-style slippers and choose your favorite color. Remember the color you are selecting is a reflection of your personality.


The more important you should also consider is Weight. Choosing heavy footwear will make you uncomfortable. So always choose a lightweight slipper. The Weight of an anti-odor slipper manages the comfort rating and all performance.

Slippers are made for easy-to-walk and no-slip patterns. Keep in mind that some slippers come with extra layers for cushioning and insulation and are made of light fur, memory foam, wool, and soft materials. You can see all types of slippers, from basic to moccasin, so I checked everything.


Good quality slippers are also breathable and look a pair with non-sweaty insoles. The best slipper lining for sweaty feet has a soft leather insole and natural sheepskin covering.


Keep in mind that your slippers’ outsoles should be bumpy if you have a plan to wear them outside. If you plan to cross the threshold, look for a pair with durable and extra grip soles.


These sweaty slippers are made with various materials. These materials are leather, terry cloth, which is similar in some cases, and towel material. Other traditional materials that make slippers are cotton, fur, and suede. All these materials make slippers more comfortable for your sweaty feet.


It is a very important feature. You also have to consider that anti-odor slippers should be washable. Because when your feet become sweaty, your slippers get dirty with moisture after using a long time. The ability to clean them is a security to your slippers last longer.


When selecting your ideal slipper for sweaty feet, the price range is considered a lot. So take the best comfy sweaty slipper at a reasonable price with all good comfort qualities. Selecting the right slipper based on your budget is the best strategy.


Why do Slippers Make your Feet Sweat?

Some kinds of slipper materials become hot, making your feet sweaty, such as the human-made materials containing toxins that cause your feet to discomfit and constrict the blood flow.

How can you Get relief from Sweaty Feet?

Though it is not possible that there is any special treatment for the relief of sweaty feet, they will temporarily remove sweat from your feet. So you should take some steps such as – firstly try to know the main reason for your sweat feet, wear the ideal socks that are effective for your sweaty feet, use any good antifungal powder, and the best option is the right option slipper for your sweaty feet.

Which Shoes Are Good For Sweaty Feet?

All types of slippers are not better for sweaty feet. The best shoes for your sweaty feet should be comfy, breathable, sweat absorption, and under budget.

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