StreetStrider vs ElliptiGo: Choose The Best Elliptical Stand-up Bikes

StreetStrider vs ElliptiGo

When we talk about StreetStrider vs. ElliptiGo, they are the leading names in the elliptical stand-up bikes for adults in the industry. We describe the specifications of each so that you choose the best outdoor elliptical bike according to your needs. Elliptical bikes are not a common thing because these are new things.

They are between the elliptical machine you work out on in the gym, and they also allow you to get a total-body workout while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. As time passes, elliptical bikes are becoming more common every year, and you can see them on city streets, giving someone low low-impact workout.

Now people are trying more Elliptigo and StreetStrider bikes for their workout and taking advantage of an exercise bike while still going to the streets for their exercise. You can also say they are innovative advancements in the Gym industry.StreetStrider and ElliptiGo are the best options for those who are very fond of doing exercise regularly.

With elliptical, You can now enjoy a workout with the whole experience of a gym primary bicycle session in your favorite street point. Since elliptical bikes are a modern invention, most people do not know which suits their needs. So for your help, we give you a detailed comparison of StreetStrider vs. Elliptigo to make things more straightforward.

StreetStrider vs ElliptiGO 

The main difference between StreetStrider and ElliptiGO bikes is their design; as you see, StreetStrider has three wheels, and the front wheel has two spokes, whereas ElliptiGo has only two wheels on the frame. But both bikes are used for indoor and outdoor cycling to serve the purpose of the exercise. As ElliptiGo is a two-wheel cycle, riders must balance themselves. On the contrary, StreetStrider has three wheels, and the rider rides without fear of falling.

ElliptiGO 8C Long Stride Outdoor Elliptical Bike 

ElliptiGO 8C Long Stride Outdoor Elliptical Bike 
Total Length75″
Model Name8C
Wheelbase 54
Weight 44lbs
Rider Capacity 250lbs

StreetStrider 3i Outdoor + Indoor Elliptical Cross Trainer
Total Length68.5″
Model Name3i
Speeds/Gears 3
Rider Capacity300lbs

Top Features StreetStrider 3i Outdoor

Full Outdoor and Indoor Trainer stand
Full body workout
Best for short to medium-length strides on flat roads or mild hills
Climbs Moderate to Steep Hills workout
Best for short to medium-length strides on flat roads or mild hills
Climbs Moderate to Steep Hills

Differences of Strider vs ElliptiGO

What exactly are the differences between these two exercise bikes? We will give you details of StreetStrider vs. ElliptiGO, which will be helpful for you. There are many differences, so their comparison of these two great companies is unfair as they are a bit different but focus on their product.


ElliptiGO is an explorer in the high-performance elliptical bike market. The products are an easy choice for cyclists found in different workout routines. The ElliptiGO brand has many other products, such as Long-Stride Elliptical bikes and stand-up bikes.

When it comes to elliptical biking, StreetStrider and ElliptiGo are its competitors. So the brands have competed for many years to give you the best elliptical biking experience. The brand has performed consistently well.StreetStrider came a bit later, and it is equally as impressive in terms of quality and production.

Its units, however, are elliptical bikes that are great for beginners. If you want to try this sport, you should start with one from this brand. Now many elliptical biking groups boost to joining them. So invest in one of these to get your first experience on the roads.

StreetStrider does not have a pioneering advantage; they took the cycling world to an extreme level. The beginners often chose them as their outdoor elliptical bikes. These bikes have a third wheel that provides stability. The brand proudly says its causes spin around a change in exercising, fun, inspiring, and active, supporting healthy lifestyles.


You can see the difference between the ElliptiGO bike and the StreetStrider elliptical bike designs. At the same time, both are the same movements of the arms and feet as the elliptical gym. In motion, the StreetStrider is bulkier and heavier, but the StreetStrider bike gives you a better workout than the ElliptiGO.

The ElliptiGO is a bit different in design. Its handlebars are not movable like the StreetStrider elliptical bike. It comes to a similar steering motion to a bicycle, but the movement of your feet is an elliptical motion and not circular. It also gives you a standing posture rather than a sitting posture.

On the other hand, the ElliptiGO offers you a little upper body workout; it is a high-performance machine with lightweight.


When we talk about StreetStrider vs. ElliptiGO, steering designs are very different. The ElliptiGO needs you to turn the handlebars and lean a little at certain speeds, while the StreetStrider requires you to move your arms back and front on the handles to power the bike forward.

The ElliptiGo handlebars are not movable. These are only for the user to hold during the ride and maintain balance. The standing position on the ElliptiGo is designed to help you up the hills when pumping your feet downward.

Hence, both bikes use the handlebars for steering purposes. The single wheel at the front of the ElliptiGo acts like the steering, while the front two wheels on the StreetStrider steer the entire unit.

Comfort and Stability 

StreetStrider provides you with incomparable stability during the exercise. It has seatless forms and a tremendous elliptical pedal, increasing comfort in exercising hours. Moreover, its excellent stability feature is two front wheels that enhance its looks and functionality.

The best elliptical bike allows you to drive while standing and not hit the front wheel. So it will offer you the security that your shoulders and lower back are loose and relaxed. Your body weight can carry elliptical pedals on it to feel more like walking or jogging as you raise your body to pedal more.

However, these two bikes provide you with a lot of relaxation and ease while striving to achieve a fitness objective. But as a whole, instability, the StreetStrider is the winner. It is as comfortable as the ElliptiGO with seat-less formats and elliptical pedaling, but its two front wheels make the bike more stable. 


The speed of the StreetStrider vs. ElliptiGO is authoritative on the potentiality and comfort of the driver, but both have speeds similar to that of 15-25 mph. The speed also depends on the rider’s skill level and comfort. But if you are a new rider and buy a bike with more speed, raise your riding challenges with time to get a better silk on it.


The weight of the StreetStrider is 300 lbs. Many people use StreetStrider for weight loss than ElliptiGO.When discussing StreetStrider vs. ElliptiGO, the weight capacity for these two is also very important.

They are slightly different due to the bike functionality, so you can say them virtually like twins. The ElliptiGO has a capacity of 250 lbs, while StreetStrider has 300 lbs. This difference is because StreetStrider has a larger target audience for weight loss lovers than ElliptiGO.


Usually, it is a bit possible for riders to travel with their elliptical bikes in an area far from home for riding. However, in both instances, traveling is a breeze in their case because both bikes get smaller for storage.

The StreetStrider folds up and straps tight, while the ElliptiGO can easily remove the handlebars and the wheels with quick-release handles. Both work well for fitting in tight storage and are also best for vehicle transport.


With the comparison of StreetStrider vs. ElliptiGO, we know that the ElliptiGO all follow the typical bike format of two-wheel. But the long form of these bikes to support the elliptical stride gives for a greater distance from a conventional bicycle between these wheels.

The design of ElliptiGO is more like a traditional bicycle; for it, you need continuous motion to maintain complete balance. Both units have handlebars that are well-padded to provide comfort while driving.

It is particularly important for the StreetStrider, which requires hand motion to move. In the end, you can choose for yourself based on your needs.

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