What to wear to a wake? Respect to the Deceased

What to wear to a wake? If you have to attend a wake, visitation, or funeral, what to wear to a wake? The first point that comes to mind when a friend or loved one passes away is not what I should wear. But remember you should show respect to the family and the deceased by wearing something appropriate; it is also vital to pull something out of your closet easily.

What To Wear To A Wake

And since it is not a daily occasion, many still wonder what to expect and wear. When discussing appropriate funeral attire, you should wear formal attire in muted colors. It is also a standard protocol for a memorial service. The post will help those looking for etiquette do’s and don’t for wakes and funerals. But what is suitable clothing for attending a wake? Can not wear black or jeans to a wake? 

What is a wake?

A wake is a social gathering about death held before or after a funeral. Traditionally, a wake includes family and friends looking after the dead person’s body, usually in the deceased’s home. Some walks are held at a funeral home or another convenient place.

The wake is a part of death rituals in many cultures. The wake’s emotional tone is sometimes seen as more favorable than a funeral due to the socially supportive atmosphere and the focus on life slightly more than death.

What is the difference between a funeral and a wake?

The wake is the day before the funeral, which refers to a time when family and friends give respect to the deceased. Surviving family, spouse, children, and parents are lined up in a receiving line so visitors can extend their condolences to the family. A funeral is a religious ceremony that honors the life of the deceased.

What to wear to a wake?

The funeral offers you an opportunity for family and friends for a final goodbye. The funeral service is also a time to come together as a community during a time of sadness and reflect on the deceased’s life. Funeral services generally take place the day following the wake.

Considerable tips before choosing Attire for a Wake

Considerable tips before choosing Attire for a Wake
  • Dress clothes are still the most suitable choice for people attending a wake. So you have to consider a few things.
  • In our society, you do not wear formal dress. 
  • People dress up for flights, religious services, graduations, and work.
  • Even now, people wear leisure clothing before going to the grocery store. 
  • Funerals and wakes are the last ceremonies of your favorite, and most of us want to wear our loved ones’ favorite dress style for the happiness of their soul.
  • Most of them used to dress more casually for a wake than for a funeral.
  • In the point of view of some people, waking is a time to comfort the bereaved.
  • The funeral is a time to honor the dead. So you only have an appropriate outfit to wear to the funeral. 
  • Wait for an indication from the family that casual clothes are okay.

What do I wear to a wake?

What I can wear to a wake in the summer, but most of the time, wakes are held in climate-controlled buildings. So no matter whether wake is held on a hot day or a cold one. But still, you have to wear formal clothing, so select the materials that offer wicking moisture protection, or wear lighter fabrics such as linen or cotton for cold-wearing undergarments that keep you warm.

People can consider wearing heated pants instead of wearing a lot of dresses. Keep in mind that you can change the dress depending on the situation. Specific religions also have rituals that they follow in what they do and do not wear. At the biker burials, the most respectful thing considered is wearing their biker gear or something commemorating the deceased, like a piece of jewelry.

In most cases, you can wear something simple yet lovely. In most communities, jeans are not considered attire for a wake. But for most wakes, dress pants are preferred. Dark pants, a sweater, and a formal top are easy to find and a good fit for the occasion. Also, choose clean, dark shoes to wear with the outfit.

Women can consider having bare legs, but that fashion rule has been broken for years. I feel more comfortable wearing pantyhose. I can also wear a dress in head-to-toe black when attending a wake. Wear low-key colors. You can wear wake is the place to wear your leopard print blouse or salmon-colored khakis. I also wear neutral colors like navy, grey, and dark green.

I use accessories that are simple and neutral with my jewelry. You can wear a shirt or dress with a pattern, But Avoid wearing casual clothes like t-shirts and jeans. Sometimes families choose to encourage the celebration of their loved life at the wake.

What should men wear to a Wake?

What should men wear to a Wake?
  • Commonly men wear a suit with a tie and well-polished shoes to a funeral. But they also have some alternatives to option when deciding what to wear to a wake: 
  • Sports coat, dark pants, snap shirts with a tie, and shoes with dark socks.
  • Dark pants include a full-sleeved button-down shirt, a tie, and dress shoes.
  • A polo shirt with Dark pants, and wear a belt.
  • Do not wear Jeans, Shorts, caps or hats, Athletic shoes or flip flops, or dirty or wrinkled clothing.

What Should Women Wear to a Wake?

What Should Women Wear to a Wake?
  • Women should wear formal attire to a wake.
  • Wear a simple, solid-colored dress in muted colors with dark shoes.
  • Also, you can wear a dark skirt with a formal top and dark shoes.
  • Women can also wear Dress pants with a dressy top or a sweater.
  • You should wear light jewelry such as a pearl necklace or stud earrings.
  • Women should avoid Jeans or shorts, Skirts or dresses at an uncomfortable length, Flip flops, or athletic shoes.

Wear to a wake respectfully.

Respect is the most important thing to consider in what to wear to a wake. Please do not wear it to try and draw attention to yourself. When the family knew the deceased loved a particular sports team, band, or superhero. So their family members request that everyone dresses in a specific way to honor their loved one’s memory.

When choosing clothes to wear to a wake, avoid wearing anything flashy out of respect for the bereaved family and friends. With muted and neutral tones, including comfortable dress shoes, avoid prints on blouses and button-down shirts.

Final thought

As you dress up for a wake, you should first consider why you are attending the event. If you want to support the bereaved, it is looking your best. Because your loved one deserves respect. Your purpose is to convey something other than your outfit. However, when your concern over clothes keeps you from attending a wake that encourages formal dress. 

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