10 The Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets With Detachable Chin

The Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets are full-face helmets with the convenience of detachable chin and cheek pads. It has many features that stand out from other helmets on the market nowadays. Modular motorcycle helmets are popular because they have Bluetooth capabilities mostly. It allows riders to take phone calls while riding their bike without touching any buttons.

Modular motorcycle helmets also provide you with excellent ventilation. With airflow channels that help keep you cool in hot weather conditions. The first step in protecting your brain is ensuring that the Helmet can fit snugly and provide full coverage. It must also allow enough airflow to not make things too hot or stuffy. At the same time, riding on a motorcycle without compromising safety features like visibility through an eye-port. Hearing protection from abuses such as engine noise by using earplugs.

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ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip upSena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle HelmetMotorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet YEMA YM-925 unisex
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Qualities of Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets

When stopped at stoplights, many such brands have started producing modular lids that offer open-faced riding with increased airflow. But still, protect against impacts. Thanks to strategically placed chin bars designed specifically for each model. Easily removed or put back in place to suit the weather conditions.

Modular motorcycle helmets have a hinged chin bar that can flip up and slide forward. It allows you to enter or exit your Helmet without eradicating it. It makes them a popular helmet among commuters who want more protection than they would get from wearing a half-shell helmet. But do not want to wear a full face on hot days.

The best modular motorcycle helmet is one that you can customize to fit your needs with ease. These days, there are more options than ever in this head protection style. And it’s hard for people who don’t know their stuff on the market now. Which ones offer better value when considering safety features like rating at school race tracks without breaking too much bank?

So we’ve found some great picks from top brands across all price points. But gave a special shout-out to modular helmets due to their excellent range of adjustability while staying lightweight enough. Hence, even if motorcyclists have shorter hairstyles, they won’t feel weighed down by added bulk during high speeds.

1: ILM Motos Modular Helmet Dual Visor Flip up Full Face Helmet

ILM Motos Modular Helmet Dual Visor Flip up Full Face Helmet

The Helmet contains several LED lights that will flash at differing speeds depending on the rider’s preference. You can easily access The light by pressing the control button below. Making this accessory ideal for night riding or any other situation where visibility is essential.

 Not only does its sleek design reduce wind noise. But it also meets FMVSS-218 safety standards as well as DOT regulations. So you have assured protection in case anything happens while exploring new territory. High-Resistant ABS Shell With Adjustable Strap. With its all-weather protection, generous ventilation, and Bluetooth functionality. The full-face modular motorcycle Modular Helmet is everything a rider could ask for. 

ILM Motos Modular Helmet Dual Visor Flip-up Full Face Helmet offers outstanding resistance while being one of the lightest options. Lightweight materials have been used to construct the Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet to ensure durability and longevity while reducing weight.

Another great feature is Bluetooth compatibility with both Siri and Google Voice assistant services. It allows you to access maps, send messages, and receive calls without taking out your phone from your pockets, etc.

2: AHR RUN-M Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

AHR RUN-M Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

AHR RUN-M Modular flip-up motorcycle helmet is the perfect accessory for anyone who rides a motorbike. It meets or exceeds DOT safety standards and features an advanced design that lets you get more air and grab a bite without taking off your whole lid. It means better protection during rides because ventilation openings bring fresh oxygen while expelling carbon dioxide inside and outside. Plus, with its lightweight ABS shell and thick EPS liner.

Wearing AHR Run M will make driving much safer by boosting the visibility of oncoming traffic at night since there’s less chance of mistakes. What’s more, AHR Run M Modular Motorcycle Helmet has a fantastic feature. An adjustable strap to get the best fit possible while playing music from your smartphone or GPS device. The innovative design is what makes this Helmet so great.

The built-in double visors are wide and have a clear field of vision. And can easily be controlled with a switch for optimal visibility in any situation. The internal dark shade helps protect your eyes from harmful sunlight rays. At the same time, you’re out on trails or bike paths during those sunny hours.

And thanks to its streamlined aerodynamic features like reduced wind noise & drag. It’s fast becoming one that riders choose over other styles without hesitation. Because they know their safety will never be compromised when using these. It also has an easily washable liner. If you are looking motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS, this is the best option.

3: Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet YEMA YM-925 unisex.

Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet YEMA YM-925 unisex

Here’s the perfect accessory for any motorbike enthusiast or budding racer. This Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet is DOT Approved and best for women riders. YEMA YM-925 is just what you need to keep that pretty little head outfitted in style. This modular bike helmet features a sun visor and Bluetooth space so riders can hear their favorite tunes.

At the same time, on two wheels, it provides earplugs if you want and adjustable straps. And comfortable foam interior lining at an affordable price point makes this sleek piece not worth missing out on when shopping around town today. This Woman Modular helmet provides the best overall head protection for motorcycle riders.

Modular Helmets are considered a hybrid between full-face and open-face as they offer more coverage. Then an open-face helmet but with less coverage than a standard full-face helmet. YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Casco Moto Moped Street Bike Racing Helmet has an Anti-scratch and Wide View Clear Visor.

Advanced Lightweight Durable ABS Shell with EPS Impact Absorption Inner Liner keeps your head cool in the heat but allows you to block breezes when it’s cold. A fully adjustable airflow ventilation system keeps any rider comfortable no matter what condition. They’re riding on roadways or dirt tracks through rainstorms and hot summers without feeling too sticky from sweat built up inside this sleek design.

4: FreedConn Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn Bluetooth helmet supports a max intercom range of up to 1640 feet for two riders talking or three riders pairing. It has met and exceeded DOT safety standards, don’t worry about safety while riding. The Freed Conn’s robust sound quality ensures you can hear no matter where your partner is on their bike, even if they are more than one seat away from yours.

Its sleek design will make anyone jealous of what looks like an easy ride by all accounts. This motorbike gear has everything for any rider’s needs in one convenient package. It includes FM radio reception, so you won’t ever miss the music. This Modular helmet provides the best overall head protection for motorcycle riders with luxury.

With this type of Helmet, you can easily open up its front whenever needed for added visibility when it’s just too hot outside on your ride home from work. The FreedConn Bluetooth helmet offers you clear music and intercom voice at high speed. You usually can hear it up to 120km/h, about 70mph, with this advanced technology that cancels out any noise in the background. Also still allows its users complete independence for listening carefully or answering calls hands-free.

The FM system supports one multi-functional button, which triggers Siri’s voice command when pressed long enough for 2 seconds. An intercom is an essential tool for motorcyclists, with 8 hours of talk time and over 110 hours of standby. The product will keep you connected with your friends or family during a long ride through busy traffic lights.

5: Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet is a sleek and stylish modular helmet that allows riders to conveniently control their entertainment systems, such as volume or text messages. You can also open a retractable sun visor with one touch, adding extra protection from sun glare when riding solo in bright weather conditions.

There’s even an integrated HD intercom system, so you don’t miss any of your conversations on the bike. The Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet is a great way to stay connected while you are on the road, with 15 hours of talk time on one charge. This sleek Helmet also comes equipped with an Intercom System that allows riders near up-close communication. So they can carry on conversations without ever having to be apart.

Pairing your smartphone will enable music streaming and GPS navigation functions, meaning no more getting lost or running on low battery. Enjoy yourself, knowing there’s always someone nearby who knows where everything goes. A modular Helmet is designed for convenience. You can quickly flip up the front of your Helmet to receive food or drink and talk with someone beside you on the road without removing it altogether.

6: TORC Full Face Modular Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth

The TORC T27B1 FWT RS L Full Face Modular Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth is 20% smaller than other full-face helmets due to its polyester construction. This lightweight design offers excellent ventilation, including rear exhaust venting through Ventura technology for increased airflow circulation and cooling power.

One button release makes it easy to remove your face mask without worrying about losing parts or breaking anything else in between sessions under bright lights. Once you’ve found what works best for each occasion, it covers, from chin bar adjustments to safety features like an intake airway system. It can help prevent foggy lenses during bike rides at high altitudes where thinner oxygen levels are more common.

A Modular helmet can be an excellent choice for riders who want to use the Helmet they prefer. But also need protection from oncoming cars and other dangers you might face during bike rides after dark.TORC Modular motorcycle helmet has become increasingly popular among those seeking protection and full-face comfort.

This modular Helmet is fully adjustable to fit securely no matter your head size or shape. With this quality piece, you get everything from high impact resistance to first impacts through its wind tunnel-designed aerodynamic shell. Which helps resist penetration once up against rough road surfaces.

It’s been tested thoroughly in various weather conditions, showing increased stability and safety levels thanks to this Helmet’s high visibility. TORC Modular helmets also have an anti-scratch coating, which is excellent for keeping your lenses scratch-free. But it can help prevent you from getting sunburnt if riding out in sunlight–it even has a built-in sun visor that keeps the damaging rays off of your skin.

7: Motorcycle Modular Flip-up Helmet YEMA YM-929

Motorcycle Modular Flip-up Helmet YEMA YM-929

A Motorcycle Modular Flip-up Helmet is DOT and ECE Approved. YEMA YM-929 is a high-quality safety helmet that comes specifically for motorbike riders. The design allows you to easily switch out the visor depending on the sunlight level or weather conditions. So it’s perfect whether your activity involves commuting through city streets on cloudy days with little sun exposure. Just having an open-face shield will do fine without any added protection against wind gusts from coming directly into one’s eyes.

Sometimes, being able to have some shade can’t hurt anyone. And finally, although not necessarily something related to when biking around town. This lid comes with light enough weight considering its protective qualities and safety standards that you can keep using it as a Modular Motorcycle Helmet even when not riding.

A motorcycle modular flip-up Helmet is an excellent choice for staying safe on their bike. It features an outstanding aerodynamic ABS shell and multi-density EPS that provides excellent protection against impact. As well as quick-release buckles so you can quickly take off and put away the inner lining pads if they get dirty or wet while riding; through the water at high speeds.

Its DOT-certified product also comes equipped with fully adjustable exhaust vents. Which will keep your head cool during summer rides in addition to its removable cheek pads. The perfect combination of comfort & safety packaged into one sleek design. Modular motorcycle helmets are an excellent choice for those who want to stay safe on their motorcycle.

8: LS2 Helmets Modular Strobe Helmet

LS2 Helmets Modular Strobe Helmet

The LS2 Helmet is a DOT-approved modular strobe helmet that meets the FMVSS 218 standard. All visors come with 3D Optically Correct “A Class” Polycarbonate, an advanced polymer material with high impact resistance. And offers clarity to your vision when riding without distortion or haziness insight.

In addition, this product also includes comfort liner removability so that you can wash it just like any other garment for easy care at home. This design the experts who understand what makes people want more out of their gear than they would expect from some random brand name on the Shopping channel.

These Modular helmets are an excellent choice for those who want to stay safe on their motorbike. LS2’s Modular Strobe Helmet is the ultimate in safety and comfort. You can easily customize Quick Release to match your individual needs on any given day, whether at home or out riding.

The Dynamic Flow-through Ventilation system ensures that you’ll stay cool by letting air flow continuously through intake ports as well as vents, along with LS2’s Rear Spoiler & Exhaust Port technology which creates constant light airflow around their head, ensuring no one goes unnoticed while wearing this sleek design that won’t slow them down anytime soon.

9: ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip up

ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip up

The ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip-up Full Face Dual Visor Group Intercom Mp3 FM Radio DOT-approved is a top-of-the-line safety device for road and off-road riding. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approves this helmet’s stylish, sleek design.

The patented modularity system allows you to easily remove either one or two visors depending on your needs with just one hand and no tools required. The ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip-up Full Face is a stylish yet functional Helmet with the ability to pair two riders through its Intercom communication system and support three riders on one device at once with a maximum distance between each rider of 500 meters (1640 feet). This motorcycle accessory will change your commute for the better. You cannot only talk while riding but also make or take calls without having to worry about holding onto anything. There’s no need since it comes equipped utilizing both an internal speaker system and external headphones. It slips easily over most ears when not in use.

The ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is a sleek and stylish modular full-face helmet that allows for rider-to-driver communication. The set includes one battery, a USB cable, and a universal charger with instructions on how it works.

10: HAWK Modular Motorcycle Helmet for Men & Women

HAWK Modular Motorcycle Helmet for Men Women

The HAWK Helmets ST 1198 is a full-face modular motorcycling black helmet. It features an innovative design that removes the outer shell and replaces it with other colors, designs, or graphics for different looks. The HAWK Helmets ST 1198 Matte Black Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet for Men & Women is high-end.

It is a DOT-approved Helmet that significantly absorbs impact to protect you from accidents. This full-face comes with an airflow system that helps keep your head cool during hours on the road or track. The HAWK 1198 is a full-face, lightweight helmet weighing around 3 pounds.

It has an aerodynamic shell design to keep stability while racing at higher speeds with its small footprint and low Center of gravity for increased handling agility on turns. The advanced composite thermoplastic construction offers maximum protection against crashes because it’s durable yet flexible enough that you can quickly push or pull your hair, if needed, without feeling any pain.

The comfort padding material inside so there would be no need to buy extra gear after dropping hurtling down the road at speeds so fast it’s pretty terrifying. This Modular Motorcycle Helmet provides the ultimate protection for your head and face against any dangers you might encounter on your biking adventures.

HAWK Helmets come in classic, high-quality helmets. This Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is no exception! It has a flip-up chin bar and face shield that easily pivots to allow access when you need it most; this will save time in emergencies on long journeys or while stopped at traffic lights or other pesky circumstances. Its front easy actuated button allows riders to change between open-air mode.

How to choose the best modular motorcycle helmet

The process of purchasing a new modular moto lid is similar to that of buying any motorcycle helmet, though some areas are unique. These include size and weight restrictions for shipping purposes and an individual’s style preference when it comes down to selecting their preferred look.

Shell Construction

What’s the best protection you can get? A lid’s first line of defense is its shell material. The type that makes up this part, polycarbonates or composites with carbon fiber weaves, are all top choices for the quietest modular helmets, especially if they’re premium models like those on recent bikes.

When buying one, make sure to look at how it was constructed. Not only will these things dictate what kind of impact resistance each has, but also where weight reduction should take priority. Mods protect us from crashing by absorbing some force when riders ACCIDENTALLY hit their bike’s handlebars hard enough to throw themselves off balance wheels into Os AGILITY-HALTING angles during low-speed, sharp turns, or sweeping curves.


A high-quality lid has to have the right liner for your head. You can choose between EPS, which provides good energy absorption. And impact protection doesn’t offer much else in terms of comfort or breathability.

Thermoformed polystyrene provides better ventilation than traditional helmets and durability against UV rays. Wear these will help keep sweat at bay during scorching weather where others might get sweaty quickly. Their thinner shells are less heat-insulating than leather alternatives.

Closure System

It is a fact that double D-rings have been used as a helmet closure system for centuries. Today’s motorcycling industry is seeing innovative thinkers and inventors come up with new ideas to make this iconic fixture better.

One such approach is using ratcheting mechanisms or magnetic Buckles instead of traditional latches like those found on most motorcycle gear. It offers greater ease when adjusting straps quickly during emergencies without having too much slack attached at once. So you don’t risk getting hurt if someone else pulls unexpectedly hard while riding alongside another vehicle.

Ventilation System

A Modular motorcycle helmet is an advanced design that includes a chin guard or visor. You can quickly raise or lower with the simple push of a button. Thus giving riders greater control over their comfort levels when on the move. These are also known for having better ventilation systems than traditional full-face helmets due to the air flowing through large vents on either side of your head while maintaining strong wind resistance properties.

Suppose you get one with extra features like Bluetooth connectivity! That said, it’s essential not to sacrifice safety by using this method too often. They provide more airflow since most don’t come equipped with aerodynamic technology.

Visor Setup

The next time you’re in the market for a new helmet, consider what kind of visor it has. There are several different styles and construction methods to choose from that will offer varying degrees of protection against wind or water intrusion. Also provides excellent vision clarity with no adverse effects on either comfort level or safety factors like visibility when riding your bicycle at night.

Shell Size

Many motorcycle helmet makers use the same shell size across several different makes and models. If you buy one bike brand’s nasal mask order twin-pod style, it will likely not fit correctly.

The more high-end brands offer riders an ever-increasing range of options to find their perfect match. From sleek half helmets with cheek pads made of leather like on some racing bikes down to budget-friendly plastic flip-flops, which may seem uncomfortable at best but can help absorb impact when thrown off your head during accidents.


A helmet’s wind noise at freeway speeds isn’t just annoying; it can be irreparably damaging to your hearing. That’s why the sound of our bike helmets matters so much more today than ever before. Traditionally there was excessive air rushing inside traditional models.

But this has changed recently with better ventilation systems that allow riders who wear them on motorways. Dual carriageways have clear conversations over comms without having their words muddled by an approaching truck braking hard next to you. For instance, not only does this make riding safer in heavy traffic. But also, cyclists will never miss what someone says because they can hear them.

Wind Noise Reduction Modular Helmets have better noise reduction systems than traditional full-face helmets due to wind blowing in through large vents on either side of your head while maintaining strong wind resistance properties.

Especially if you get one with extra features like Bluetooth connectivity, it’s essential not to sacrifice safety by using this method too often, even though they provide more airflow since most don’t come equipped with aerodynamics technology.

Comfort levels

When looking for a Modular motorcycle helmet on the market today, many riders will quickly be put off by some models’ thicker shell sizes which can make wearing them uncomfortable or give people headaches after an hour or so out on their bike. Not something you want when riding your bicycle. The same goes for chinstraps that are too tight if you can’t get a Modular motorcycle helmet to fit correctly.

Installation Options

Suppose you’re looking at Modular Motorcycle Helmets simply because of their design. Then there is no need to worry about whether or not they will be easy to install. Even though some models come with soft carry bags like full-face helmets.

Most brands offer owners the chance to buy another carrying bag that fits their head while making installation and removal much more manageable. Thanks to improved upgrade options on newer makes & models. These aren’t just for people who want Bluetooth connectivity either, since many styles feature both custom-fitted. And easy- to switch -in parts designed for convenience and racing.


In the past, Modular Motorcycle Helmets were often made from heavy materials that could add several extra pounds to your weight while riding. Making it almost impossible for bikers who want a half helmet with Bluetooth connectivity or other additional features. These make carrying around their Modular motorcycle helmets much more comfortable.

However, there are now lightweight options on the market today. It allows riders to walk in and out of shops without leaving a dent in their wallet due to an expensive purchase they might not have been able to afford.


As with Modular motorcycle helmets, you must remember that most are designed for different types of riding. So your style will likely be matched by the type of Modular Motorcycle Helmet you buy. For example, touring motorcyclists who enjoy traveling long distances and spending hours in their Modular Helmets need something challenging to last a while without cracking or deteriorating over time.

It means buying an expensive one if it’s built from quality materials like fiberglass. The carbon fiber will not break even when thrown off your head during accidents.

Price & Availability

Modularity has been around since about 1929. But only recently began gaining popularity among riders who want full-face helmets with Bluetooth connectivity because they’re far more comfortable than traditional Modular motorcycle helmets and don’t sacrifice safety to make them more lightweight.

One of the main reasons Modular Motorcycle Helmets are so popular is because they’re easy enough for almost anyone to buy due to their availability online. Yet there are still plenty found in high street stores too. It comes with the design you need as a cyclist in mind, no matter how much you want to spend on one.


What is the best modular helmet?

The Carbon modular helmet is the quietest. It earned 4.5 stars for its excellent liner, limited vents, and visor with an output tone of voice that sounds like it’s straight out of commercial land.

Are modular motorcycle helmets good?

A modular helmet is a perfect compromise between complete face protection and breathability. Pop open your front to get some air if you ride in hot weather.

What is the purpose of a modular helmet?

The modular helmet is an excellent choice for people who want the convenience of an open-face but still need complete facial protection. The chin bar can be lifted and closed with just one touch, making this type of lid perfect while riding outdoors or commuting on your bike.

Are modular helmets less safe?

Modular helmets are not appropriate for open-face riding. However, modulars lack the full safety features of a full-faced helmet and can be more susceptible to impact than one designed with a chin bar to protect your front end in case something goes wrong.

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