Does A Motorcycle Helmet Loosen Up Over Time?

Every wearable object loses its flexibility and appeal from the beginning, as it was. Does A Motorcycle Helmet Loosen Up Over Time? So, Your motorcycle helmet will also loosen over time. But its condition may bring comfort to you or bring hazards. Whatever it is, you should ride with care once it loosens.

Statistically, a helmet loosens up to accommodate the rider’s head shape snugly after 15 to 20 hours of use. So, to make your new helmet snugly fitting or a bit loose, keep it wearing for more than half a day, even while staying home. Please read the article for ideas on what to do with your motorcycle helmet once it loosens.

Does A Motorcycle Helmet Loosen Up Over Time?

Does A Motorcycle Helmet Loosen Up Over Time

It’s a known concept that a motorcycle helmet gets loose after a specific time. It gets a 20% loss if you use more than 15 hours in the first use. It doesn’t mean that the helmet is losing its appeal, but it is just getting loosened or breaking in to be comfortably fittable with the rider’s head.

Some People like to wear loose motorcycle helmets as their personal preference. Some people use the ventilated motorcycle helmet to get much airflow which helps them feel comfortable being stuck in traffic. These helmets also help remove humid air and replace it with outsider fresh air.

The Issues You May Face With a Tight Helmet

The motorcycle loosens over time, bringing comfort and nice ventilation to the rider. If your helmet is tight, you may face some issues.

●      Make You Dump: If your helmet is tight, you may not be able to hear anything clearly when people talk. It will keep you dumped as long as you are wearing this.

●      Issues With Face Visor And Shields: You may face problems with the helmet’s visor. Some helmets have molded inner sun shields to protect your vision from sun rays. So, if your helmet is tight, you may face issues while sliding it. Your nose may touch the face shield, or your breathing can create unusual fogging, disrupting your vision. Plus, you may feel suffocated.

●      Cheek Pads: The Cheek pads inside the helmet may squeeze tightly on your face. That will bring pain to your face. 

●      Reduces Shock-Absorbing Capacity: The liners inside the helmet help absorb shocks when you get heated with anything or fall into an accident. If your helmet is tight, you can’t get much protection from its shock-absorbing impacts.

How Should Tight a New Motorcycle Helmet?

Motorcycle helmets should not be too tight; they should not be too loose that they will come out on a simple hit with anything. If your helmet is tight, you will face the issues mentioned in the text. The helmet should be loose to accommodate your head perfectly. It should be as loose as your head feels slightly comfortable and not blow away with drastic wind cuts. 

Stretch Your Helmet To Make Loose

The motorcycle helmet loosens up over time. It is warmly appreciated to get extra advantages from them. Some impatient riders seem to stretch their helmet to make them lose earlier. They use an unpumped basketball inside the helmet and pump it until it fits tightly with its interior. Then keep it for a long time to stretch the helmet. You can use a roller or heavy something to press the cheek pads or inner paddings to break in fast. Moreover, you can stretch an open-face or three-quarter helmet but not easily stress a full-face helmet.

Enjoy The Advantages When The Helmet Loosen Up

All helmets tend to be tight initially, but they become comfortable after loosening up. When the helmets loosen up, you can take many advantages. Let us know how it can benefit you.

● If the helmet loosens, you won’t feel suffocated under hot weather conditions. Moreover, your helmet visor won’t touch your nose. Plus, you can get free from foggy visors.

● The tight cheek pads may squeeze your facial muscles, and your face may get marked or red, which can be visible once you open the helmet. But if the helmets loosen up, you won’t have to face this problem.

●The Liner of the helmet will get much better to absorb the impact coming from the jerk while you are running your bike. Plus, it saves your head from getting sever injured and you fall into an accident.

● You can accommodate your headsets inside it. So, you can enjoy your favorite song, FM, or get navigation signals when turning on GPS. Plus, you can get in touch with your family members or partner and stay connected by attending to their calls.

● If you use prescribed glasses, you can easily accommodate them inside your helmet. So, you will get your vision clearer and perfectly.

It’s Time To Leave Or Give Away Your Old Helmet

A loose helmet can be dangerous for the riders. Though it has many advantages, it has some detrimental sides too. Let’s know the discussions about the issues.

● If you ride with a loose helmet, the extreme wind may pull your helmet roughly. Though you fix it tightly, it will tend to pull your head frequently. That may make blisters or bring pain near your chin guard.

● The loose helmet may slide around and distort your vision on tricky terrain or uneven roads.

● Dust, insects, or other tiny objects can get inside your helmet and may create issues while riding. Or if you have dust allergies. You may suffer badly as the helmet allows much airflow from outside. 

● In case you fall into any environmental hazard, a loose helmet won’t support you much.

These are the reasons why you should not use a loose helmet. But as the helmet loosens over time, you can use alternatives to make it a bit tighter and keep fixing it with your head.


Helmets are designed to ensure the safety of the riders. If it doesn’t provide much safety to the rider, the purpose of using a hamlet remains in vain. So, as the helmets get lost after the time being, you should use the things that will help you to protect yourself from their harmful impact. You can extend Liner, cheek pads, and neck roll inside the helmet, or use a face mask and fix the buckle stripes tightly under your chin.

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