What To Do With Old Motorcycle Helmets? That s Close To Your Heart

When your motorcycle helmet goes old, do you want to retire it? But you do not know What To Do With Old Motorcycle Helmets? What’s the right way to dispose of them? Trash it? Or give it away to a helmet collection organization? Here we tell you some possible methods of disposing of your motorcycle helmet. The motorcycle riders use them for their safety.

What To Do With Old Motorcycle Helmets?

. But after a few years, motorcycle helmets do have an expiration date, and riders must make the challenging transition to buying a new helmet. But sometimes, we can’t use them during rides but don’t necessarily want to throw them away. Some helmets are costly, such as Motorcycle Helmets With Cameras, while others look simply amazing such as motorbike helmets with Bluetooth and GPS, so we do not want to trash them like a waste. There are many options to recycle or reuse. Some local municipalities do some helmet recycling.

If an organization in your area collects bike helmets, then you should donate your helmet to them. It is the best way to dispose of children’s helmets, but organizations usually accept lightly used helmets. They do not get too old or have been involved in a collision or accident.

Use for Decoration

You can also use bike helmets for decoration. But there are some ways you can go about doing this in a more classy style. Some people turn their motorcycle helmets into lamps. It’s straightforward and only requires drilling a hole in the helmet. It is also a perfect office accent or man cave accessory. You can also display all of your old helmets in your garage. 

Another great way to dispose of your old motorbike helmet is to donate it to your nearest emergency medical services training center. They use these helmets to train their staff to take care of those who get involved in an emergency wearing a helmet. And taught them how to remove the helmet from an injured motorist safely. Remember, people use these old helmets only for training purposes.

Reuse Them

Instead of throwing them trash, they can be something worthwhile. If you love plants, line your helmet with a cloth, fill it with solid seeds, and hang it by its straps. You can also use your old helmet shell in a dish, such as you can use it as a food holder, popcorn bowl, etc. Additional ideas to reuse your motorcycle helmet ersatz nest for birds trick-or-treat bucket, clock, target practice, and many more.

Turn an old helmet into an Easter basket.

It is also an excellent idea for an old motorcycle helmet to be turned into an Easter basket which looks lovely. Many motorcycle enthusiasts in the family would enjoy something like this. Converting your old motorcycle helmet into an Easter basket is relatively easy. You must remove some surface padding from the inside and flip it upside down. You can attach a bottle lid to keep the helmet from rolling.

Use for art projects.

Helmets are the perfect canvases for the creativity of the young who start painting. Plain-finished helmets are best for kids’ innovative artwork. So your child not only learns art but also gets perfection in his work. They are safe and have fun doing this activity. If your kid is older, then you can give them to try spray painting some astonishing patterns on your former helmet. 

Making a hanging Basket with an old helmet

The helmets make them convenient for household activities like potting plants and making baskets and great pots for small plants. Place the waterproof lining for sealing the vents and cover the opening for the visor. You can use it as a basket for daily use. Make small holes in the side and string them using threads or straps to make an elegant basket. Now you can use it for goods purchased at the grocery store or pharmacy while being a unique style.

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