Can you use a motorcycle helmet for car racing?

Motorcycle helmets have been used in motorsports for a long time. Can you use a motorcycle helmet for car racing? For racing you can use them in stunt driving and other types of motor races. All helmets aim to protect our heads, but there are differences between motorcycle and car helmets. Auto racing helmets are SA-approved by the Snell Memorial Foundation first and foremost.

“SA” stands for “Special Application,” and SA2020 is the most recent standard. The non-profit organization was established in 1956 in memory of William “Pete” Snell, who died in a racing accident. After he passed away, his friends, medical professionals, and scientists collaborated to conduct studies, create prototypes, and enhance helmet performance. Motorcycle helmets protect the rider from head injuries in case of an accident. In many cases, they save a rider’s life.

What Sort Of Helmet Do I Need For Racing In Cars?

You must understand the various racing styles before deciding on the appropriate style of helmet to wear for auto racing. Open-wheel and stock car racing are the two primary categories. Cars in open-wheel racing have wings and a top speed of 300mph. With cars traveling at speeds of just about 100mph, stock car racing is greatly slower.

The type of helmet you need depends on the type of racing you do. You will need a helmet with a face shield and an airtight seal for open-wheel racing to keep wind noise out of your head. You need a helmet with a face shield because the cars are slower in stock car racing.

Can you use a motorcycle helmet for car racing?

While motorcycle helmets are not specifically made for auto racing, some motorcycle lovers think they can be worn in moderation. Manufacturers of motorcycles discourage using their products in auto racing as doing so can put riders and spectators in danger. But if you race in an automobile while wearing a motorbike helmet properly and effectively. There is no reason why it shouldn’t provide equal protection as a conventional car helmet.

Why do car races use motorcycle helmets?

The use of motorcycle helmets in auto racing has grown in popularity due to its integration of GPS systems, which provides you with dialogue during the race. Motorcycle helmets with GPS and Bluetooth can complement safety gear in auto racing for several reasons. Traditional car seats are less safe than motorcycle helmets. Motorcycles are generally always heavier vehicles in collisions with automobiles.

Traditional car seats are substantially less effective in preventing head injuries than motorcycle helmets. Helmets for motorcyclists aid in preventing spine and neck injuries. The rider of a motorbike is frequently forcefully pushed into the air when it comes into contact with a car. The impact can seriously hurt the person’s head and neck if they are not wearing a helmet. Helmets for motorcycles save their wearers against concussions and other types of brain trauma.

What are the benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet when racing in a car?

  • When competing in auto racing, motorcycle helmets have certain definite benefits.
  • They primarily serve to shield the head from flying objects.
  • Second, compared to drivers in vehicles, motorcycle riders frequently wear lighter, more comfortable helmets.
  • The ventilation in motorcycle helmets is often better than in automobile helmets, which can be important during hot-weather races.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet When Racing A Car? 

There are a lot of disadvantages. A motorcycle helmet is not made to withstand the stresses of auto racing. It needs more defense. Additionally, it is heavy and risky for head, neck, and back injuries. The vision a motorbike helmet provides is also less than that of a racing helmet for a car.

Car And Bike Helmets, Are They the Same?

Some individuals think they are not the same; others think they are. Car and bike helmets have several important similarities and some key differences.

First and foremost, both styles of helmets safeguard the skull against harm. Both of them have a shield around their heads that deters blows to the head. They feature cushioning inside of them that serves as impact protection.

Car and bike helmets come in different sizes, which is one thing they have in common. Compared to vehicle helmets, bike helmets often fit more tightly, providing greater protection for the wearer. Manufacturers of car helmets often produce smaller sizes for kids and bigger sizes for adults.


Some people could benefit from motorcycle helmets when racing cars, but not everyone. You must speak with a helmet-certified professional to know if a helmet is right for you and your unique driving demands.

Consider the severity of the impact while selecting a helmet, and also whether or not the helmet satisfies all of your safety standards. Before heading out onto the track, do your homework on both types of helmets and choose wisely.

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