IS YOGA A SPORT? Good About Your Health

In some people’s opinion, yoga is a physical activity and also has some spiritual & philosophical aspects. At the same time, some take it as a sport. But in our mind, the concept of sports is that Sports are highly competitive, whereas yoga does not involve competition. So in this article, we discuss “Is yoga a sport?”In sports, you play with your kids and friends and enjoy yourself while you can not do yoga.

is yoga a sport

In old times, yoga was mentioned as a spiritual practice as it helps with all mental, physical & emotional issues. While in the Western world, people started mentioning yoga as a sports activity like any sport. However, it needs high-skill techniques and excellent strength.

On the other hand, many yogis believe that yoga is a spiritual practice that keeps you physically and mentally fit under the sports discipline. Some people refer to yoga as both a physical activity with some similar benefits and spiritual and philosophical aspects that are not present in sports. People who take yoga practice in their life seriously take it as a form of exercise that can help them experience eternal bliss and achieve a balance in mind, body, and soul.

Is yoga a sport? 

Yoga is not considered a sport, but we define sport as an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. So there are many things every day in sports and yoga, such as: 

  • Both offer opportunities to build strength, endurance, aerobic capacity, and fitness. 
  • They are encouraged to push themselves mentally to be at the topper of their game. 
  • Competition ability to improve your personal best with each performance. 
  • Sports and yoga have specific gear such as yoga pants, yoga bras, Golf shoes, and so on.

Some differences apart both sport and yoga meaning

  • Sports are sources of fun. Engaging you in sports offers you the chance to connect with other people who share an interest in your sport of choice. 
  • If you have an understanding of sports, you need more physical contact.
  • You have to play with a team like a football or a basketball in some sports.
  • In some sports, you have to play alone as ice skating, skiing, gymnastics, wrestling, etc.
  • There is no competition in Yoga like in other individual sports.
  • Yoga makes your body strong for competition.
  • Yogas offer you a feeling of motivation to compete for yourselves, making your bodies stronger, fitter, and more flexible with each practice.

Benefits of Yoga 

health benefits of yoga
  • Yoga requires you to keep your body moving, just like workouts for other sports. 
  • It is a bodyweight exercise because you need to hold the weight of your body in various positions.
  • Yoga is one of the best exercises to build a strong core. 
  • Like other sports, yoga offers you a fantastic cardio workout. 
  • When you get on the yoga mat to take a yoga class, your heartbeat increases, and you breathe more deeply, so it is cardio exercise. 
  • Yoga cardio exercise increases blood flow, prevents many severe health conditions, burns calories, and supports weight management efforts.

Tips for enjoying yoga as a sport: 

Tips for enjoying yoga as a sport:

Take yoga as a sport.

If you take your yoga experience like sports, you must assemble some of your friends. Ask them to commit to a yoga practice with you. Your friends will push you and help your body get more substantial.

Set Your Goals

In yoga, you have no computer but yourself. It will be easy for you to compete yourself. Yoga is the one sport you can do throughout your life. Do you want to gain lean and more flexible muscle? 

Set it as your goal for yoga. 

You have to Manage your weight and have fun with movement.

Committing to Consistency

Like any other sport, yoga requires a real commitment. Making consistency in Yoga will offer you in shape when you do it regularly. A custom and regular workout plan also helps you stay consistent with yoga as a sport.

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