Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat: The Future of Yoga

“Health is wealth” is a well-known phrase. So everyone is conscious about his health, do different things such as Exercise and yoga are great for health. Some are very regular in yoga; they consider Non Toxic and Eco Friendly Yoga Mat so comfortable, enjoyable, and natural; a Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat is the best option for them.

As you know, most yoga mats are made with chemicals harmful to your body and the environment. A non oxic and eco friendly yoga mat made with natural materials is the best choice for the earth and your figures to make Exercise more comfortable. Many yoga mats are made of Volatile Organic Compounds released from items in a process known as ‘off-gassing.

Non Toxic and Eco Friendly Yoga Mat For Healthy  Comfortable Yoga

Many of these chemicals are dangerous and can cause headaches and nausea. So you can not try to relax during your yoga practice. Choosing an eco-friendly mat free of toxins is an ideal thing for you. Toxic-free and eco-friendly mats provide excellent protection from the environment, and it offers you a high level of relaxation.

What is Non-Toxic?

It’s a healthy substance that is chemical-free and does not affect your health. Toxic-free substances are also environmentally friendly, so the use of nontoxic and eco-friendly yoga mats has a good effect on our health and is very helpful in our yoga positions.

Why should we use this nontoxic and eco-friendly yoga mat:-

Having the right mat is the perfect way to make your practice excellent and enjoyable because these mats provide a good grip, protect your body from injuries, and are very easy to clean. The grip can help you to grab the right muscles. The softness of the mat protects your joints, and having an excellent design can inspire you to do more practice. To make your yoga more relaxing, you can also consider a yoga bra which gives you more comfort.

The yoga mats are the best for those who do yoga to be healthier, so this is an excellent reason to look for a nontoxic and eco-friendly yoga mat. Yoga mats are also used in practicing yoga to get back in the shape of your body, so for this, you should choose a chemical-free yoga mat that is nontoxic.

Because we spend a lot of time doing yoga, face down in yoga, doing breathing exercises, and taking a deep breath in the fresh air, that’s why do we have to choose the best non-toxic and eco-friendly yoga mat that cannot harm you in any way. Some toxic yoga mats have terrible effects on your health, such as headaches and nausea.

1) Gaiam Germs and Odor Free Non toxic Mat

Gaiam Germs and Odor Free Non toxic Mat
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎68 x 24 x 0.2 inches
Item Weight‎1.71 Pounds
Brand Name‎Gaiam
Warranty Description‎Lifetime Warranty

Gaiam cork yoga mat is non-toxic and lightweight, so you can easily carry it. The top Gaiam nontoxic yoga mat top is made of cork(a substitute for Oaktree), and the bottom is caused of lightweight TPE rubber. Gaiam nontoxic PTE rubber backing yoga mats are moisture-resistant and will not absorb any unpleasant smell. It also offers suitable thickness, width, and length for your yoga positions.

Nonslip natural cork eco friendly yoga mat will provide you with superior grip, which you need for your yoga levels. Natural and non-toxic yoga mats are best for all types of yoga especially heated and hot yoga classes. When the temperature rises and the cork loosens, it will become softer and provide an easy grip when you are slightly damp. It will feel very cushioned and comfortable for inversions and knees. It is the best nontoxic yoga mat that stays on track and is perfect for beginners, experts, and trainers.

2) Amazon Basics Extra Tick Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

2) Amazon Basics Extra Tick Eco Friendly Yoga Mat
BrandAmazon Basics
Item Dimensions LxWxH73.2 x 24.3 x 0.5 inches
Item Weight990 Grams

Amazan extra Thick mat provides you additional support, shock absorption, and extraordinary comfort level. This Affordable nontoxic yoga mat is best for your gym and daily Exercise. It has an extra thickness that gives you softness and textured foam construction to provide traction and stability. Moreover, the thickness offers cushion support to the body, which is especially important during restorative poses.

Extra thick nontoxic yoga mats are ideal for Pilates and other floor exercises. It is made from sturdy material, that’s why these are very lightweight and strong. The ½-inch extra thick exercise yoga mat is too good because you can roll up the carpet when you finish your workout, and due to its lightweight, you can easily carry it with you anywhere. Highest rated non-toxic yoga mat does not slip on the floor. Due to this thickness, this mat is incredible and extremely good for overweight individuals trying to fit.

3) Gaiam Non Toxic And Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

3) Gaiam  Non Toxic And Eco Friendly Yoga Mat
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎24.17 x 4.92 x 4.45 inches
Package Weight‎1.59 Kilograms
Brand Name‎Gaiam
Warranty DescriptionLifetime

Gaiam yoga mat is a premium 6mm print extra thick, a nonslip fitness mat for all types of yoga. This extra-thick non toxic mat is very lightweight and durable and provides additional cushioning to your joints, which is necessary during any yoga fitness routine. This mat is made of polyvinyl chloride material, and it fulfills the needs of yogis that is lightweight, strong, highly absorbent and gives excellent traction and grip. Its sticky nonslip surface offers exercise traction for yoga lovers.

This PVC mat is free of the DEHP, DBP, and DNOP phthalates. The Gaiam yoga mats are non toxic, so basically, this mat is a healthier choice for you; for good results, unroll your mat and air out it for 2,3 days before use. Gaiam yoga mat is affordable and has an excellent design and print, which spice up your yoga section. The mat is 5m long and cushions your knees during yoga practice. It also has a tremendous nonslip surface, so you might need more traction and grip if you sweat a lot.

4) Manduka PRO Eco Friendly Yoga mat

4) Manduka PRO Eco Friendly Yoga mat
MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride
Item Dimensions LxWxH71 x 26 x 0.24 inches
Item Thickness6 Millimeters

Manduka yoga mat is one of the best-imported mats, with ultra-supportive quality and solid thickness. It is a perfect mat for severe yogis passionate about their fitness. Manduka premium 6mm thick mat is made of polyvinyl chloride, providing ultra-dense cushioning that creates a firm, comfortable platform that protects your sensitive joints.

The best non-toxic yoga mat health yoga has a high-performance grip texture that allows you to flow between postures without sticking to the mats. The best nontoxic yoga review mat is the world’s top-class favorite because it assists sustainability, support, and serenity. It is meticulously handmade so that sizes may vary moderately.

It is the best non toxic and eco friendly yoga mat for all yoga lovers. Manduka Pro series mats are built to last long, so closed-cell technology material wicks sweat and moisture, which is the best part of this mat. It is straightforward to clean; use yoga mat wash soap to clean your rug.

5) TOPLUS Eco Friendly And Non Toxic Yoga Mat

5) TOPLUS Eco Friendly And Non Toxic Yoga Mat
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎24.1 x 5 x 4.75 inches
Package Weight‎0.89 Kilograms
Brand Name‎TOPLUS
Material‎Thermoplastic Elastomers

The TOPLUS yoga mat is made with premium TPE material that gives you the latest technology to improve over traditional yoga mats. It is an eco-friendly nonslip fitness exercise mat with carrying straps. You can use these straps at the gym or anywhere you want. The classic ¼-inch thick pro yoga mat is lightweight enough to move, offering 6mm thickness, the most comfortable experience for all yoga levels, and protecting your joint from injuries.

Most mats are too thin or too thick, but this mat provides an ordinary level of cushioning and protection for your knees with an extraordinary grip on the floor for balancing. This mat is easy to wipe and roll up and light-weighted, plus it has two-tone colors. You can flip to any side according to your mood both the sides are nonslippery and provide excellent grip.

6) Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat

6) Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎24.1 x 5 x 4.75 inches
Package Weight‎0.89 Kilograms
Brand Name‎Gaiam
Material‎Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Foam

Gaiam essentials thick yoga mat offers a wide range of colors and designs to keep your practice unique. Gaiam 2/5 inch thick fitness mats are ideal for Exercise for all types of yogis. Its extra thickness provides you with great cushions under the knees, which is the best for all fitness mats. Gaiam non toxic yoga mat is a PVC healthier EHP, DBP, BBP, DIDP, and DNOP.

It is also made from NBR foam and 6p free Material. The yoga mat offers significant dimensions, width, length and weight, and thickness. So its durable design is excellent for daily yoga, Pilates, and other fitness routines. Gaiam non-stick mat has cinch straps that help you to carry your mat to the gym. This strap has secure hook-and-loop fasteners, which provide extra sticky support.

7) TOPLUS Non Toxic and Eco friendly yoga mat

7) TOPLUS Non Toxic and Eco friendly yoga mat
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎24.4 x 5 x 5 inches
Package Weight‎0.86 Kilograms
Brand Name‎TOPLUS
Material‎Thermoplastic Elastomers

TOPLUS upgrade yoga mat is with ¼ inch thickness and high resistance TPE material, which offers all yoga enthusiasts safety.TPE material is nonslip, durable, and unique design gives you a double-layer structure with a nonslip texture for yoga, providing optimal grip without sacrificing comfort.

This eco-friendly nonslip yoga mat is 6mm in thickness, offering the most comfortable experience, which protects your joints and knees while doing your yoga positions. The best part of this mat is that it is waterproof and easy to clean. You can use a cloth with soapy water to clean the mat, rinse it with water and dry it with a towel or clothing.

8) Gorilla Mats premium large yoga mat

8) Gorilla Mats premium large yoga mat
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎60.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches
Package Weight‎5.72 Kilograms
Brand Name‎Gorilla Mats
Material‎Ultra Comfortable Grippy Foam

This ultra-thick and ultra-comfortable non toxic mat top layer have a Comfortable ultra cushion to support your knees and joints. Its bottom layer has a nonslip, soft, and unique circle pattern, which is too good. Gorilla nonslip exercise mat has supportive and protective padding. It is more significant than standard-sized yoga mats, so this is the premium size mat that is big enough to perform any pose in your daily workout routine.

Every gorilla mat comes with a 100% microfiber towel and strong straps that are an excellent addition. These mats are made of upgraded nontoxic Material with excellent performance. This eco friendly non toxic yoga mat is perfect for yoga, stretching, light cardio workouts, and barefoot bodyweight exercises. Gorilla Mats are trendy worldwide, and their 100% absorbent, microfiber towel feature keeps your mat awesome.

9) Balance From Go Yoga Mats

9) Balance From Go Yoga Mats
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H24 x 8 x 8 inches
Package Weight2.2 Pounds
Brand NameBalanceFrom

This high-density anti-tear exercise yoga mat measures 71″ long, 24″ wide, ½ thick, gives an optimal thickness, and provides an excellent cushion to your knees, ankles, and joints. It comes with a regular mat and knee pad. Balance from yoga ½ inch extra thick high-density anti-tear exercise yoga mat offers you a great thickness, length, width, and carrying straps.

So its thickness provides a cushion to your spines, hips, knees, and elbows on the hard floor. Its moisture-resistant technology makes the mat easily washed with soap and water. It is an excellent mat for sore knees and suitable for moderate workouts.

10) Restrospec Solana Yoga Mat

9) Balance From Go Yoga Mats
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎25 x 10 x 9.5 inches
Package Weight‎1.88 Kilograms
Brand NameRetrospec

This Retrospect Solana Yoga Mat is 1&1/2″ thick, helps you achieve the elongated poses, and gives you comfort all at once. The non toxic mat is BPA-free, very Easy to clean, and free of phthalate and latex. It alleviates stress on pressure points such as joints and knees. Its design helps prevent injuries and makes you focus on your practice. It is a little less than 1 inch but is very thick, dense, and stable with knee pads. 

The eco friendly yoga mat is made with nylon material, and its straps are too good; you can use these straps while going to the gym or anywhere else you want. This nonslip exercise yoga mat provides extra thickness, which leads to comfort. It is very durable, allows for everyday workout use, and has slip-resistant Material. Solana mat is super easy to clean, so you can wash it with soap and 2 hang it for dry.

Different Types of Materials of yoga mats

Yoga mats have different types of Materials, so here we discuss these types of yoga mats that are available in the market and are non toxic or ecofriendly. Most popular yoga mats are made up of plastic materials such as PVC, PER, or TPE, so we first discuss PVC material yoga mats.

PVC Yoga Mats

It is polyvinyl chloride. The best nontoxic yoga mats are made of carcinogenic chemicals, so it is made out of highly toxic chemicals, so you should stay away from this mat. These are very cheap mats and dangerous for your health and the environment because they are toxic and harmful. It’s a type of plastic that is used in exercise mats.

The PVC yoga mats emit a smell that comes from chemicals used in the Material. So these smells lead to headaches, liver damage, kidneys, and nervous system and cause allergies. These chemicals also interfere with your hormones. The PVC material increases the risk of cancer. PVC can sometimes last for ages, so many people choose this type of mat because it is also effortless to clean.

PER Yoga Mats

These polymer environmental resins emphasize healthy yoga mats and are safer than PVC ones, so they sound eco-friendly. PER comes from PVC plus chemicals, so these are not as harmful as PVC.

TPE Yoga Mats

These are thermoplastic Elastamor yoga mats that are more eco-friendly and expensive than other yoga mats. The thickness of this mat is too good, ranging from 10mm.

So the thickness provides good support and has a good grip, but due to the thickness, they do not roll up quickly and are long-lasting. These are phthalates-free yoga mats because plastic mats risk your health and the environment.

Jute Yoga Mat

Jute is a strong fiber that is considered a sustainable fiber for yoga mats. It is suitable for sweaty class practice and also very grippy. The jute mat is durable and lightweight, so you can place it with you and easily clean it.

Material of Eco-Friendly yoga mats

These materials are non-toxic and great for the environment while giving you the yoga experience you want.

Cotton Yoga mat

These cotton yoga mats are eco-friendly and non toxic yoga mat because this is very easy to clean, durable, and absorb sweat. Organic cotton is excellent Material for yoga mats and yoga clothing.

Cotton has a much lower environmental impact – using less water than regular cotton. Some of these mats have a natural rubber base and come with another grip material, but 100% cotton can work just as well. The best yoga mat materials are cotton, jute, and cork.

Rubber Yoga Mat

These are synthetic rubbers. These are some of the best grippy yoga mats, which are too good for sweaty class practice, durable, and provide cushioning. Rubber is an excellent material for yoga mats. Synthetic rubber has a host of chemicals, but natural rubber is a fantastic alternative to PVC and is sustainable and biodegradable. These mats are also durable and provide great cushioning.

Cork Yoga Mat

Cork is a natural material that comes from the bark of oak trees. Thus mat provides a lot of cushioning, so this is the best option for you; if you have sensitive joints that are also very grippy and easy to clean, they tend to be no smell.

The great thing about cork is that it’s antimicrobial. It means you do not need to worry about odor. A simple wipe down every so often is all that’s required. Cork is harvested from the bark of certain trees.

How to choose a yoga mat:

If you have a regular practice and are looking for a good yoga mat, you should look into it? How long will your mat last? How eco-friendly is your mat? What is the thickness of your mat? For all this you should consider all these points.


Your mat should be anti-skid, and if you sweat a lot, you must choose a mat that will absorb a little bit of sweat. The first thing that comes to our mind is the types of yoga mats, what they come off, and which Material for the mat.

So there are many things that you may keep in your mind before making your final decision while choosing the best yoga mat. Firstly you have to consider the design and style of your mat so that it looks fantastic and will help you motivate your daily workout routine.


It would be best to keep the mat’s thickness in mind, which is the most important because it takes your enjoyment of Exercise to the next level. So your mat will be 5-6 mm thick and made with high-density material.


The grip of the yoga mat also matters a lot so buy a mat that provides a highly-rated grip to your knees and anklets. It would be best to keep the variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and materials in mind.


What are yoga mats non-toxic?

The mats which have no harmful effect are non toxic.

What is the effect of non toxic yoga mats?

Toxic-free and eco-friendly mats provide excellent environmental protection and offer you a high level of relaxation.

Is the smell of natural rubber toxic?

The off-gassed chemicals coming smell of rubber are called VOCs.They are somehow harmless. 

Is TPE toxic?

TPEs have excellent mechanical properties and elasticity and possess strong haptics.TPEs are a safe choice for specifying materials because they have low toxic effects.

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