Is Fingerboarding A Sport? | Popular Micro-Sports Among People Of Different Ages

Is Fingerboarding A Sport? Yes! Fingerboarding is the most popular micro-sports among people of different ages. It demands a high level of talent and offers medals and awards to the winners.

The other types of sports, including Skateboarding, can result in serious injuries, whereas fingerboarding is a completely risk-free game. Every year 25,000 skateboarders need to be hospitalized because of head injuries, sprains, and fractures. There are several cases of death resulting from Skateboarding.

Though Skateboarding is the most thrilling sport, considering the damages that may occur from this, someone should invest in a good fingerboard which can be a good alternative to their passion for Skateboarding. 

Is Fingerboarding A Sport?

finger boarding

Fingerboarding is similar to Skateboarding in the sense it has the same components as a skateboard, and you can use the same tricks as Skateboarding differently. It is a quieter and injury-risk-free micro sport. 

Fingerboarding Sport doesn’t require too much equipment and safety wear. You just need to learn some tricks and techniques to learn this sport. To have more fun with these sports, go through the fingerboard review and choose what fingerboards are suitable for meeting your demand.

We should get introduced to fingerboarding sports by learning its components and sporting tips without further ado.

The Components Of A Fingerboard

You can get all the qualities of a regular skateboard from a fingerboard. A wooden, plastic, or paper deck, interchangeable wheels, trucks, and grip tape all remain included in the package. Here we’ve mentioned the components of a fingerboard with briefed details for your concern. 

Fingerboard Deck

The most important portion of a fingerboard is the fingerboard deck. It can be made of plastic, wood, steel, or other solid material. The decks can be different in shape, but they are typically 3.9”/100 mm in length and 1” to 1.3”/26-34 mm in width.


Trucks are the small metal bars onto which the wheels of the fingerboard remain attached. 


The wheels of fingerboards are generally made of plastic or resin, which includes bearings and can be different in the types of finishes. 

Grip Tape

Grip tape is a layer of tape. It is placed at the top of the deck board to bring more traction. 

Nuts, Screws, And Bushings

In a fingerboard, nuts and screws join its pieces together to ensure a secure connection. On the other hand, bushings are ring-shaped devices that attach to the middle of the truck to make a smooth ride. 

Pick A Good Fingerboard To Experience This Micro Sport


To experience this exciting sport, you should pick up a perfect fingerboard according to your aspects. Here are some facts you may consider while having one.

For The Beginners

A small plastic fingerboard can be the most effective alternative for your game if you are a beginner. You can have a complete setup that may include necessary accessories. These kits are highly recommended for children aged 8 or up. Perhaps, assembling the pieces of fingerboarding may seem tricky for you. Don’t worry; you can have pre-built boards too. 

For Intermediate Level Gamers

You can have a single deck inclusive of trucks and wheels. Otherwise, you can choose Winkler wheels that can provide the smoothest rolling and will be perfect for all trucks. 

For Advance Level Or Pro Gamer

For the advanced-level fingerboard, we recommended purchasing each item separately. As you are a pro gamer, you can choose the best boards, trucks, and wheels for making a perfect set according to your experience.

Learn The Tricks Of Fingerboard Sport

Fingerboarding may seem to be an easy sport, but you need a lot of practice to be the master of this game. There are a lot of tricks and techniques to learn this game. We’ve shared some tricks that may be supportive for you to learn.

Air Tricks

Air tricks can be rewinds, ollies, long flips, or other types. You should learn all these tricks as a basic starter if you are a novice.

Grab Tricks

Grab tricks can vary in plant types like fast, hand, gymnastic, and many more. 

Grinds And Ground Tricks

Grind and grounds are trail walks, stomach slide, carve, spines slide, and so on. 

Hard Tricks For The Pro Or Veterans 

You can go for the harder tricks if you’ve already passed the beginners and intermediate leveled tricks. The tough tricks are the laser flip, Gazelle flip, 360 flip, fakie beta flip, and many more. These tricks and heelflip 720 can do the hardest tricks recommended by several fingerboarders.

Benefits Of Fingerboarding 

Fingerboarding can be a great opportunity to show off your talents through indoor gaming. Let’s know as a sport how this game can benefit us.

● Fingerboarding promotes your creativity and increases your ability to concentrate on work.

● It’s a risk-free game; that’s why it is highly encouraged for children who live in commercial areas where there always remains heavy traffic. 

● Fingerboard games are the best alternative for the children rather than allowing them to watch video games on electronic devices, which can affect their brain and damage their eyesight. 

● Some parents don’t want their children to play with sharp objects, as a fingerboard is a light object with a blunt edge; it’s a good opportunity to offer their children to play with. 

● These sports can increase your fine motor skill and aid your understanding of Skateboarding.

● If you are a real skateboarder, you know how you feel when your Skateboarding gets restricted by being blocked by rain or snow. So, you can try fingerboard at home, and you can get a sporting feeling and true satisfaction of mind.  

● An interesting fact is that you do not need to wear protective equipment while playing this sport, and you won’t have to spare your physical strength.

● You can join in this game at any age; there is no age limit and no field limit, so you can enjoy the feeling of your fingertip flexibility.

● Fingerboarding Sport can create high-quality educational benefits. 

● These can develop your mental health, and you can feel refreshed with this gaming after you come from stressful work.

● An anti-slip pad on surface skateboarding needs to use sandpaper. On fingerboards, anti-slipping pads just need to use rubber material that is more suitable for finger skin.

How Often It’s Better To Fingerboarding 

Though fingerboard has many benefits, we do not recommend intensive fingerboard training. You should play this game just two days per week. It’s the best way to supplement climbing rather than a replacement for actually climbing.

You will rarely get disadvantages from playing fingerboard sports though we suggest you be careful while playing this game. If you are not careful enough, it can flip from your finger and hit your eyes.

Closing Thoughts

Fingerboarding is a type of micro-sport of indoor gaming that allows you to show your talents by executing tricks on a small skateboard. Fingerboarding sports contributed a lot during the pandemic as popular indoor gaming. People of all ages found this micro-sporting great recreation and good exercise for mental health. This is a risk-free game, so you can encourage your youngsters and other skateboard lovers to try this sport. In search of a new exciting hobby, invest in a good fingerboard, make proper use of your money, and have fun.

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