Quality Longboard Bearings For a Smooth And Fast Ride

When you start your longboard riding, you must check that all the board parts are working correctly. So longboard bearings are a significant part of it. The high-quality longboard bearings can completely change your ride. They make your ride smooth and fast; you roll when riding your longboard.

longboard bearings

All longboard bearings are not made; equally, there is a difference between a good set of bearings that will change the way you ride. Nearly all longboard bearings have been upgraded to make all-wheel and bearing brands compatible. Longboard and skateboard bearings are round metal pieces that fit the inner wheels to mount the wheels to the axle.

Every longboard and skateboard wheel is equipped with two bearings. This small metal cylinder stops the bearings from being pressured into the center of the wheels when tight the axle nut and getting damaged. Furthermore, spacers give you the security that your bearings remain parallel. 

Spacers are particularly prudent if you have soft wheels or non-core wheels. Size of the wheel: All longboard bearings are the same size and will fit any longboard wheel sold by the longboard Warehouse. The measurements for bearings are universal: core 8mm, outer diameter 22mm, and width 7mm. The longboard bearings come in sets of eight because each wheel requires two bearings.

What are ABEC ratings?

Bearings are measured mainly by an Annular Bearing Engineers Committee rating. The higher the ABEC rating, the more accurate the bearing, which applies more to machine bearings than a skateboard and longboard bearings. Grades 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 are included in this rating system. ABEC 7 or 9 bearings can reach 20,000-30,000 rpm at their real promise.

For a 54mm, wheels are responsible for a speed of over 200 km/h. These are generally more supported and have been specifically developed to meet longboarding demands. There are new and exciting developments in the dimension of bearings. Now longboard bearings with parts are made of titanium balls made of tempered ceramic, so these particular technologies give you a long lifetime and are more expensive.

The ABEC rating does not define many demanding factors, such as ball precision, material Rockwell hardness, load handling capabilities, materials, degree of ball and polishing, vibration, and lubricant. So ABEC doesn’t correctly measure the spinning speed of skateboard bearings. Therefore many companies like Bones, Bronson, and Zealous do not use the ABEC system.

1 Heady Shake Bearings Fastest Premium Longboard

Heady Shake Bearings Fastest Premium Longboard

The Heady Shake Fastest Premium 608rs Titanium Longboard Bearings are pre-lubricated with a special lubricant to make the fastest, smoothest bearings out. Heady Shake bearings for longboards give you high-spinning speed and long-lasting durability for more efficient support.

You can use these top-quality bearings for various skates and kick scooters. These longboard bearings do not just boast sleek, skater-friendly designs; they come in packs with eight professional-grade bearings, four skateboard spacers, and a waterproof sticker. Further, these longboard bearings are made with superior crafting, reliability, and genuine satisfaction.

When you need Professional Skate Bearings that are lighter and stronger than those made with steel but premium-grade titanium, they will match your boards and gear with stylish flair. These premier longboard bearings are easy to install and clean because of the non-contact, removable rubber shield that reduces friction. So make your ride safe and smooth.

2 Premium Longboard Blue Steel Bearings ABEC 7

Premium Longboard Blue Steel Bearings ABEC 7

The Premium Longboard Blue Steel Bearings ABEC 7 are made of chinos, shirts, and skateboards, all premium quality but low cost than other premium brands. Every Premium Longboard Blue Steel set of bearings comes with eight pre-lubricated skates tested Abec 7-rated bearings.

Inner of every bearing, you will find fast-spinning chrome steel Ball Bearings protected by the removable Blue Steel Shields, making maintenance of your bearings a snap. You will not find smoother, more dependable bearings at this price. You can ride fast and smoothly. These are excellent bearings and affordable. Longboard Blue Steel bearings are much better than any cheaper non-branded bearings.

3 Yellow Jacket Premium Pro Longboard Bearings

Yellow Jacket Premium Pro Longboard Bearings

The Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings and Pro Longboard Bearings are made of steel and available worldwide. Any other bearing can not match the smoothness of its spin. These Pro Longboard Bearings always come with seven different color seals for customization and protection from dirt, rocks, and dust.

Yellow Jacket Stingers are equal to Bones Swiss Bearings and are built for racing and durability at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, many people choose Yellow Jacket Bearings because they are durable, high performing, and, most importantly, the best value. The Balls are designed with premium chrome steel for smooth gliding and optimal performance.

The bearing cage is built with high-speed nylon, which gives it greater strength and less friction. These bearings have been tested up, and not only are they durable, but they glided further distances at higher speeds. Its technology is unmatched, and with the Yellow Jacket engraving, everyone will know the bearings you are rolling.

4 Zealous Bearings for Longboards

Zealous Bearings for Longboards

The Zealous Bearings for Longboards set rolls quietly, with no sound, which is a high plus. You can take long rides to break in the bearings to loosen up the thick layer of nano-ceramic grease inside, and it rides like a dream. These are not very fast, but they roll steadily, which is what matters longevity.

The thick grease is deliberately put in such quantity to extend roll speed, repel water, and help heat performance. Their Integrated spacers and extended washer make swapping wheels a breeze for when you have a wet or dry. You will love these bearings and will buy them again and again. Stay safe and wear a good helmet to protect your head from significant injuries. 

They looked incredibly stiff in cold weather and have the built-in spacer, which does much more than you might think. These have a short break-in period, but after that, everything is butter. If you longboard, buy these and try them out because they will change your life.

5 Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings are almost life-changing. Their ride feels so much smoother, and it feels like the wheels never want to stop rolling. It is a drastic change from other bearings, pushing you every couple of seconds. Bones Reds bearings are the standard and get away with retaining the OEM spacers and washers.

You can take your spin test, and the wheel with the new Bones Red bearings spins at least four times longer than any other bearings. It is truly a worthwhile investment. It is the bestselling skate-bearing brand in the USA. Further has a non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction high-speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed. These bearings also have a set of eight bearings, instructions, and logo stickers.

6 BESIY Bearings for Longboards, Miniature Ball Bearings

BESIY Bearings for Longboards,Miniature Ball Bearings

The BESIY Bearings for Longboards are very fast, smooth, quiet, and nicely pre-lubed.The great value of the BESIY Bearings for Longboards. These longboard bearings are made of Carbon Steel Material. Further, they have double Rubber Sealed for lubrication. It’s excellent, has very smooth rolling, and has a decently long spin time. I’m sure some higher-end bearings would spin more prolonged, but for 4.99$, these are excellent; they are smooth and have a long spin duration.

7 TRIXES Frictionless ABEC 9 Roller Bearings for Longboards 

TRIXES Frictionless ABEC 9 Roller Bearings for Longboards 

The TRIXES 16 x 608 RS Skateboard Bearings and Frictionless ABEC 9 Roller Bearings for Skate Boards Scooters Longboards have a higher rating the better and more efficient. The bearings are ideal for Skateboards, longboards, and roller skates, compatible with any size wheel. Every ball bearing has two low friction blue single lip rubber seals that enhance durability.

Further, these bearings are waterproof, dust and dirt proof, and your wheels will keep rolling. So enjoy your skate game with these premium bearings. These longboard bearings keep your board moving and reaching high speeds. They also work to prevent damage to the outer wheel metal when it’s rolling around the hinge, giving you a smooth ride with a reduction of noise and friction.

These are also RS-type bearings which means they contain dual rubber seals instead of the metal-type seals used in ZZ-type bearings. RS bearings are better sealed, keeping moisture and dirt away, and more prolonged, with slightly higher rolling resistance. The reality is that these appear to be high-quality, precision bearings precisely because when new, they do not spin too freely but do spin smoothly and without wobble.

8 Fireball Dragon Bearings for Longboards Endure, Ceramic

Fireball Dragon Bearings for Longboards Endure,

The Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings for Longboards is a Set of 8 x 608 bearings made with high-grade steel. Nylon ball bearing cage for reduced friction, a fluid roll, and 2 Rubber Labyrinth seals for improved longevity. It also gives you ultra-smooth and long-lasting performance.

Unlike any other bearing brand, dragons come standard with two Labyrinth shields to keep out dirt and debris and offer maximum lubricant retention for bearings designed. These bearings have multiple uses, such as skateboards, longboards, inline skates, rollerblades, electric skateboards, fidget spinners, and more.

Furthermore, they offer a Lifetime Warranty on all bearings. These are the best bearings I have bought for that scenario, and I rode them in the rain for about 2 hours on very wet pavement. These are perfectly lubed and rust-free. They roll about as well as any other good bearing.

Different kinds of Bearings

There are different types of bearings for different styles of a longboard.

Best Bearings for Commuting and Cruising: For completing the task of longboard cruising and commuting, you need bearings that offer you excellent roll speed, durability, stability, and bearings that stay clean. It would help if you used the bearing with a double shield to keep away the dirt from the bearing.

The Best Bearings for Speed: You need good speed, whether cruising, slalom skateboarding, or downhill longboarding. So it would help to buy a bearing that gives you high speed in your downhill longboarding and slalom skateboarding.

Considerable things before Buying the Best Longboard Bearings

When looking for the perfect longboard bearing, you should consider a few features before buying your bearing. Bearings are made with balls, inner and outer races, retainer cages, and shields.

Ball Material

Before you purchase the right longboard or skateboard bearing, the bearings’ balls are essential when choosing the best longboard bearing. It would be best to have a good quality bearing that ensures you have great speed, spin, and precision when longboarding.

These balls usually come in Steel or Ceramic. Both materials have pros and cons, so choose what works for you, whether cruising or riding through tons of mud and dirt.


If you are a downhill racer searching for a bearing that will outlast your board. For you, ceramic ball bearings are the best choice. Heat does not affect these bearings so you can use them safely during downhill racing. The only con is ceramic bearings are a bit more expensive than steel.


Steel balls are best for you if you are a beginner or have a low budget. Steel bearings heat up during your ride and are also resistant to cracking.


Spacers and washers offer clearance on the longboard axle and truck. They are essential to installing a bearing as they stop bearings from relying on wheel hubs for placement. Washers and spacers will better your spin, keep your bearings tight, and prevent crooking the bearings.


Longboard and Skateboard bearings have a standard 608 Bearing Size. These bearings measure 22mm x 7mm and 8mm. This bearing size is the most common and well fit on your longboard axles.


Bearings usually come pre-lubricated to spin faster, so you do not need to lubricate brand-new bearings before installation. There are many different lubricant options to ensure your bearings roll smoothly. As you know, bearings use a thin lubricant. So pick that one lubricant that will not cause too much friction, thus slowing down your wheel.

Bearing Shields

A bearing shield is another critical factor; the rubber or metal wall of a bearing prevents trash and dirt from getting inside. So this is an excellent technique to use bearings with a double shield that ensures the entire bearing is protected from the elements. Another thing to be aware of is that bearings with rubber shields can be difficult to clean thoroughly.

How Can You Install Bearings?

Installing bearings, spacers and washers look confusing, but it is pretty simple. Each wheel requires two bearings, so take a pack of 8. The spacers and washers are the small pieces that fit in the bearings’ axle, providing the clearance needed for a fast spinning bearing. Otherwise, the bearings depend on the wheel hubs for positioning, and the axle nut cannot be fully tightened, which leads to disordered bearings.


What is the material for longboard bearings?

 The longboard bearing comes in steel and ceramic. Ceramic Bearings are high-speed, quiet, and smooth. They are perfect for street tricks because you will need to push much.

Do bearings important for longboard?

Yes, they are bearing matters a lot. Higher ABEC Rated bearings usually use better lubes and quality of materials. Higher ABECs often means a better bearing because of better lubes, materials, etc.

How can you pick a longboard bearing?

Longboard bearings with a high ABEC rating offer the most speed. The higher the ABEC rating for bearings, the smoother and more durable it is.

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