14 Electric Skateboard Longboard For Urban Commuting

You are going to college or a small distance from the workplace but do not want to use transport. Then the best electric skateboard longboard is the best option for you. So the electric longboard can be a fantastic way to navigate a college campus and a faster way of urban commuting.

The electric skateboard longboard has since become a popular activity that can be a sport, a challenge, and a source of transportation. So there is a great way to traverse a college campus and enjoy a day in the picnic spot or park. It makes you smoother than any skateboard deck and offers you more stability.


These electric skateboard longboards allow the riders to control their speed by hand from a remote. Further in this article, we will disclose some of the best electronic skateboard longboards in front of you to choose the best one.

What Is the Best Electric Skateboard Longboard?

An electric longboard is a longboard that uses electric power for a movement that is controlled by the remote in hand. Modern technology has changed and developed everything in our life, also our sporting and outdoor pursuits. Same time, many of us have opted to make eco-friendly, cost-effective longboards as an alternative to our everyday commute to and from class or work. Further, meet many experiences and explore the land around us, but how people use these boards in a new way.

These longboards use lithium-ion batteries to push or prompt it manually. The longboard typically consists of a wood body or deck on which a person can stand. The longboard’s deck is connected to trucks at the front and back, which hold the four wheels.

In electric longboards, riders use a wireless remote to control their top electric longboards’ speed and sometimes the direction without touching their skate shoe to the ground. Hence, they can commute without breaking a sweat.

Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard,Longboard

Teamgee H5 37" Electric Skateboard,Longboard with Wireless Remote Control
Motor 760W Dual motor
Range 11Miles
Deck WXL 8.46X37.99 Inches
Max load 220Ibs
Wheel material Polyurethane
Speed Pol22MPH

The Teamgee electric longboard has a 760W dual motor that quickly gives you a speed of 22MPH after startup. So you can enjoy a speedy experience. Further, you can handle gentle slope hills well and climb hills steadily. The PU wheel distributes gravity to increase the rider’s stability and provides excellent grip performance.

Also, offer you security at changing complex actions. The Teamgee electric skateboard comes with a ten-layer Canadian maple wood deck that carries people s weight up to 220 pounds for a smooth, comfortable ride. So the board is plenty of fun every day. Hence, buy it now and start the joyful journey of an electric longboard. The wireless remote control provides you with four-speed mods with easy button operation.


  • Beautiful board with 100% Satisfaction
  • Great stability
  • Dual motor
  • Give top speed


  • Nothing

WeSkate Electric Longboard Wireless for Adults and Youths

 WeSkate Electric Longboard Wireless Remote Control Complete Skateboard for Adults and Youths
Material8 layer Maple
Wheel size90mm
Top speed20Km/h
Wheel materialPolyurethane
Max load capacity220pounds

The Weskate long electric board gives you a top speed of up to 20km/h, and a 350 Watt motor also powers it. So lithium-ion-powered electric panels provide you with action at speeds up to 12-15 MPH. Another 24V 400mAh built-in lithium battery is fully charged for 3 hours. The wireless remote gives you 3-level speed settings for different skill levels, so the longboard electric is ideal for the beginner.

More 90mm PU wheels offer you smooth riding and also provide you with a firm grip. Besides, the flat surface deck gives you non-slip driving and an all-in-one skate -T-Tool. It also has a portable, solid, durable, high-density eight-ply maple deck with a handle design. So very easy to carry. Hence, the reliable and sturdy board is suitable for adults and kids. Also, protect your ride at night safe and light up the road anywhere.


  • Worth the money
  • Great board with a great price
  • Best for adults and kids


  • Speed issues

Vivi Electric Skateboards, with Remote Control for Adults

Vivi Electric Skateboards, Gift Package, Electric Longboard with Remote Control for Adults
Motor power350/700W
Material Maple
Wheel size32inches
Load capacity220pounds

The Vivi electric boarding uses high-density non-slip material, which is highly recommended for teens. Further, it comes with a 700W dual brushless hub motor, so the skateboard can accelerate to 12.4MPH and drive smoothly. You can ride a fantastic longboard at low speed.

You can also use it as a regular board when the power is off. It has a 29.4V 4000mAh lithium battery, easily charged within 3 hours. So it is ideal for short commutes and campus cruises. Further, its deck with eight-layer rock hard maple offers hard rock maple, which gives you flexibility, stability, and durability. Hence, the maple longboard can withstand all kinds of stamping collisions without deformation. So it offers lots of fun to every adult.


  • Lots of fun
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth ride


  • Nothing

Youth Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control

Motor power250W
Deck length90cm
Material Maple
Wheel material Polyurethane
Load capacity220pounds

The longboard is robust, consists of 7 layers of Canadian maple, and can carry 220 pounds. Further, it has a waterproof design and remote with the great function of 3-mode speed for different needs. So pick your longboard and start your journey right now. Because the wireless remote is easily and fastly paired with the board.

Start your riding and fly down the streets with confidence and style. Further, the 250 Watt motor offers you up to 12 mph. It also gives you the range of 6-8 miles at once fully charged. The 24V,220Ah lithium-ion battery is set within 2 hours. Besides, the durable,shock-absorbing 2.9 inches wheels give you unbelievably smooth riding. Also, offer you good stability and balance for safe riding.


  • Fast and long range
  • Nice quiet ride
  • High quality


  • Less battery timing

Hiboy S22 Electric Dual Brushless Motor Longboard

Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboards Dual Brushless Motor Longboard
Deck WXL10.6X34.6 inches
Material Wood
Range 12.5 miles
Wheel size9 centimeter
Load capacity220 lbs

Both Hiboy longboard and skateboard are designed with care of every detail so you can get high-end quality and fantastic riding. Also, offer 4modes for each riding and braking, especially for electric skateboards. Further 12.5 miles rang battery and 24mph for top speed, so ride with a smooth, fast pace. You can carry your longboard with you in your longboard backpack.

So the skateboard delivers you smooth, safe riding. The remote gives you control at your speed with comfort. The U-shape design, strong trucks, durable PU material, and replacement for all four wheels make your electric longboard comfortable and sturdy.


  • Brushless dual hub motor
  • Good battery performance
  • Amazing electric skateboard
  • Perfect for college campus


  • Nothing

Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Longboards

Motor power18mph 350W
Range 6-10 miles
Material Bamboo, Maple
Deck length 38 inches
Load capacity250pounds
Range6-10 Miles

The skateboard longboard gives you a 6-10 miles speed range, and the 144wh lithium-ion battery is packed and fully charged in 3 hours. It also comes with a wireless remote, easy to hold, and two-speed modes for beginners and advanced riders.

Further, the remote control is also rechargeable. The electric skateboard deck is made of the electronic skateboard is made of maple wood and bamboo.7ply maple wood deck sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo for the flexibility and sturdiness of the board. More the tape fitted grip firmly to the rider’s feet to keep them in place on the electric longboard board.


  • Great board with a great price
  • Fast quiet riding with long battery life
  • High quality


  • Some balancing issues

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboards Longboards

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboards Longboards
Motor power18mph 350W
Wheel material Polyurethane
Wheel size 70mm
Material Maple
Deck length 32 inches
Load Capacity220pounds

The electric skate longboard has dual hub motors, giving you reliable performance. The lithium battery has a stamina of 5200mah and a maximum of 14 miles, so come out and start riding. Further, the brand has seven layers of maple deck for flexibility and sturdiness. The wireless remote has a display screen.

So you can check your speed, power consumption, and mileage to remind you of the use of power. It also has a cruise control function which will be the best choice for you to cruise. Besides, for more, it gives you a six-month warranty for maintenance.


  • Dual motors
  • 32inches
  • Very nice for fun and commute


  • Not best for adults

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II Electric Longboard

 SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II Electric Longboard
Motor power900W dual
Speed 30MPH
Wheel size 100cm
MaterialBamboo, Maple
Range 15Miles
Load Capacity264pounds

The Breeze II electric skateboard comes with 4-speed modes. The 600mA Samsung lithium battery gives you to travel up to 15 miles in a medium manner with a full charge. Further, its 900W dual motor is strong enough to climb a steep hill. You can also charge your board during the trip.

Besides, the deck is made of bamboo and two layers of glass fiber, making it three times more expensive than the Canadian maple deck. The shape of the deck is made it comfier and more stable. Further, the combination of bamboo and fiberglass gives you more balance between flexibility and strength. You can use sett directly on the remote control during your ride. You can press the LED button on the remote during cruising. So your long-distance trip is much easy with this function.


  • Comfortable
  • Very fast beautiful
  • Highest acceleration speed level
  • Awesome board


  • Nothing

WeSkate 35″ Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller

WeSkate 35" Electric Skateboard Longboard With Remote Controller
Wheel material Polyurethane
Wheel size 52mm
Material Maple
Deck length 89cm
Load capacity220pounds

The Weskate electric board is perfect for short commuting, cruising campus, and quick errands. It is a 40000mAh built-in lithium battery which 3 hours of charging time and a wireless controller. This controller gives you different speed settings for different skill levels and has 3 LED battery indicators.

This board is ideal for beginners and a safe electric board for kids and teenagers. Besides, the board’s deck is made with high-quality eight-layer maple, making it flexible and durable for daily use. You can use your board as kicked and take a regular board without electricity. It also has a 52mm PU wheel that gives you a smooth riding experience and a firm grip.


  • Waterproof batter
  • portable carry handle
  • powerful motor
  • Wireless remote control


  • Little battery timing

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller
Wheel material Polyurethane
Wheel size 90mm
Load capacity264.6pounds
Range22-25 Miles

The cruise control function has been added to the 3rd Tornado, and it also comes with the new version screen display remote. So you can always keep updated on your board’s speed, battery power, range, and break mode. Its dual hub motor gives you more power with strength. These PU wheels of your board are changeable and provide safe riding. Further, the longboard is made with eight layers of northeast maple, and it is more comprehensive for smooth and stable skateboarding.


  • Excellent electric skateboard with great value
  • Great beginner E-skateboard


  • Expensive

Electric Skateboard longboards with Remote

Electric Skateboard longboards with Remote Control Electric Skateboard
Motor power450W hub
Range 7.6miles
Load Capacity200pounds

The Jking electric longboard comes with a built-in battery and intelligent LED lamp. It provides safe and stylish riding in the dark after school or work. Further 36V 2500mAh lithium battery allows you to run your board at a fast speed. This E-longboard has a range of 6.8-7.6 miles, so after fully charging, you can enjoy nature and appreciate mountain views on a downhill ride. The lightweight board offers three-speed modes, and the deck length is built from waterproof material, giving you a smooth ride. So it is an excellent choice for commuting or street wandering.


  • High-quality wheels
  • Stability
  • Easy to use
  • A great choice for bignnersculation


  • Nothing

Tooluck 27.5″ Electric Longboards Skateboards for Adult Youth

Tooluck 27.5 inches Electric Longboards Electronic Skateboards for Adult Youth
Motor12mph 350W
Material7layer Maple
Deck length 70cm
Load capacity220.5pounds
WarrantyOne Year

The Tooluck longboard comes with a 29.4V 2000mAh lithium battery charged in only two hours and gives you the 6-8 miles perfect commute and fun. Its 350W brushless motor is powerful and makes very little noise in working conditions.

It has overheated protection and overload protection to protect safety. The electric skate longboard comes with a 2.4Ghz wireless remote control with LED remaining battery indicators and takes 2 hours of charging. This electric longboard is made with seven layers of high-quality maple wood, which gives you durability. The electric board has the additional feature of 2 frog eye lights, which can provide you with better sight. It is also equipped with high-quality tires. So it gives you a good riding experience.


  • High-quality tires
  • Driving lamp
  • Lightweight body
  • Fast and easy to make fun


  • Nothing

Electronic Longboard for Adult with Wireless Remote Control

Deck Lenght70 centimeter
Power Motor350W
ColorOnly Black
Material Maple
Age RangeUp to 8 Years

It is equipped with a safe 29.4V 2200mah Samsung lithium battery pack, fully charged in 2 hours. The electric longboard with a sliding remote control makes you confident and stylish. These longboards are made of 7 layer maple deck, which gives excellent flexibility and smooth riding on uneven streets. The durable and stable board is very suitable for cruising. It gives you 176 Ibs load capacity. Further shock-absorbing 2.7 inches wheels provide you with unbelievably smooth riding. It can keep sufficient stability and balance to give you the surety of safety and good riding.


  • Great gift
  • Best for kids and adults
  • Long battery life
  • Worth of money


  • Nothing

OppsDecor Electric Skateboards Youth Electric Longboards 

OppsDecor Electric SkateboardsYouth Electric Longboards 
Wheel material Polyurethane
Material Maple
Deck length 70cm
Load Capacity132pounds
Motor Power350W

The OppsDecor E-longboard has a lithium-ion powered single 350W motor that can fully be charged within 2 hours. It has a 27.5-inch deck length, and high-quality maple delivers a lightweight, which gives you perfect cruising. These boards are lightweight enough to carry in your best skateboard backpack at any far-off picnic point. The board also has a wireless remote controller with four led indicators. 

They keep you informed about battery level, control speed, and braking. Add durable,shock-absorbing wheels that give you too much smooth riding. Even at high speed, provide stability and balance to ensure safe and sound riding.


  • Apply maple longboard
  • Anti-slip for safety
  • Smooth cruising
  • Great value


  • Only for under 132 pounds

How does an electric longboard Skateboard work?

An electric longboard gives you the option of a lot of fun to ride, but it is essential to remember that machines are intended to be used for personal transportation. Like any organization built, a device in the electric longboard is a few parts that make it simply an electric longboard.


Any regular longboard deck can work well in an electric longboard. It is usually said that a lightweight is performed well. So the use of bamboo & fiberglass combinations is especially working great. Further drop-through truck mounting offers excellent stability and a lower center of gravity.


Another part that makes electric longboards so unique. Modern systems are fully charged in 2 hours, offer you 8+ hours of standby time, and provide an average of 10-15 miles of riding. Weight can not impact ride time motors are designed to fast at the speed you set without resistance. Lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from charge memory problems likewise older batteries, but they also lose their potency over time. So be careful about warranty and charging time.

Drive System

For the drive system of the e-longboard, electric motors are used. Modern motors are more efficient, need zero maintenance, and will be valued by WattageWattage. Some e-longboard uses a single motor or some dual motor design. A connection between motor strength and power utilization sweeps intensely with changes in rider weight. So make sure that you have power according to your need. Drive systems will come in two kinds: belt and hub.


The Belt drive systems are the standard means of transforming power from an electric motor to the wheels of an electric longboard. These types of plans are required more ground clearance. These systems stay more relaxed due to the lack of enclosure of the motor, but they are making noise compared to hub drive designs.


The Hub drive systems are much more cautious and give you the overlook of regular skate wheels. In these systems, the hub motor is situated inside the wheel. This more solid design is also basically silent because there are no moving parts between the engine and the wheel to vibrate.

New and high-quality electric longboards will almost always assimilate hub drive motors, so they transmit power more efficiently to the wheels. Due to enclose motor design’s limited options for heat transference, some manufacturers’ decided to cut holes in the motor enclosure to let air in and heat out.

Electronic Speed Controller

You can say that the electronic speed controller is the brain of the electric longboard that keeps working. The ESC takes the input from your remote control and translates it into an electrical signal that controls the drive motors’ speed. ESCs are essential as far as computers go; the vital things are moisture resistance and protection from the elements, so select those models that come with extra steps to insulate their ESC from water.

Wheels & Trucks

The wheels of electric longboards are usually a bit different from traditional skateboards or longboards. Because these have hub motors, with what is a wheel wrapping. Beyond the hub motors, it is also essential to understand the dynamics of wheel size.

Its diameter of wheels will accelerate more fastly but reduce top speed. Similarly, larger wheels will increase overall top speed but reduce acceleration efficiency. These longboard trucks are made from metal and serve as the central point between your body weight and the wheels. Skateboard trucks are machines with different pieces, such as the baseplate, hanger, bushings, axle, and kingpin. 

Remote Control

Now approximately every electric longboard is available with some remote control. First, it should be wireless and offer a minimum of decel, brake, and battery life indication. Mainly will also provide unique features to their model such as cruise control, LED light control,pre-programmed speed settings, etc.

An important point to keep in mind before buying an electric longboard


The electronic longboard motor runs on a battery – and that battery must be charged. So, when buying an electric longboard, you have to consider how far your new board can take you before you have to plug in the charger. An electric longboard unit of 800 W ranges between 9 and 12 miles.

An electric team of 600 W will provide you with a 6-8 miles ride before it needs a charge. But the best electric longboard will be able to go the extra mile. So consider your traveling requirements and how many commutes you have to do with a single charge.


When you are using a longboard, just like a traditional skateboard, when you select your longboard electric, there are a few things to consider to make an enjoyable experience on your certain longboard. The first things are the wheels, trucks, and bearings. When it comes to trucks and bearings, they must be built-in of high quality. So You can experience a safe and comfy ride.

Motor specs

It would be best if you came to the high-quality motor to get the best experience. You must look for a high-performing board with powerful hub motors. You can consider the WattageWattage of the power, but it is not a sure sign of how fast the longboard can go. Other components play an essential role in how quickly you can ride. If you only focus on the WattageWattage, you might be disappointed. The number of motors. Some electric longboards come with a single engine, but some have a dual motor. So the second motor means dual power and top speed.

Remote control

Another very notable feature is how to use the controller. The remote control is used to adjustment of the motor. The controller is easy to use; you can control your electric longboard with your finger. Some wireless remote controllers are the same as that of a gun trigger; you can operate them with the index finger. It’s all about your wishes and what you might like better. But always remember not to compromise on quality.


If you want the warranty to fix your longboard if it malfunctions. It is imperative if you’re going to use your electric board for a commute to work. Look for an e-longboard that comes with a lengthy warranty. You also can consider the fine print to see what damages are covered with the contract if you opt for the DIY option for a longboard, all the same. Since you did the work yourself, you already know how the whole thing works by now, so with a bit of tinkering, you’ll fix any problem you experience with your ride.


What’s the difference in deck length between an electric skateboard and an electric longboard?

Longboards are just a longer shape of a skateboard. So Skateboards commonly have a length between 28 and 34 inches and a width of 7-10 inches, whereas e-longboards have 35 to 60 inches and 9-10 inches. But remember that they are longer and broader; they are easier to use than a skateboard. So if you are buying your first longboard, then make sure to choose a longer one because it will be helpful to keep a balance.

Which is the fastest electric longboard?

The longboard gives you a top speed of a little over 30 miles. Also helpful in your balancing.

How prolong electric longboards’ battery life?

If you take excellent care of your longboard and the battery, it will give you the time of three years’ use before it reaches the end of its lifespan. But remember that the top speed for the ride will affect the battery.

Are electric longboards worth it?

You can get to where you need to be quickly and affordably electric longboard. At the same time, regular longboards will make you sweaty for your work or college, whereas an electric skateboard will give you a relaxing ride without using too much effort.

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