Clear Longboard Or Transparent Skateboard Best For Smooth Riding

Nowadays, surfing is the most thrilling activity for the young generation. You can see many people riding on their Clear longboard or Transparent Skateboard on the street. Therefore, versatility is coming day by day on these boards. Skateboarding is one of the most famous street sports worldwide, and thousands of young people love it. So picking out a high-quality, still, edgy-looking board is a bit difficult task.

Clear Longboard Or Transparent Skateboard Best For Smooth Riding

The Clear Longboard or transparent skateboard is the best option for you. Transparent longboards are known for building high-quality acrylic longboard decks that are best for very smooth riding and accessible to riders of all ages and skill levels.

These boards are specifically designed for people of all ages, allowing young and older adults to ride together and enjoy their time. Besides transparent material that breaks the traditional wood deck model, these clear ghost longboards give you complete customization. So You can choose a custom board shape, design, lights, and wheels. But remember, riding in a skateboard helmet will be safe, with no crashes, falling off, or getting hurt.

What is a clear Longboard or a transparent Skateboard?

Clear Longboards or transparent skateboard was introduced a few years ago. The longboards are made in an 8,000 sqft warehouse in Pleasant Grove, Utah, with machines cranking out 2,000 – 3,000 boards monthly. These boards are shipped worldwide, with resellers in many countries.


You have probably seen the clear board with custom style, and they have unique beautiful and unique patterns. These clear skateboards are initially designed for all ages. Further, Like any other board, they come with standard designs for the body and the wheels.

A transparent skateboard has a unique design; they are usually decorated with gothic details like skeletons, skulls, roses, skeleton hands, etc., carved on crystal clear Acrylic. The light-up wheels make the clear longboard more amazing, making your ride more fun at night and shining. Besides, the light-up wheel is the best option for safety while riding at night.


The Longboard was designed for family sports, especially for children. So they have to be flexible and steady. The black line products, made of recycled milk jugs, are very eco-friendly. And the transparent products come in crystal-explicit acrylic materials or plexiglass. They are non-slipping, so you do not need a grip. All these materials were verified to be safe for children.


The bushings used are barrel bushings, the most stable kind. They do not have much room for improvement. Overall, they come with solid bushings.


When we talk about the trucks, they have their clear longboard reverse trucks. A transparent skateboard allows you to turn them according to your needs without feeling unstable. They have the best quality, but you can’t expect much for a basic cruiser.


Usually, they have bearings ABEC 7s, which are standard among longboards. They are double-capped, which offers you more durability. You can take more kinds of transparent skateboard bearings.


They have primarily led wheels. But also offers you three kinds of shark: light-up wheels and standard colored ones. Usually, people pickled wheels basically because it makes the footage. But for cruising, the shark wheels or regular ones are best. If you are using it on smooth pavement, then the regular wheels will work well. But ride on rougher pavement. Shark wheels are the best option.

Why Should You Select a Clear Longboard Or Transparent Skateboard?

A ghost Longboard or transparent skateboard is a fantastic board with various selections. So you can easily select your favorite boards which fit your body type and sizes. These boards provide high-quality, unique materials and designs, giving you a smooth and safe ride. So you can enjoy your ride and don’t have to worry about a thing.

For whom are transparent boards better?

A lot of people use these longboards as fashion pieces. These boards are solid if you want a fancy look in your ride. Those people are also getting these boards; they want them as art pieces to hang in their offices or bedrooms. Their essential feature is that they can customize the design to your Choice.

40″ Ghost Platypus Clear Longboard

40" Ghost Platypus Clear Longboard
BrandGhost Long Board
Deck Width 8.5 Inches
Material Acrylic
Deck Length 40 Inches
Wheel Size 70 Millimeters
Load Capacity 230 Pounds

They meet the best rating performance with smooth riding and clear acrylic decks. Further, they are durable, offer you super fun in the ride, great flex, and killer designs. The clear Longboard comes with a 3/4″ thick x 40″ long x 8.5″ wide Deck. It is made of 3/4″ acrylic material, Skeleton Fingers Design. Wheels come in Clear White Light UP LED 70mm Made in Pleasant Grove, Utah, from high-quality clear acrylic High, performing board with an exceptionally smooth ride. Custom Longboard with Trucks Red 180mm/50 degrees, strong and made in the USA.

40″ Ghost Wheel Cut Clear Longboard

40 inch Ghost Wheel Cut Clear Longboard
Brand Ghost Long Board
Load Capacity 230 Pounds
Deck Width8.5 Inches
Deck Length 40 Inches
Wheel Size70 Millimeters
Item Weight I12 Pounds
Material Acrylic

The transparent skateboard performance with smooth riding comes with clear acrylic decks. These are great flex and have unique designs. It offers you a Durable, High performing board with an exceptionally excellent fun ride. Its deck is 75″ acrylic for riders up to 230lbs.

Clear Longboard with Skeleton Hand Rose Design

Clear Longboard with Skeleton Hand Rose Design
Brand Ghost Long Board
Deck Width 8 Inches
Deck Length 40 Inches
Wheel Size 70 Millimeters
Material Acrylic
Load Capacity 230 Pounds

The craftsmanship for the board seems to match what makes the board look awesome the wheels. It gives you rides smoothly, and you love that the wheels light up. Clear Longboard with Skeleton Hand Rose Design has clear acrylic decks. The transparent Longboard is durable, super fun to ride, and has excellent flex and killer designs. Grim Reaper Trucks with Silver 180mm/50-degree Wheels give Clear Red Light Up LED, Made in Pleasant Grove. It comes in high-quality clear acrylic High-performing board with an exceptionally smooth ride.

22 Inch Beginners Flash Transparent Skateboard

Skateboard 22 Inch Beginners Flash Transparent Skateboard
Deck Width 15 Centimeters
Material PolypropyleneAluminum
Deck Length 56 Centimeters
Wheel Material Polyurethan

Flash Transparent Skateboard is the perfect light run bearings, offering you the best enjoyment in your skating. It has the high stability of an all-rounder board that gives you maximum dynamics and speed. You can easily make your skateboard stand out from the crowd with the flashlight colors; the Luminous color attracts other people’s attention. Clear Skateboards are the best mode of transportation for you; It gives you great enjoyment, perfect for practicing skateboard tricks. It is your Perfect Choice for street skating and skatepark. This well-built skateboard with four wheels offers you safety and is suitable for riding. It is unisex, so it can give as a gift to people who like skateboards.

Ghost Long Board

Ghost Long Board
Brand Ghost Long Board
Color Light up Blue Wheels
Wheel Size 70 Millimeters
Package Dimensions ‏ 48 x 12 x 5 inches
Wiegh15 Pounds

Ghost longboard with wheel wells cut out and platypus style, drop through trucks, the board fits in lockers. They also come with a backpack 10″ trucks ABEC 7 bearings, Light up Wheels 70mm. This awesome ghost longboard has great quality, and the light-up wheels are super cool. 

HUAXIAO 22-Inch Skateboard

HUAXIAO 22 Inch Skateboard
Deck Width 15 Centimeters
Material Polypropylene
Deck Length 56 Centimeters
Color Clear
Wheel Material Polyurethane

HUAXIAO 22 Inch Skateboard with Light Up Wheels for Beginners, Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids, Perfect light run bearings, the best enjoyment for your kids. Your skateboard stands out from the crowd with the unique led lights; the Luminous color attracts others’ attention. Best Choice for every user, these are the perfect mode of transportation No matter whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, it will offer you a safe and smooth ride. This transparent skateboard with four wheels is safe and suitable for riding. You can also give them as a gift to people who like skateboards for the joy and fun of skateboarding.

Ghost Riptide Longboard

Ghost Riptide Longboard
Brand Ghost Long Board
Material Acrylic, plexiglass
Deck Length 48 Inches
ColorColor Clear
Deck Width 7.5 Inches
Durometer Hardness 70mm 78 hardness

The transparent ghost longboard is made of Acrylic that isn’t slippery. The grooves on the board also give you extra grip. No need for grip tape, Even in the rain. You can also put an electric motor on them. Ghost Long Board comes from strong plexiglass and has Sunset Light Up Blue Wheels. It has Black Trucks which can carry 220 lbs weight.


Is clear board worth it?

It is a basic cruiser longboard, and many people use it as a fashion piece. If you want anything fancy, these boards are best for you.

Does Ghost Longboard Have Grip?

Ghost longboards do not have traditional grip tape, but they don’t need it since they’re for basic cruising. They offer you enough grip without grip tape.

Are clear Longboards a Good option for Beginners?

Somehow they are not bad for beginners, especially when you do basic cruising up and down your street. Keep in mind that these are heavier than other longboards.

Is transparent Longboard Good For Tricks?

No, a transparent Longboard is not Good For Tricks; it is only a little help dancing on them.

What are clear boards made of?

Clear Long Boards are made of customized plexiglass.

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