Skateboard vs Longboard vs Penny board And Skaters Love To Debate

When we want fun in skating, then many types of boards come to our mind. So in this article, we will give you the comparison of Skateboard vs Longboard vs Penny board And Skaters Love To Debate It. So you can choose the best one for you according to your needs. We also differentiate size, wheels, trucks, and many other points on which many skaters love to debate.

Skateboard vs Longboard vs Penny board And Skaters Love To Debate It.

Skateboard vs Longboard vs Penny board

What is Longboard?

A longboard is a type of skateboard. Its length is more than a conventional skateboard and comes in a wide variety of shapes. It favors being faster because of construction materials, wheel size, and more specific hardware. Longboards are usually used for traveling, cruising and downhill racing, and longboarding. Longboard dancing and freestyle longboarding are also becoming more popular styles that rider uses. You can cherry it in your longboard backpack.

What is a skateboard?

A skateboard is a kind of sports equipment used for skateboarding. They are commonly made of a specially designed 7-8-ply maple plywood deck with a polyurethane coating for smoothness and durability. It was a bit tricky to choose a skateboard for beginners and it needed some expert opinion.

What is a Penny Board?

The Penny board is a type of plastic skateboard, which is known as a short cruiser. The penny boards are made of many different parts, which are made separately. Penny Skateboards is an Australian-based company founded in 2010 by Ben Mackay. The Penny is a registered trademark for skateboards.

So many companies offer plastic skateboards, and almost any plastic skateboard is referred to as a Penny Board. The Penny Skateboards pair a plastic deck with cruiser wheels and trucks. This amalgamation now develops a “Penny board” in generic terms.

The Penny boards are made of plastic, so they have a lighter weight but are also vital. These are available either as complete, fully assembled skateboards or in separate parts. They come in a variety of colors and designs. You can buy them in four different deck sizes, 55.9 cm, 68.6 cm, Nickel,81.3 cm cruiser, and 91.4 cm longboard.

Origins of Skateboards and Longboards

When we want to deeply understand the difference between a longboard and a skateboard, look into their history. Surfers of the early 1950s loved the sensation of catching waves too much, so they do the same experience on land during flat days.

After catching up on a wooden plank, they cut a board out of it, and stuck some wheels underneath, so the skateboard was born. When skateboarders realized these boards were too vast and flat to nail tricks on, they cut them and made their small sizes. You can perform many easy skateboard tricks with these boards.

But in the 1990s, surfers realized the board was too small to cruise on and did not best ride like surfboard anymore. They changed the design and size of that skateboard, so it became what we now know as a longboard.

What Are Used of Penny Boards?

The Penny Boards are pretty good for commuting and are also designed as cruiser boards. Its wheels are more significant and softer than street skateboards, so you can easily tackle them on pebbles, cracks, and rougher terrain. They are small enough and lightweight, so you can easily fit them in your backpack.

Usually, the size of 50mm-56mm, and street wheels have a hardness between 99a-104a. The tail kick also allows the rider to easily lift the front of your board when going over restrictions and big cracks. So you will find them perfect for cruising. The light size, and big soft wheels allow the rider to get fast speeds on this board, with minimal pushing and a nice smooth ride.

Difference Longboard vs Skateboard vs penny board

Shape and Size

In many people’s, opinion longboard and skateboard seem pretty similar. But here we tell you the difference between Longboard vs Skateboard vs penny board between their sizes. A longboard is a different form from a traditional skateboard; it is a long skateboard. So you can also get different riding experiences by riding longboard. Skateboard producers made these boards in different styles Shape and Size. 

Skateboards are different, curving upwards at both ends, while longboards are in distinct shapes, just like a longer skateboard. There is no curving at each end, but two narrow strips at both ends, making them easier to cruise.

So put your skateboard and longboard side by side; you can see that the longboard has a flat nose and a tail like a skateboard. As you know, a longboard is commonly longer than a traditional one. The size Skateboards are usually 36 inches long and 7–10 inches wide; on the other, longboards are generally 35–60 inches long and 9–10 inches wide. There is no surprise that longboards are longer. The penny comes in a variety of colors and designs. You can buy them in four different deck sizes, 55.9 cm, 68.6 cm, Nickel,81.3 cm cruiser, and 91.4 cm longboard.

Further, the length and width of longboards make it easier to keep balanced, especially for beginners. But remember, longboards also come in 28 inches long and small sizes. Always remember the key difference between them, the longboards are flat, and the skateboards curve. So, when you see a flat, shorter board, it is a short longboard.

Trucks and Wheels

Indeed, the skateboards and longboards have attached wheels, the base where these wheels connect with them is called the truck. The truck looks and operates differently for each board.

Longboards come in a flexible truck which gives you a smoother ride; it is best for longboarders who want to cruise for long distances or race downhill. While the skateboard has rigid and narrower trucks, it makes it easier to grind and land tricks. There is also the same size as the maximum width of the skateboard’s deck.

Longboards also grip wider trucks that commonly measure around 150 millimeters to 180 millimeters. Another feature for faster and even rides, the wheels of a longboard are large and soft. At the same time, the skateboard has smaller and harder wheels to make it easier to concrete and gaps. The size of penny wheels is 50mm-56mm and street wheels have a hardness between 99a-104a.

If you have a plan to cruise on your board, softer wheels give a smoother ride. Generally, longboards have bigger and softer wheels than skateboards, so with them, you can go faster, and have strong shock injury, but very suitable for variant elaborated terrains. The skateboard has smaller wheels that allow good control of its speed and more accessible to do tricks.


Many of you have a goal to learn and master new tricks. Still, you have never balanced on a skateboard, so you should try a longboard first since the longboard is longer and broader, so the balance on it is effortless, which helps you better balance skills for more miniature skateboards.

Therefore you can quickly get skill and balance on a skateboard. So you can get confident on a longboard, then shift to a skateboard, and it is easy for you how to balance better on a smaller board. Longboard offers more significant space and comfort for those who have larger feet, and you can also have a wider stance on the longboard and thus have a better balance than the average skateboard.


Skateboards are designed for skating in the ramps and parks where you can quickly go to lead. But when you talk about the long distance, the shortboard will not give you stability and comfortability. At the time of fast-speed Cruising, you need a long-range electric skateboard. Longboards are best for transportation, so you can cruise for miles and enjoy your ride all over the city.

Speed and Tricks

Suppose you are confused about deciding which board is to go for but first ask yourself why you are riding. If you plan to cruise and race friends, then pick up a longboard and start skating.

Explore some skate parks, and go with a skateboard. New skateboarding gets used to the balance and rides on a longboard first, then on a skateboard. Once you get skill off your new tricks or beat friends at downhill races in no time. Compared with longboards, skateboards are better at doing tricks. You go to zigzag and do tricks at the park with curved ends, smaller wheels, and length. Speed and tricks are different in Skateboard vs Longboard vs Penny board.

Comparing longboards and skateboards has its advantages and disadvantages, select the best ones that are best for your needs. For your complicated tricks, pick a short skateboard. If you want to cruise for long distances and enjoy the high speed with your friends, then choose the longboard. There are many good longboards; skateboards for beginners are available on the market.

Deck Flexibility

The deck is the base of your board. If you want to learn new tricks, then board to be thinner, and flex. The flex of your board is the stiffness of it unless you are engaging in mellow Cruising. It would help if you had the flexibility to soft or medium for tricks, which gives you some balance and a spring-like feel to make jumps easier to nail.

Skaterskating downhill

Even when you do not want to do only downhill speed, higher quality parts used in performance longboards will make to more fun when cruising, and you will learn faster as a beginner. Many people think Penny Boards are wrong because the shape and design of Penny Boards focused primarily on making it cheap, rider’s comfort, and stable at speed.

Some Important Points

  1. Clarify Terminology: While you’ve done a good job describing each type of board, it might be helpful to clarify some terminology. For instance, in the section discussing trucks and wheels, you mention that longboards have “flexible” trucks, but it might be more accurate to describe them as having more responsive or maneuverable trucks compared to the stiffer trucks typically found on skateboards.
  2. Include Safety Considerations: It’s essential to emphasize safety when discussing skateboarding and longboarding. Make sure to mention the importance of wearing protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads, especially for beginners. Safety should always be a priority when riding any type of board.
  3. Address Maintenance and Upkeep: You could discuss maintenance and upkeep for each type of board. For example, skateboards may require more frequent tightening of trucks and replacement of wheels due to the wear and tear of tricks, while longboards may need occasional cleaning and bearing maintenance for smooth cruising.
  4. Discuss Environmental Impact: Consider including a section on the environmental impact of each type of board. Skateboards and longboards are typically made from wood and other materials that have environmental implications. Penny boards, being made of plastic, also have environmental considerations, especially regarding their manufacturing and end-of-life disposal.
  5. Include Testimonials or Expert Opinions: Adding quotes or testimonials from experienced riders or experts in the field can provide additional credibility and insight into the differences between skateboards, longboards, and Penny boards. Hearing from individuals who have extensive experience with each type of board can help readers make more informed decisions.
  6. Provide Visuals or Graphics: Incorporating visual aids such as diagrams or comparison charts can help readers better understand the differences between skateboards, longboards, and Penny boards. Visuals can make complex information more accessible and engaging.

Is a Penny Board Good for a Beginner?

When you compare Skateboard vs Longboard vs. Penny board. Penny board is easy for you In somehow, you can say yes. A Penny Board gives a small and young beginner the option to learn fundamentals, like how to push, balance, turn, and cruise around. Because its wheelbase is so tiny, and the wheels are fast, a Penny Board can almost turn on a dime. They are built for Cruising.

But if you learn to carve and cruise fast and tight on a Penny Board, you should first acquire the skills to ride any other board shape comfortably. But on the other hand, you can say no. Because its, size is so tiny and fast, these are also not very stable. But the trucks are adjustable, so you can tighten them to add stability.

Why Do People Think Penny Boards Are Bad?

The first and foremost reason people think Penny Boards are wrong is that they are not better for long riders — that immediately tiered them to the more prominent people. Penny Boards are the best and easiest to carry and are incredibly specific compared to the versatility of longboards or skateboards. But these are the only thoughts of those who can feel limited to most riders who chose Penny Boards because they are cheaper. 

What are the shapes of the Penny Board?

The shapes of the Penny Board are the 22-inch original size, and the slightly longer Penny Board loses a lot of wasted space in the nose of the board, which can not help stand on. This space between the Penny Board trucks gives riders control but that space is shorter than it needs to be so that Penny Board saves money and comes in cheaper.

Have you noticed that a large amount of space does not help stand on the front wheels? For small boards 22 inches for a Penny Board, the wasted space is critical for the rider; he can not close his feet, resulting in less stability, control, and comfort when pushing.  

What Kind of Riding Do You Want to Do?

The fundamental question before choosing the right longboard is, what kind of riding do you want to Do? Because the typical longboarders usually have three styles: they want to get around, do downhill skating, and do some freestyle riding. For every one of these styles using a slightly different longboard is necessary. When you talk about Skateboard vs Longboard vs Penny board then the riding style is somehow different.

These cruisers are also called pintails because of their sharper point on the nose. The downhill skating will be speedy; you can find them in the name of a speed board or a speed deck. These have narrow heads and tails with blunt ends. For getting around, AKA cruising, you need what’s called a cruiser. These come with a pointed nose and a rounded bottom.

For freestyle riding, you need to both downhill skate and show off other skills, a dropdown board, is also called a drop-through board, so you should choose according to your needs. Another considerable thing is your wheels. The wheel on your longboard has square edges, which is better for flat surfaces and smooth hills. The rounded wheel is better for carving. Further, the wheel is beveled, which is better for areas with many twists and turns. So longboard wheels are not like skateboard wheels.

How to ride on your favorite board?

Starting Off

First of all, get your right and favorite board because the board is different for everyone, based on your size, age, skills, riding goals, etc. 

Find your stance

Every person has a natural riding stance for board sports. When you step on a longboard, if you are regular, you stand with your left foot forward and right foot back, and if you are crazy, you put your right foot forward. Now it is your beginning. When you stand in the right way on the ground on your feet together and then someone has pushed you from the back.

Now observe which foot you naturally put forward to keep you from stumbling. On the other hand, a regular skater pressing his toes and starting on his longboard will make his right turn, and insisting on his heels will make him go left. If you are a beginner, then the longboard is right for you. Longer boards are more stable. Beginners should stick with longer boards.

Start your Skating

Now get some protective gear such as a Saket board helmet. It is the most fantastic way to longboard, for your safety, especially when you are new and practicing. Getting padded up is essential if you are doing more extreme versions of longboarding.

In gear, good-fitting skateboard helmets, Skateboarding shoes, Elbow pads, Knee pads, and Slide Gloves, so get comfortable rolling. When you have your basic stance, time to move. Find a driveway stand on your longboard, and let gravity get you rolling. Now start your practice. Rotate your front foot and shoulders forward, drop your back foot to the ground, and do a slight push to give your board some momentum.

At the start make a little speed which provides you with some stability and makes balancing easier. But remember, if the ground is uneven, do not try to put too much pressure on your front foot or even transfer your weight back. Let your front wheels roll more easily over cracks or pebbles when you get comfortable pushing a little harder for a bit more speed.

Practice static balancing

Before starting your longboard moving, you should be comfortable balancing. The best practice is to place your longboard on grass and a thick carpet so the wheels will not roll. Then step on the longboard. In starting, choose the most comfortable stance for the best balance.

When your wheels are not moving, it is challenging for you to stay on the board as the deck leans from side to side when you move. Because of deck relies on the wheels to turn even if not rolling. Keep your knees bent to lower your center of gravity, then use your arms for balancing as you get comfortable moving your arms.

Surface and Basic Stance

To start, try riding it around on a flat surface and try to feel the smooth flow as you roll over the concrete. So make sure you are comfortable before moving on. Next, get the basic stance down. And stand with your feet in the trucks, a little longer than shoulder-width apart.

Make the angle of your front foot a little forward, about a 45-degree rise. Your back foot should be much sideways, at right angles to the board’s direction. It is your Basic stance that you can use. When you feel comfortable with your longboard for a bit of a bit, choose other stances better for you.

Easy riding skateboard or longboard

If you have a goal to cruise leisurely around town and park, then your best choice is a longboard than a skateboard. But learning to stand on a regular skateboard will be more complicated for you than on a longboard if you are a beginner because the small deck and shorter wheelbase will make a skateboard less stable.

Even once you manage your balance, you can loud ride on the smaller and harder wheels of the skateboard. A longboard will be handier, so it will be possible to ride within a couple of hours. The big soft wheels of your longboard will give you a smooth ride, quickly rolling over small rocks and cracks, where a skateboard is not helpful and sending you flying in the air.

Transportation skateboard or longboard

If you want to use your board on the whole for several miles of transportation, then you need a fast board, easy to push on, and off. A skateboard will give you a bicycle speed but not car speed. You will also have to push hard to maintain your speed, which is not good for large distances.

But drop-through or drop deck longboard will be the most comfortable for you. Because of its long wheelbase, efficient bearings, and big wheels will help you push efficiently, ride low, and go fast. Once you build up skills, you will also use an electric skateboard; it gives you impulsing momentum and speed without actually pushing.

Freestyle tricks skateboard or longboard

There is a longboard version of freestyling. Small cruiser longboards are like giant street decks that give you one or two cocktails, with lengths similar to a skateboard but often a little wider and with a pointier nose.

A little different, hybrid longboards are fundamentally changed skateboards designed to go well on cruiser wheels and perform well in street tricks. There is a benefit of choosing a mini longboard over a regular skateboard, allowing you to go cruising when not doing tricks and more comfortably than on a skateboard without having to swap wheels.

Urban commuting skateboard or longboard

If you plan to ride in crowded urban areas, zigzagging between traffic and people, you will need a more dexterous mobility board with a short turning radius. So the usage of a skateboard will be better suited than a bigger, slower-turning longboard.

You can easily set up a regular skateboard into your skateboard backpack and stash it under your arm. A standard longboard is easier to handle. With skateboard will also let you easily control small street obstacles or kick your board sidewalks. However, a skateboard would not allow you a comfortable ride on rough pavement and cracked sidewalks.

Freeriding and downhill

If you want to ride fast, then go for a full-size longboard. Mostly longboards give much better control at more incredible speed than skateboards, again because they have big wheels, longer wheelbase, and low decks.

A regular skateboard, even cruiser wheels, will never give you the stability and comfort you need downhill. Some factors will consider whether your longboard should be longer or shorter,flexier or stiffer, higher or lower off the ground, harder or softer wheels with larger or smaller, etc.

What is longboard dancing?

Longboard dancing is a perfect highly visual, and creative outdoor activity. It is the science of freestyle skating with the attractive rhythm and movements of dancing. Dancing on a longboard is taking skateboarding into the land of performing arts.

It combines longboard surfing with practice by people of all ages and skill levels. One thing that makes different longboard dancing from skateboarding and even longboarding is the continuous carving. When you are dancing, you move your body to the rhythm of the music on a longboard. Longboard dancing also takes you through some of the more flowy movements of surfing in the streets.

How to Pick a Skateboard, longboard, cruising?

Suppose you plan to cover long distances without so much effort, a longboard. You are in doubt between Skateboard vs Longboard vs Penny board, a regular skateboard, and a longboard; which one do you have to consider? The board makes you feel comfortable; you can always decide to pick a standard skateboard. You can use a regular skateboard when you want to do a technical skate.

Because the learning curve is somehow steeper in contrast to longboards or cruisers, you can ride everything on your skateboard. A cruiser is considered to mean transporting you from one place to another when the distance is limited. Cruisers are great for your journey and very portable. If you live in an area with hills and slopes, you need to control and limit your speed. So in the end, you can able to know able to deeply understand 

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