How To Clean Heated Mattress Pad Without Damaging It? Guide For You

Heated mattress pads are great for eliminating cold spots in your bed. But How To Clean Heated Mattress Pad? When you plug into an outlet, they emit heat that warms up the blanket around it and keeps you warm all night long. As you know, It is essential to clean these items with special care so as not to damage any of their delicate wires with soap or water. So we will tell you how to clean the heated mattress pad without damaging it.

How To Clean Heated Mattress Pad

How To Clean Heated Mattress Pad?

Follow Some Precautionary Steps

  1. Don’t forget to disconnect the power cord from the wall first,
  2. Detach the control cable. 
  3. Confirm that cords are not connected,
  4.  Wires have not worn through the fabric before washing your heated product! 
  5. Taking care of it is easy as long as you follow these simple steps.
  6.  Do not submerge control in water or let wet on it. 
  7. The heated bedding product is a crucial part of your life, and it is essential to take proper care. 
  8. Do not dry clean the wires, as this may damage them.
  9. Do not use bleach or cleaning fluids – these will also affect durability! 
  10. The iron can cause burns on fibers and glass which would lead you nowhere in terms of getting rid of problems.
  11.  Don’t reconnect an item that has been taken apart accidentally.
  12.  Lastly, please avoid water: electrical shocks could happen when exposed for long periods, such as in bathing tubs.

Spot clean

Electric mattress pads are not meant for cleaning in the washing machine, but they can be spot-cleaned with mild soap and water. Some models require specific treatments like steam or dry cleaning before storing them away from dirt-prone areas such as carpets and curtains near your bed since these surfaces may pick up stains easily if you don’t take care of them regularly.

Is It Machine washable?

Soak the blanket and mattress pad or throw them for 15 minutes in mild soap and cold water. Washing on a gentle cycle is recommended to preserve the integrity of the material. Wash with soft/mild detergent using only natural fabrics like cotton; do not use bleach! After washing, spin dry in the machine. Afterward, gently pat it dry under low heat before returning it to its original shape.

How To Dry Heated Mattress Pad After Washing?

When you come to now how to clean heated mattress pad? Hanging the mattress pad is very important and will help it last longer. It’s never a good idea to dry your fitted sheet in the dryer, so always let it hang out while washing on low heat settings if possible, but don’t worry about wrinkles! If an outside place or line isn’t available for drying, try using drapes from curtains on shower rods instead of storing them up high near open windows, where they might get caught by wind gusts coming through these openings. Never store wet/damp pads because this could lead to mold growth, ruining their effectiveness and overall performance.

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