12 Best Longboarding Skateboard Helmets For Fun & Spin

Safety is essential; you are a skateboarder. The most sensitive part of your body is the head, so choose the best Longboarding Skateboard helmets to secure your head. It prevents your head from the hit, bumping, and crashed.

If you slip off your board, your head will damage or have a mild crash. Hence we highly recommend you use a Longboarding Skateboard helmet for skateboarding. Children and adults also use the skateboard helmet to enjoy their sport with safety and fun.

best skateboard helmet
10 Best Skateboard Helmets Reviews

Importance Of Skateboarding Helmets

Therefore skateboarding helmets are essential not only for beginners but also for experts. This protective headgear reduces the chances of head injuries in case you crush it. Hance skateboard helmet is compulsory headgear for professional and non-professional skateboarders. These helmets are designed to have less impact and shock. Skateboarding helmets are essential for outdoor sporting activities.

TSG-full face downhill skate longboarding Helmets

TSG-full face downhill skate longboarding Helmets

TSG full-face longboarding helmet for my fast-speed skate fun, it’s very durable, and its hard shell is fiberglass, so the helmet for longboarding provides me with strong and light full-face protection.

The inner shell is made of shock-absorbing EPS, which effectively reduces energy to move to the head during an injury. I also found two spherical visors with this longboarding helmet. Further, the spherical curved visor with a scratch-proof,anti-fog coating guarantees optimal peripheral vision.

Its exhalation fogging blocker positioned around your nose ensures that exhaled air doesn’t fog the visor. The well-ventilated airflow vent system offers optimal air circulation and reduces uncomfortable heat build-up in the helmet downhill. So the downhill skate helmet is compact, smoother, and lightweight.


  • Lightweight
  • Well-ventilated and durable
  • Washable and removable quick dry liner


  • Nothing

Outdoor Master Multi-Sport Skateboard Helmet

Outdoor Master Multi-Sport Skateboard Cycling Helmets

The outdoor master helmet is excellent in comfort and fit. Its dial adjuster is excellent tuns and also OK straps. It stays right where it should, even at high speed on your electric skateboard. So it is a very important part of your skateboarding gear. The Saket helmet comes in a classic lightweight design in matte colors. It also provides you with all the security features during your ride.

The helmet’s shell is built for comfort, impact resistance with reinforced ABS, and a thickened shock-absorbing EPS core, which offers more safety. The skateboard helmet has too many removable sizes. After a warm day of riding, you can easily remove the inner lining and wash away any sweat easily.

If you are riding your skateboard warm and your head needs to be cold, the helmet offers you the ventilation feature. The helmet is equipped with 12 air vents that will keep your head cool and comfortable for hours of riding. The helmet has a double adjustment dial, and the second has a skin-friendly adjustable chinstrap, which maximizes the best fit and comfortable wearing. The outdoor master helmet helps and protects in skating, cycling, BMX, MTB, etc.


  • Dual-adjustment
  • Cushioned chin pad
  • ASTM and CPSC-certified safety


  • Not best for motorsports

JBM Skateboarding Helmets,CPSC, ASTM certified

JBM Skateboarding Helmets,CPSC,ASTM certified

The JBM helmets are designed for multisports activities. It offers you certified safety and takes care. So it saves the head from a nasty fall. The half-face longboarding helmet comes with an adjustable strap, making it flexible to fit an adult’s size. Further, the flexibility of the belt makes it a unisex product. So it is perfect for both girls and boys.

The kid skate helmet is suitable for multisports, such as cycling, skateboarding, scootering inline, roller skating, etc. So it is essential protective gear for outdoor sports lovers. Ventilation is the most important feature of the helmet, so multiple vents are used in it. It’s superior aerodynamic design and breathable foam reduce sweating and keep staying cool. It also reduces the high body temperature due to intense body movement.

The kid skat helmet has an anti-shock function, and it also understands how important people value the quality of helmets for sports safety. So the scooter helmet uses the quality of hard shell, tough and durable PVC, PC, and EPS foam to protect your head. As it is CPSC and ASTM certified. These skate helmets have three sizes to choose from variation. The adjustable strap and side buckle offer you a loose and tight system to wear it comfortably. 


  • Durable shell
  • Adjustable straps
  • Multisport gear
  • Proper ventilationation


  • Straps that are not so durable must be used with care

Triple eight dual certified bike and Skateboard Helmets

Triple eight dual certified bike and Skateboard Helmets

The Triple Eight Dual helmet is classic and ultra-protective during your ride. Further affordable certified and durable in construction. So it is dual certified for both bike and skateboarding. Therefore it will save you from brain skull injury. The triple eight style helmet is dual certified for skate and bike because it has an ABSshell with an impact-absorbing EPS foam liner. The brand provides you with all stander safety features. Another bicycle helmet complies with the US.CPSC safety stander also gives you ASTM F1492 skate safety standers.

The skate helmet includes two different sets of removable moisture-wicking. The sweat saver fit pads to customize the fit. It also has an adjustable chin strap with a side release of the buckle. The dual-certified skate helmet is ideal for biking, skateboarding, scooters, BMX, roller derby, and commuting.  


  • Dual certified
  • Best for Multisports
  • Affordable


  • Nothing

Razor v-17 youth multisport longboard Helmets

Razor v-17 youth multisport longboard Helmets

The Razor helmet is your smart choice for skating or any other sport that needs protective headgear. It is also available in various colors and sizes child, and youth; furthermore, it offers you superior security and protection.

The cutting-edge youth helmet has ergonomically designed padding and is set for the perfect individual fit, ensuring your ultimate comfort. Additional pads are also included for fitment fine-tuning. The skate helmet comes with a lot of ventilation. It has side and rear vents, which help to keep you cool. It also has top vents that are well-placed for optimized cooling.

The multi-strap helmet has an adjustable strap and secure buckle, ensuring your helmet stays on your head during the most extreme activity. So the 17 vents keep your head cool, and the side release buckles make your helmet a breeze to adjust and fasten your chin strap. The Razor multi-sport helmet combines superior quality with modern design. It also meets CPSC safety requirements.


  • Good ventilation
  • Affordable
  • Provide maximum safety


  • Kids sizing issues

Triple Eight the sweat saver Skate Helmets

 Triple eight the sweat saver Skate Helmets

The sweat saver helmet looks pretty sleek, not dorky like a bike helmet. It is also breathable, and it has enough size to easily fit in a skateboard backpack. So you can work through your lifetime of skating and have a compromise between comfort and protection. The Triple Eight skate helmet has fully integrated the best high-impact absorbing EPS foam with thick dual density soft foam and plush sweat saver fabric, delivering you the ultimate comfort with double-certified protection.

The skate helmet has complied with U.S.CPSC safety standards for bicycle helmets and ASTMF skate safety standards. So the helmet is the best for both safety and looks. The helmet is used for multisports such as hiking, skateboarding, inline skating, roller skating, and other action sports. The roller skating helmet includes two different sets of removable, washable, terry cloth sweat saver liners used for customizing fit. It also has an adjustable strap with a side-release buckle.


  • Super comfortable
  • Lightweight & perfect fit
  • Sweat saver certified


  • Nothing

Turboske Skating Helmets for unisex

Turboske Skating Helmets for unisex

It is very important to protect yourself from injury during sports. Therefore the helmet is an essential part of your multisport as a protective gear. So the turbo skate and multisport helmet are best for your protection.

The outer shell is tough ABS and an EPS foam liner is glued to the inside. So the helmet’s hard surface is a protective headgear that is comfortable to wear and effective in reducing the risk of head injury. The best protection gear skate helmet is used for multiple sports like skateboarding, cycling, inline and roller skating, scooter biking, etc.

The skate helmet has undergone intensive safety tests. Further, it fully observes CPSC and CEEN1078 safety standards. It also has two reinforced layers, which provide you with superior from the inside and outside.

The skate helmet has 11 air vents that will keep you cool and comfortable for hours of longboarding. The helmet’s air channels have been designed to pull fresh air over and around the head while forcing stale air out. The multi-sport helmet is turning the size adjustment dial, and the semi-flexible sizing ring either expands or closes around your hand, so it can always have a snug fit.


  • Superior protection
  • Available different colors
  • Adjustable size


  • Adjustable strap is a little bit difficult

Flyber longboarding Helmet dual certified CPSC

Flyber longboarding Helmet dual certified CPSC

The Flyer longboarding helmet is durable, and soft padding for comfort makes your skateboarding safe. So use the helmet for riding your electric skateboard. It is rugged and keeps you safe and your rides. The helmet has a padded chin strap for extra comfort. Further, adjustable straps to ensure the helmet is tight. It also has a secure and robust buckle to stay in place while fast rides. So it keeps the strap nice and snug on your chin without irritating you.

The Flyber longboarding helmet comes CPSC and ASTM safety certified for sports. It also offers you trustworthy safety and protection to keep both kids and adults safe during multisports activities. The helmet comes with an adjustable dial on the back to ensure a safe and comfortable fit. So adjust it and make sure that your helmet is snug fit and secure on your head.

The outer shell is strong, protective ABS with a sleek matte finish. It also has 12 wide vents for perfect ventilation. So they keep you cool no matter what sport you are playing. The helmet has a durable outer shell with EPS foam lining, which secures your head from injury, and offers you a comfortable, snug fit. 


  • Adjustable fitting
  • High quality
  • ASTM and CPSC-certified safety


  • Nothing

KAMUGO Kids Helmets for Skateboarding

KAMUGO Kids Helmets for Skateboarding

The KAMUGO kid helmet is famous among children. It is also an excellent gift for your children. The helmet is only for kids and even not motorsports. It has good quality and seems to protect the back and head well. It is made with durable PP, PE material, and breathable polyester sleeves. It is the perfect skateboard helmet that is suitable for children and toddlers. Further, the gear included a helmet, 2 knee pads, 2 elbow pads. 2 wrist guards. So it brings your kid’s overall safety and protection.

Many toddler helmets are made with rough material, which disappoints you. But this stake helmet is made sturdy and extremely durable. The essential protective gear offers protection for outdoor activities such as skating, skateboarding, riding bikes, scooters, rollers, cycling, etc.

It has thickened and velcro straps, which allow you to adjust the size of the helmet. Further, the protective gear is flexible to wear, and the pads are more comfortable. The kid skateboard helmet has 11 vents for ventilation. So the air goes through the skateboard helmet, and kids’ heads feel cool. There is a breathable sponge foam that would reduce sweating on hot days.


  • Available in multi-colors
  • Include protective gear
  • Affordable


  • Only for kids

apusale Helmets for longboarding children men women

apusale Helmets for  longboarding children men women

If you want to enjoy your sports life with extra safety, then the Apusale longboarding helmet is a classical design. It is ultra-lightweight and comfortable. Further, it has the same adjustment size for men and women, offering daughters and mothers the same choice. It is very lightweight, its weight is only 0.5Ibs. So a year-old baby can easily carry it. You can also take it in your skateboard or ski backpack, your long plan point.

If you want to wash or clean your helmet, it has a removable inner lining to wash or clean your helmet easily. Hence, you and your kid will enjoy a clean helmet. The skate helmet is equipped with an adjustable strap and spin dial system, ensuring better fitting. The unisex longboard helmet comes with 12 vents. They help reduce sweating and keep children, men, and women cool, even though they are fast-riding or intense body movements.

The helmet is made with the ASTM, the ABS shell, and the EPS inner shell to ensure safety. It provides professional protection for skateboarding, skating, cycling, riding, scooter balance bikes, skiing, etc.


  • Classic design
  • Adjustable size
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable and comfortable


  • Nothing

Thousand adult Skating board Helmets

Thousand adult Skating board Helmets

The Thousand Adult helmet is super safe and comfortable. It is also absolutely stunningly constructed. Further, it allows the best security along with your skate. The skating board Adult helmet is certified by ASTM and CPSC, the North American safety standards for bicycle and skateboard helmets. So it is perfect for safety and protection with comfort.

It comes with U-lock and chin lock. So it is the most convenient way to leave your helmet behind. Access the hidden channel behind the logo mark. It has a magnetic buckle. So lock it in with a one-hand fasten to leave your fingerprint-free. You can tighten or lose your helmet with a dial-lit system in the back of your helmet. So you can get a perfect fit for your every ride. It is the first-ever stylish bike helmet to keep people who skate or bike safe while showing their style.

The unisex skateable helmet will keep you comfortable and sweat-free with these sustainable microfiber vegan leather straps. It also has a vent for ventilation. So it will keep you cool with seven air vents and three cooling channels.


  • Unisex
  • Secret pop lock
  • Adjustable size


  • Not best for motorsports

Triple eight downhill full-face longboard Helmets

Triple eight downhill full face longboard Helmets

Triple Eight Downhill full-face longboard helmet. The skater helmet is built for high speed. Further, the full-face longboard helmet offers you the best protection with dual certification and an aerodynamic system. This downhill skating Helmet comes with hand-lid fiberglass shell features, a notched visor, front vents for improved airflow, and a shatter-resistant flip-up visor.

For comfort, the Helmet has an EPS foam liner with velvet lining. It also complies with the U.S. CPSC safety standard. So no matter how long or fast the skating is. However, it fits every Triple Eight downhill crafted for high speed.


  • Durable fiberglass shell
  • ASTMF-1492 skate safety standard
  • EPS foam liner for comfort


  • Nothing

Why Should Wear Skateboard Helmets?

When you step on your board, you risk yourself because you no longer control your feet but the board, no matter how professional a skateboarder you are. Even if you have never had an injury since you started to skate, for safety, you should wear your helmet because your head does not know how hard concrete is.

You are not an aggressive rider, but you can fall even at a slow speed, and a soft crush can badly damage your head. So always make sure that the skateboard helmet you are buying meets all safety features. Because every helmet is designed for specific sports, it depends on the physical activity that the sport requires and the level of safety that it needs. Also, make sure that your helmet is certified and meets all the safety standards.

Before buying your skateboard or longboard helmets, you should know the types of the helmet which are available on the market


These helmets offer you a very significant and stylish look; they are extremely ventilated and extremely light in weight. It also has many features of a good helmet, but they are costly.

Full Face

As their name implies, they are the helmet of full face. So these are the best types of helmets that give you the safety of the highest level on the road. This helmet covers the entire face; hence, there is no chance that your head and another part of your jaw will hit the ground in case of a crash. This helmet is perfect for those who love aggressive riding on the road.


You can find these helmets both in full face and open face. The full-face provides protection and offers you all the BMX racing demands, whereas the open-face helmet is made for dirt jumping and flatland riding.

Kids and Youth

For kids, helmets from the jiggle range are the best. If you purchase skating gear for your young children, Wiggle helmets are highly recommended. They meet the best standards of safety.

Mountain Bike Helmetsfu

If you want extra coverage, excellent retention, and ventilation, the mountain bike helmets are perfectly designed with the best safety features. If you love downhill skating, this is a helmet that meets all your needs.

Time Trial

It would help if you had the time trial helmet for time-sensitive racing. This helmet’s essential benefit is aerodynamic benefits and safety and protection when the clock is ticking.

Aero Road Helmets

These are a new type of helmets in the market between the vented and trial helmets; it is also nicely designed to ease movement and have a compact size, lightweight, and aerodynamic advantages.

Road Helmets

These helmets come with multi-purpose and can be used for cycling, bike riding, etc., but not for skateboarding.

Before choosing your best skateboard helmets to consider these features-:

Size, Fit

Measure around your head with soft tape. Remember, your helmet will rest on your forehead, so your measurement starts from the eyebrow. Ensure your measure level is accurate. Do not wrap the tape too tight or loose. If you can not do this, it is best to find a perfect hat.

Because a hat usually has a tag that indicates its size. So it will work for you and be beneficial to choose the perfect size. It would be best if you had pads for protection; they Should be fit enough that they are still on your head while skateboarding.

Straps and Retention System

The vital thing to look for in your helmet is the straps and retention system. Straps help keep the helmet tightly and help fit and adjust, allowing you to easily open your mouth to talk, drink, or eat. It would help if you chose the helmet, which has straps that create a v-shaped form beneath the ear lobe. You can also select helmets with regular straps. Further, you may consider a retention system. So You can be able to adjust it to your head with stable fitting easily.


It is natural for people to sweat while exercising and doing sports. That is why your helmet has proper ventilation, which helps both your helmet and head in so many ways. If there is too much sweat inside your helmet, it can stain and create a foul odor. Ventilation will also keep sweat from dripping down your face and into your eyes. Excessive sweat can also cause head irritation, so it is uncomfortable to wear your helmet.


Safety is another essential feature, so you need the best longboard and skateboard helmet. Further, try to get a helmet that is CPSC Certified. Because such a type of helmet comes with EPS protective liner, Different brands offer you different outer shell thickness types. While buying your helmet, critically look at features geared to protect your head.

Shell Material

The helmet’s shells can be made of different materials, such as Kevlar, ABS plastic, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. The material you choose is not important; safety standards matter a lot.


The helmet you will choose should have some padding inside the shell-like a foam liner. The padding inside the helmet offers you comfort and also helps to provide the right fit. Some padding helps wick away moisture and provides extra protection at an accident. Also, make sure that the helmet has enough padding to comfortably absorb the sweat. Further, some helmets come with removable padding that easily wash your helmet and keep it hygienic.


Which type of helmet is safe?

I think for skating, use a helmet with an ABS skull and EPS lining. ABS skull helmets are proper in shape for our heads, and they are strong for safety. On the other hand, EPS foam lining makes our skating helmet breathable and keeps our head and hair dry and cool.

Can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding?

Bike helmets are heavy and harder to wear than skating helmets. Bike helmets do not ventilate. Whereas the skating helmets meet every requirement that a skater needs. So always use a skateboard helmet for skating.

Can a snowboard helmet is better for skateboarding?

Yes, a snowboard helmet is better for skateboarding. But for your safety, you should wear a skateboard helmet while skating. But always use a helmet featured with an ABS skull helmet that also comes with a lining of EPS foam inside for sliding because it keeps your head safe and secure.

Are all helmets the same in features?

No, all the helmets are not the same in features. For example, bike helmets are very strong and tough. They also have no air vents for airflow. Other skating helmets are lightweight but very durable. Also, they have many vents for ventilation.

Can a skateboard helmet be used for snowboarding?

No, you can not use every skating helmet for snowboarding. Only these multi-sports helmets can be used for snowboarding.

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