The 10 Best Longboard Brands For Their Quality.

When preparing the list of the top 10 best longboard brands, we consider everything. There are a lot of opinions about everything. But after research, we only take the best longboard brands and maintain their name at the level of quality of every brand, with a complete longboard and longboard deck.

Best longboards brands

So don’t take low-quality longboards at big box stores that cut corners. The high-quality longboard wheels, decks, and other parts make a big difference in riding your board. Our selection of brands will be helpful for a beginner looking for their first longboard or a parent trying to find a good skateboard for kids.

Best Longboard Brands

Here are the most popular longboard brands among our customers. We have researched a lot of time filtering these brands. Here you will find the ten best longboard brands for riders of any skill set. Not all longboards are created equally. If you are into cruising, freeriding, downhill riding, or longboard dancing, there are better longboard brands for any of your riding styles. Here are the best longboard brands for 2022.

1: Landyachtz

Landyachtz is one of the most popular and best longboard brands. It was founded in 1997 and introduced a high-quality product on the market. These longboards are of high quality, and they are also environmentally friendly.


This company quickly maintains its image from the competition with its flexible bamboo decks and unparalleled carving qualities in other top longboard brands. Landyachtz loaded boards are specially made for environmentally friendly materials and high-performance boards and practices to create boards that give you a look and feel of beautiful riders’ feet.

Landyachtz longboards are great for beginners and offer you a stylish look, and they are the best companion for pro skaters. The longboards of this brand are very flexible and sturdy, great for turning and carving, and it feels like you are floating. Their graphics and design are lovely. These longboards come in a lot of variety so that every rider can choose to match his style. The company plant a tree at the introduction of every product.

2: Arbor Collective

Arbor Collective manufacture many Arbor Axis longboards, which are excellent for the price. The Arbor Axis longboards bestow a part of every product to groups that protect forests and build up tenable.

Arbor Collective

The Arbor Collective brand is one of the most environmentally friendly brands. The company, created in 1995, also promotes the growth of forests worldwide. The snowboarders who put trucks on old snowboards and race downhill in the summer were introduced to these longboards.

The Arbor brand uses bamboo and maple for its longboard decks. So you will find these boards are lightweight, high-quality, simple, and artistically pleasing. The boards are versatile and great for cruising and commuting. The Arbor longboards are great for beginners, and longboards are starting to become more popular.

These boards give snowboard experience and create a new line of longboards able to move downhills like snowboards across the snow. It also created a line of longboards perfect for blending cruising, tricks, and downhill.

3: Rayne Longboard Brands

Rayne brand is famous for making the most high-quality bamboo boards. Their decks are made of bamboo and fibreglass, so they look crisp and feel great. Rayne Longboards have been made of the Canadian Longboard brand since 2004.

Rayne Longboard Brands

Longboards of Ryne specialize in unique, lightweight, waterproof, and functionally ergonomic longboards. Rayne Whip Dancer Longboards are great for longboard dancing. The longboards of these brands are made for comfort. These longboards are durable but a bit costly. Rayne also makes boards for long-distance pushing, downhill racing, cruising, city riding, and freestyle.

These boards also give you a versatile balanced look and crispiness. Rayne Longboard is best for a more experienced rider. I think this longboard is not the best board for beginner riders. The build quality in Rayne decks is outstanding, While they are more focused on freeride and downhill. Rayne longboard does have some double kicks, cruisers, and dancers.

4: Comet Longboard Brands

Comet Skateboards brand has been working since 1997. It is one of the most respected brands in the market. They have recently changed “leadership,” but their ideology largely persists. The cause of comet skateboards is to create high-quality, eco-friendly longboards.

Comet Longboard Brands

They are the best brand on this page with the best customer experience. Comet is now absolutely focused on creating perfect completes designed around an experience, but what does this mean? They are rideable, but most riders need to make one or two customizations to get a perfect feeling, adding risers, changing bushings, maybe wheels, switching trucks, bearings, etc.

More Comet uses all available resources to make them completely perfect. So they make changes in every component as they need to see fit. Perfection is the main motto, after all. However, Comet the Comet cruiser is being called “the best” by a specific amount of people. And this is an exciting thing to say.

5: Sector 9

Sector 9 brand is started with a bunch of good friends hanging out in their La Jolla backyard. One of the guys would teasingly refer to the others as nine balls and the area where they all hung out as “sector 9”. The name gets famous, and a revolution in longboards started. 

Sector 9

They provide you with the best longboard wheels; Sector 9 creates some of the highest quality longboard wheels for all your riding styles. Longboards of Sector 9 brand are more affordable than some higher-end brands, offering fantastic performance while being safe and stable. Their longboards are perfect for beginners. Sector 9 longboards have a sturdy design and are made from quality materials.

If you are looking for the best longboard wheels, Sector 9 creates some of the highest quality longboard wheels for all riding styles. Their affordable longboards offer fantastic performance while being safe and stable, with stunning visuals and excellent graphics. These boards are also perfect for cruising; their design allows the rider to enjoy a smooth ride effortlessly.

Many riders prefer Sector 9 boards as the gateway board and provide an inexpensive way for new riders to discover longboard. They allow beginners to get a feel for any style they like without the expense of some higher-end boards.

6: Loaded Longboard Brands

Loaded is another huge longboard brand; since its beginnings, Loaded longboards has worked closely with riders to offer some of the best products in the market for dancing and freestyle. The Loaded brand is focused on making trick boards and is one of the best longboard brands for those looking for a fantastic riding experience on a highly versatile freeriding longboard.

Loaded Longboard Brands

The loaded brand started in 2002 and is a part of Orangatang, which is best for damp quivering and delivers the best longboard wheels on the market. These boards are costly but are worth money. They have top-notch quality, are fast, and offer a good riding experience. Loaded Boards are user-friendly, best for all levels and the boards give you very safe riding.

If your demand is a longboard with top-quality trucks, bearings, and wheels, then a Loaded longboard is the best option. Their decks have a complex contour, make them super responsive, and give you confidence when turning, power sliding, dancing, or freestyle tricks.

Loaded Longboards are best for freeride, urban commuting, and snowboard-style carving. Loaded also makes kits for electric skateboarding. These boards are for everyone, from the legendary bhangra for dancing to a dervish for cruising.

7: Santa Cruz Longboard

Santa Cruz Longboards brand is one of the oldest longboard brands in the world of skateboarding. The company started making cruiser boards in the 1970s. Although Santa Cruz boards are affordable, they are also excellent in quality and perfect for beginners. Their Cruzer Longboards are ideal for tricks and carving as you cruise around town.

Santa Cruz Longboard

Santa Cruz Longboards are lovely and super sturdy and smooth and are the best longboards to learn to ride. The best thing about Santa Cruz longboards is the fantastic art on their decks. Santa Cruz longboard is just for you if you want to get into longboarding and want to ride the best longboard brand deck, not breaking the bank.

8: Earthwing Best Brand

Earthwing longboard started in the 90s as a small brand. They produce some of the best products on the market and provide high-quality products. So Earthwing offers good quality to regular skaters for a reasonable price. Because their slogan is “You deserve more” really enhances it.

Earthwing Best Brand

Therefore your selection of the Earthwing longboard is not wrong. The longboard brand comes with all their current decks under $100, so it is the best option. These boards are not only getting into downhill or freeride, but comfort feels like getting fun. They are made durably for your everyday ride.

9: Magneto Top Longboarding Band

Magneto Longboards are the best option for those looking for an affordable cruiser longboard. These longboards are made of excellent quality, durable and lightweight. Magneto Longboards are easy to use, perfect for beginners, and best for intermediate riders and pro skaters.

Magneto Top Longboarding Band

These longboards have sleek designs and offer versatility to fit every style. Magneto Longboards do not have a lot of flex, making them accessible and safe to ride. The deck is made with high-quality bamboo and a maple core. These longboards come with suitable bearings and soft, smooth, grippy wheels, which give you a smooth ride on rough roads.

Decks The deck of Magneto Longboards has been designed to work with multiple riding styles and rider sizes. Magneto board is also great for freestyling, cruising, and dancing. Further, the Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards are best for Cruising, Downhill, Freestyle, Carving, and Dancing.

10: Bustin longboard Brands

Bustin longboard Brands

Bustin longboards brand was started in 2001 Bustin and dedicated to New York for skating. Behind the company, a story follows the vision of a couple of friends who needed something simple but a better suit for the hills, and with a bit of luck and hard work, it took off. Bustin longboards produce high-tech boards with a crisp finish.

You can find just any type of board within their lineup and multiple product options. People like them and their decks are done right. They fulfil all your expectations with their 14 years of experience making boards. Bustin has also started selling their pretty good wheels so that you can buy a complete from them.


There are a lot of brands that are making boards for the Saket family. Every brand competes for your business; it can seem almost impossible to know who to give you money. But our guide will help you choose one of the best longboard brands.

Also, depending on your riding style, ability level, and budget, you can find one brand that is better for you than another. Loaded Boards or Landyachtz brands have famous, well-known, high-quality, versatile boards.

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