When people think of Skateboarding or longboarding, they think just as fun on the street. we will tell you something about Skateboarding that you may have missed. Skateboarding has been around for a long time and is still maintained today. That’s because Skateboarding is not only fun, but it also has very healthy Sakeboading Benefits.

skateboarding benefits on body, brain, and social life

We will discuss some very unique health benefits that Skateboarding offers. Skateboarding has endless benefits. The study of Pullias Center for Higher Education describes that Skateboarding develops mental health, cultivates community, and encourages diversity and flexibility.

Is Skateboarding good for your brain?

we have arranged a meeting with Paul a pro skateboarder what does he say?

Social Benefits

When I skateboard at a park or street, I make many new friends and establish relationships. It creates a new community that cares for me and loves me when I feel down and encourages me to rise again and again. we talk to each other laugh, smile, and share our sentiments that always boost my mental health resulting in productivity in my life.

When I show something amazing, they clap for me show deep love. And all these links create a new social life, which boots my life and encourages me to recognize hidden potential under their clapping.

It is safer than you may think but

People think that is a more dangerous sport than other action or extreme sports. People get injured when they try to impress crow with a dangerous trick. But recent research in sports injuries shows 10,000 injuries recorded out of 100000 participants in other sport.

Whereas Skateboarding only accounted for 200 of the 10,000 injuries, which is only 2%. This study shows that basketball, soccer, football, baseball, ice hockey, archery, and fourteen other sport has more percentage. Relatively Skateboarding is not as dangerous as it is perceived.

Health Benefit

Like other sports, health benefits are correlated with participating in physical activity. Skateboarding health benefits are slightly different from common youth sports like football, soccer, and basketball. Skateboarding offers many advantages, including coordination, pain tolerance, stress relief, precision, reflexes, and patience.

Coordination: Skateboarding strengthen hand, eyes, legs, and feet coordination. It would help if you altered your movements to skate smoothly and accurately when skating.

Pain Tolerance: Other sports improve your pain tolerance, but learning how to skateboard includes constantly falling, tripping, cutting your knees and elbows, etc. Believe it or not, this helps improve your tolerance and build up resilience.

Stress Relief: Stresses consume people, even kids, all the time. Skateboarding is a sport to relieve some of those stresses or frustrations.

Are you looking for a full-body workout?

Well, start skating seriously. In Skateboarding, you need to regularly move and adjust your legs, hands, knees, and head. That’s where Skateboarding becomes useful as an overall healthy workout.

Burns Calories

It is true; Skateboarding helps you to lose some calories. Research predicts that it burns almost 350 calories in an hour depending on the time you spend on your ride, weight, and how fast you run with your skateboard.


Skateboarding benefits as a commuter are immense. You can go to your college, office, friend’s house, parks or nearby shops riding on a skateboard. Interestingly, you can even move onto a sidewalk and run in the opposite direction of the traffic.

Build Your Muscles

Skateboarding also helps you in building muscles. It is a much better exercise than your other muscle-building exercises. All your body muscles and joints work simultaneously while you try tricks like a toe flip, hardflip, ollie, kickflip, hill flip, and dolphin. Skateboarding will make your muscles strong if you do it regularly for a few months.

 Relieves Your Depression and Stress:

It is true Skateboarding can relieve our stress. When I do Skateboarding, my body moves and stresses our muscles naturally. The equal circulation of blood in our body gives a good signal to our brain, so I feel relieved from all my stresses. In your desperation you should play some game or skate, giving us flexibility and relaxation.


Riding on a skateboard makes you an ultimate multi-tasker. If you are good at Skateboarding, you can easily master other outdoor activities like driving, cycling, swimming, rollerblading, Ice skating, etc.

Well, The reason is while you skateboard, you are using your brain, eyes, hands, and feet. Not only that, but you also learn how to start, fall correctly or stop, how to fail, and master any new tricks. That’s how skating helps a lot in multi-tasking.

 Pain Tolerance

Scrapes, scars, and aches: all these can happen in Skateboarding. You fall off, again and again, stand up, and start moving. As a whole, all these endeavors make you up a stronger and more pain-tolerant person. Just go skate with a big heart.

End Lonleness

I love skateboarding much as it provides me with best friends. We establish a relationship with them. I talk to them, and time when at night I feel bored; then call them and arrange dinner at the hotel and go for long commuting at night with the new transparent longboard . That I have renovated with a light-up wheel especially for night skateboarding that creates fun and attracts people, and I feel happy inside.

Special thanks Paul for a much valuable overview of skateboarding benefits.

Skateboarding can stop youth from crime and enhance the community. 

As we can see that studies and statistics have shown that youth sports positively impact and enhance their character. Sports also help students in maintaining their community and school. Statistics show that sports can prevent this.

Many children play basketball, football, baseball, or other related sports, which develop in their sportsmanship. A sport that people tend to do, Skateboarding keeps them from crim and negative thinking. So they get positive benefits from Skateboarding.

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