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Boyfriend jeans vs mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, and mom jeans are based on the same ideology; however, there is some difference between boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. The main difference is that mom jeans have a very high waist while boyfriend jeans have a low, loose waist and seat.

Boyfriend jeans hang more loosely all over; on the other hand, mom jeans often have tapered legs. Mom jeans usually have full-length legs, and boyfriend jeans typically have cropped legs. When you are dressed up with heels and a blazer, or a tee and trainers, find the best jeans according to your shape and style, and you are ready for any occasion.

Boyfriend Jeans Vs Mom Jeans

Mom and boyfriend styles have started as trendy, but they have become essential in our denim collection and shapes and are considered compulsory in your wardrobe. Both come in relaxed cuts that make them more comfortable than skinny jeans, but they’re just as versatile. But wait, we will tell you in detail about boyfriend jeans vs mom jeans, and which type suits your lifestyle?  

What are mom jeans?

What are mom jeans?

Mom jeans commonly have a high waist and come with plenty of room around the hips, with less stretch, remaining slim to the ankles. The High-waisted mom jeans came into fashion during the 1980s. These jeans have a loose cut through the seat and thighs to offer extra mobility and comfort. High Rise Mom Jeans Straight Leg Solid Denim Cuffed Hem is best for those who want to see their mom wearing these looser, more casual denim styles.

But the fashion world understands that style combines with comfort in a different look. Mom jeans have gained massive popularity in the past several decades, so now they are considered necessary in the fashion industry. The term ‘mom jeans’ started to take off in 2010. The retro-style jean was a favorite among mums in the 80s and 90s, Retro-style jeans were recirculated into the wardrobes of the younger generations, But mom jeans were popular for quite some time.

The style has evolved into a wardrobe staple appealing to women of all ages. Mom jeans have become popular because they suit many different body types, especially those with extra curves. The goal is structured, tapered comfort while still having some of the shapes that boyfriend jeans intentionally forego. It has long back pockets that tend to make the bum appear longer and flatter. 

What are boyfriend jeans?

What are boyfriend jeans?

It comes from the boys’ look that was popular in the 1960s when Marilyn Monroe donned a pair in The Misfits, an American Western drama. Boyfriend Jeans are typically relaxed and sit comfortably just above the hips, staying tight around the bum and straight out to the ankles. They have become a much-loved style of celebrities, seen on all the A-listers from Victoria Beckham to Katie Holmes.

Boyfriend jeans have a relaxed and comfortable fit, so if you have been loyal to your best skinny jeans. They often sit mid-low on the waist and should look a little oversized on the wearer. During the First World War, women were needed to step into positions of employment that were previously male roles. Under necessity, women started wearing men’s clothing to suit the style of work they had been thrown into. It got little publicity around. It was not until Coco Chanel normalized the fashion shift that she published a photo of herself wearing her husband’s suit pants and jacket.

Before this display, it was taboo for women to wear trousers. It was a bold statement that women needed to hear to break the confines of representation for self-expression and comfort. The ‘borrowed from the boy’ movement continued to grind and churn on the many ways that fashion had forged. Men’s pants typically have a different shape from women’s pants; they led to the idea of loose jeans that drape off a woman’s hips.

Boyfriend jeans are an open, baggy style for women first popularized by Marylin Monroe way back in the 1960s. They have remained famous among teens and adults ever since. Boyfriend jeans usually have a low-cut waist that rests loosely up your hip bones. They have extra space in the thighs, roomy seats, and straight, nontapered legs. 

Boyfriend jeans vs mom jeans 

I will brief you on the differences between boyfriend jeans and mom jeans in this post. Most who are going to buy the jeans ask about the difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans, but they are still determining if the silhouette and cut of the specific style will suit their body shape. 


Both mom and boyfriend jeans offer a lot of extra room in key areas, while the styles have very different fits. Mom jeans fit pretty snuggly in the high waist but loosen up in a roomy seat and comfortably vast thigh area.

Boyfriend jeans a loose, low waist into baggy straight legs. Its fitting gives the overall appearance of too-big, slouchy pants. However, these jeans should cling to your body tightly like skinny jeans. The key feature of both mom and boyfriend jeans is that they offer a loose, comfortable fitting.


Mom jeans are commonly cut above the ankles. Boyfriend Jeans often hang low, many styles falling to the ground. Folded hem has become quite popular in the boyfriend jeans style in recent years.

The lower type offers the boyfriend jeans a casual vibe, and the increased length is usually paired with a winter, whereas the mom jeans expose the ankle from a higher cut, so it completes many summer outfits.


From the top portion, both boyfriend and mom jeans look entirely different. Boyfriend jeans have a low waist and a very loose, baggy style and seat area. At the same time, the top of mom jeans has a high waist that is more narrow on the hip area of the top.

 Because women’s bodies typically curve in at the waist and out at the hips, and the style copies that natural shape. Mom jeans have extra room in the hips and a roomy seat and thigh area.


Boyfriend jeans are manufactured and designed to sit just up the hips but not entirely on the waist. There is no absolute limit to how high-waist denim jeans are; the unique attribute of the style and silhouette.

Leg Opening

The measurement of the leg opening for both mom jeans and boyfriend jeans is different from one brand to another. You can find several distinguishing features from each style. Mom jeans always have slightly tight legs opening instead of straight legs.

It means the leg opening at your ankle will have a smaller diameter than the width of the portion at your knee. Boyfriend jeans are straight, with a wider leg opening. The trend these days is for your leg that ends about 3 inches above your ankle, but you will also sometimes see full-length boyfriend jeans with loose, baggy leg openings at the ankle. 


There are a lot of areas where the differences in cut for mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. They have hybrid styles that stem from the classics created to accommodate women who needed the boyfriend jeans feature and a characteristic of the mom jeans.

Commonly, boyfriend jeans are wide at the hips and stay loose to the ground creating a baggy straight fit. Mom jeans are high-waisted, opening up at the hips and then tightening at the thighs, making a slim cut until the higher ankle.

What to wear with boyfriend jeans 

Boyfriend jeans are perfect for casual wearing and creating an off-duty look. If you want to give them styling, it can be tricky. Because along the style, you have to make some balance. Want to style the boyfriend jeans with a laid-back vibe with some of this season’s best blazers, feminine blouses, and heels or fancy flats?

You can style it with your fashionable top and heel or a fancy flat sandal to help balance out the loser shape for a more flattering one. The easiest way to make boyfriend jeans look more stylish is to wear them with a blazer. It will offer you a bright look with a denim jacket while adding more structure to your outfit.

What to wear with mom jeans

It is easier to style Mom jeans than boyfriend jeans due to their high waist, which makes for a less casual look. The critical styling of your mom jeans is to wear with your fashionable top, whether it is a blouse, a tee, or a polo neck.

A belt will also help add and create a more stylish look and silhouette. You can wear it with big ankle boots or cowboy boots or keep it casual in chunky trainers; they are guaranteed to go with everything. You can also try it with one of this season’s best snap shirts for a retro and relaxed feel.

The verdict boyfriend jeans vs mom jeans

These two jeans are my personal preference, and working out the most flattering jeans for my shape. And also best for you. Boyfriend jeans need more attention if you want to nail the look. However, you can make the right balance with a fitted top or shirt, pretty footwear, and accessories.

Their finished look can be fashion-forward, but you must consider your height before investing. Mom jeans suit more people and are generally more versatile. You can pair most tops with mom jeans, and the style would work. 

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