What to wear in Vegas: Best Outfit Ideas

I’ve become an expert on Vegas’ fashion culture as a former visitor who now calls the city home. Since anything goes in Sin City, I want to reply, “Whatever you want!” whenever family and friends ask me what to wear in Vegas.

That doesn’t make it much simpler to assist them in deciding what to take in your travel capsule wardrobe. Don’t worry if you’re wondering the same thing as them—my comprehensive packing list for Las Vegas is here to assist!

You should be aware of what to wear if you’re considering a vacation to Sin City. Fortunately, we’ve put together the definitive guide on Vegas fashion so you can look your best and enjoy yourself to the fullest in the city of lights.

What to wear in Vegas?

Most visitors intend to take advantage of a little bit of what Las Vegas has to offer while they are there. It implies that you may spend your days shopping or relaxing by the pool, and your evenings may be spent at a club or casino. And don’t forget about all the amazing restaurants you have your eye on! Generally speaking, you should aim to change into new clothes at least twice a day.

However, we’ve distilled the details of what to wear for various occasions and how to dress appropriately for Las Vegas weather all year long. Although nightlife, gambling, and plentiful dining are undoubtedly the main draws in Vegas, which is recognized as the world’s center of entertainment, you can also find some of the most breathtaking scenery and important historical sites outside the neon light of the Las Vegas Strip!

There is more to Sin City than meets the eye, from the breathtaking Red Rock Canyon to the magnificent Hoover Dam and the adjacent Grand Canyon. Your Vegas schedule will determine which clothes will work best for you to wear throughout the day and which will draw attention when you hit the Strip at night. I’ve therefore put together this comprehensive packing and outfit planning guide to assist you in carrying everything you’ll need for your trip to Las Vegas! 

What to bring on a trip to Vegas

 I’m giving the ultimate packing list for Las Vegas, complete with everything you need to carry and advice on what to wear for everything from laid-back day outings and pool parties to elegant dinner dates and Vegas clubs! A little black dress is always a good idea, but Vegas offers a unique blend of casual and extravagant glam.

So don’t be afraid to bring anything sparkly and fluffy, like feathers and sequins! Just wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself! Generally speaking, when it comes to packing for your trip to Las Vegas, you should consider daywear, eveningwear, swimwear, and activewear if you intend to go on a hike or to the gym.

Fashionable Tops to wear in Vegas

For the warmer months (Spring, Summer, and early Fall), lightweight clothes like t-shirts, tank tops, thin bodysuits, blouses, and crop tops are all ideal. Choose thicker tops and long sleeves for the cooler months of late fall and winter.

Bottoms to wear in Vegas

As suitable bottoms, you can bring and wear skirts, shorts, pants, and jeans in Las Vegas. Nonetheless, given how hot it is in the summer, I strongly advise against wearing jeans! Throughout the summer, try to wear loose-fitting pants.

Jumpsuits, Rompers, and Dresses

As previously stated, anything goes in Sin City! Rompers, jumpsuits, and dresses that are both dressy and casual are ideal! Wear looser, shorter-sleeved styles in the warmer months; in the winter, go for thicker knits and longer sleeves. 

Shoes to wear in Vegas

 If you plan to partake in any outdoor activities, be sure to bring comfortable shoes for all the walking you’ll be doing. 

You should dress up for evening events, such as a classy dinner or a club, so remember to pack dress shoes or high heels. Fortunately, some hotels in Vegas have vending machines that provide foldable flats! If your heels start to bother you during the night, get your feet fixed by visiting one of these!

Swimsuit for Vegas

You will undoubtedly need a bathing suit and a stylish cover-up if you’re traveling to Las Vegas to relax by a hotel pool or enjoy some sun at a pool party. Just keep in mind that the sun is strong in Vegas, so if you want to wear a certain swimsuit, be mindful of the potential tan lines it might leave behind.

 Activewear and Outer Garments to wear in Vegas

Be sure to bring athletic clothing if you intend to go hiking or use the fitness center at your hotel while visiting. Remember to pack sunglasses and a hat for your hike so you can protect your eyes from the scorching Vegas sun! It’s summertime in Vegas, so you don’t need a jacket! But, the air conditioning in the casinos and hotels is usually turned up, so if you get cold easily, pack a light cardigan. When the weather is milder and cooler in the spring and early fall, a lightweight jacket is perfect. 

Additional items: Accessories can enhance the look of any Vegas ensemble! You should bring a sun hat, sunglasses, and a day bag. 

Outfits and outfit ideas for Vegas

Looking for some outfit ideas for your trip to Vegas? I’m going to share some looks I’ve worn, as well as looks from Las Vegas, to help you plan the ideal look for your trip to Sin City! 


I usually wear a lightweight top, white sneakers, and denim shorts for a casual look that works well for daytime activities like visiting Vegas’s best photo locations.

I adore a little black dress like this satin cowl neck minidress for an evening look that I can wear on The Strip to a nice dinner or while sipping cocktails at casino bars. Since high heels don’t work well on my feet, I wore this dress with my go-to ankle boots instead when I’m lounging by the pool of an amazing Vegas hotel.

 I love to wear a cute bikini set with a crochet skirt or a light cover-up like these sheer mesh pants. For strenuous outdoor activities like hiking, I always bring along a sports bra, a baseball cap, sunglasses, sneakers, or hiking boots (depending on the terrain). My absolute favorite leggings are these Lululemon legging dupes.

Daytime, Pool Pretty, and Dinner to Wear in Vegas

When it comes to daytime activities in Vegas, casual is the way to go. For the cooler months, consider wearing sneakers and sandals, shorts or jeans, a tank top, and possibly even a denim jacket.

You don’t have to wear a particular style of bathing suit to a pool party in Las Vegas. Whatever you feel comfortable wearing will do, whether it’s a slinky bikini, a modest or sexy cutout one-piece, or something more covered! Consider wrap skirts, sarongs, and dresses composed of materials like crochet, satin, and mesh for cover-ups.

These usually have a dressy casual or dressy dress code. A stylish jumpsuit, a little black dress, or even a cute two-piece set is always a good choice!

Accessories for cocktails

Although each bar is unique, it is advised to dress up for the nicer, more upscale ones; anything elegant and sophisticated will do! Just no baggy clothes, sneakers, or sweatpants. It’s stylish to wear jumpsuits, dresses, and rompers with strappy sandals or high heels, or even a sultry bodysuit with jeans or faux leather leggings! 

Attire for Vegas Club

The attire for nightclubs in Las Vegas is formal and elegant. Imagine rhinestones, bodycon dresses, openbacks, o-ring styles, sequins, and sexy cutouts. You don’t have to wear anything that will make it difficult for you to walk, even though heels are recommended. Wear whatever outfits give you the most comfort and confidence!

Accessories for Hiking in Vegas

As I’ve already mentioned, there are plenty of hiking opportunities in Las Vegas, from Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston to Valley of Fire and beyond. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes or hiking boots and breathable clothing if you plan to hike around Las Vegas!

Remember to research the weather in advance so you can get ready; in certain places, the temperature can differ by 10 to 20 degrees from The Strip. Remember to bring water, too!

You don’t have to wear a particular style of bathing suit to a pool party in Las Vegas. Whatever you feel comfortable wearing will do, whether it’s a slinky bikini, a modest or sexy cutout one-piece, or something more covered! Consider wrap skirts, sarongs, and dresses composed of materials like crochet, satin, and mesh for cover-ups.


What is springtime in Las Vegas?

Although pleasant, the weather is a little erratic at times! The season starts with days that are cooler, around 68°F, and ends in May with days that are warmer, almost like summer, around 88°F. Overall, the days were pleasant and mild, and the evening temperatures were pleasant.

How is the summer weather in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has incredibly hot and dry summertime temperatures. The highest temperature I have encountered thus far has been 117°F. Temperatures can vary from 99°F to 110°F. To put it simply, summertime in Las Vegas is like being in a giant sauna, so plan lots of indoor activities, stay hydrated, and cool in the pools.

What is the best time of the day to visit LAS VEGAS?

By far, the best weather-wise months to visit Las Vegas are February through April and October through November. The summer months are the hottest of the year and are also the busiest for pool parties, so you’ll see larger crowds then and on New Year’s Eve. You can choose when to visit, but late spring and early fall are the best seasons because of the nice weather and low crowds!

Can I walk around LAS VEGAS IN FLIP-FLOPS?

You definitely can, but if you’re going to do a lot of walking, I recommend wearing cushioned sandals or comfortable walking shoes like sneakers.

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