Tear Drop Boobs Shape vs. Rounded Choose The Fit Bra For One

Tear Drops are the same as the Bell Shapes except for the rounder. You can experience cup gaping with full-coverage bras. Breast implants are made of tear drop boobs and round shapes. You have to understand the difference between these two designs is central to implant selection for breasts. You have to choose a style that will suit your shape, and you can try a balconette style.

Boob Shape Rounded vs. Tear down

Some collections of bras for tear-drop boobs perfectly fit your shape. First of all, you have to select the correct size bra. But How do choose the right bra type and size? So it is accessible to measure your breast right in find sizes A cup bra to H cup bra. There are two breast implant shapes: teardrop and round, and both have benefits and some drawbacks too. Teardrop boob implants do not feel softer compared to Round breasts and have a fluid shape compared to teardrop implants.

A teardrop implant is assumed due to the upper part of the round implant collapsing and the lower part filling with fluid. The teardrop implants are thinner at the top and slope to a fuller projection point near the bottom, miming the silhouette of a natural breast. Teardrop breast augmentation aims to achieve natural-looking breasts with a classic “teardrop” shape. 

What is Tear Drop Boobs augmentation? 

What is tear drop boob augmentation

Teardrop breast augmentation is a cosmetic method that includes using teardrop-shaped busts implants to augment the size of a woman’s boobs. The teardrop implements mean that the lower half of the implant is fuller and rounder than the upper half, so you can imagine what a teardrop looks like.

You can hear your plastic surgeon refer to a teardrop-shaped breast implant as having a “fuller lower pole.”It means breast implants have an upper pole and a lower pole; the upper pole is everything above the nipple, and the lower pole is everything below the nipple. So women want the fullness of the lower pole; teardrop boobs also refer to it. The teardrop busts have many benefits and many drawbacks. 

Tear drop VS Round boob

Boob Shape Rounded vs. Teard drop

There are two basic bust implant shapes: teardrop and round. But naturally, you will have a long list of breast implants as well size, projection, material, etc., but shape only two options:


Round implants in which you set a round implant flat on a table look the same and around from every angle because round implants are perfectly symmetrical. As you heal and go about your life, round implants can rotate fully and freely without consequence; no texturization is necessary on their outer surface. The round implants are perfectly smooth and can be slightly safer.


Teardrop implants have an asymmetrical shape, which means they are inserted into the proper place and cannot rotate inside your body either. However, it is difficult to stop implants from rotating because teardrop implants have a very light texture on their surface.

How to ready for your teardrop boobs augmentation?

Before starting boobs augmentation, you have to make some preparations such as:

  • You have a helper
  • Stop your time until recovery time
  • Select the best size post-surgical bra for you
  • Choose comfy environment 
  • Beware of saving yourself from constipation 
  • Create a post-op menu.
  • If you have sensitive skin, choose a cotton bra for sensitive skin.

Benefits of teardrop busts implants

Give natural looking shape: Usually, female busts naturally have a fuller lower pole due to gravity, which pulls the boobs down and takes in a teardrop shape bust. This implant with a fuller lower pole will provide a natural shape for women who want to increase their breast size.

You can get a better side boob: Side boob refer to the appearance of the side of the breasts, which you notice in somewhat revealing clothing that tends only to cover the front of the breasts, such as tops and dresses. Teardrop-shaped boobs implants tend to offer you a better side boob.

Helpful for women with saggy busts: Argumentation also work for Saggy Or Deflated Boobs, Causes Prevention And Treatment. The surgeries necessary for fixing these issues are different. Breast implant surgery involves increasing the size of women who have droopy breasts that tend to hang down lower than they used to. The great thing about teardrop boob implants is that they can help the patient who wants a breast lift and augmentation avoid needing a breast lift. 

Work well for petite women: Teardrop implants are proven significant for shorter women, especially when they have to work with little breast tissue. That’s because round implants are complex for you to cover with only a minimal amount of breast tissue. More petite women have only a tiny amount of extra breast tissue on their chests, so round implants are preferable for this situation.  

Suitable for taller women: Teardrop-shaped busts implants are good for taller women because taller women have longer torsos. They are comprehensive, and that’s why teardrop-shaped implants better match the anatomy of taller women.

Drawbacks of teardrop boobs augmentation

Teardrop-shaped implants are not suitable for everyone. They have drawbacks.

The teardrop implants can rotate: The big drawback of teardrop shapes is rotate after they are implanted. Round breast implants have a problem because round implants have the same diameter; they are symmetrical. It can cause severe anatomical problems for the patient.

Its leak is difficult to detect: Normally, teardrop-shaped boob implants are made of silicone. While silicone has a drawback in that patients must get regular MRIs or sonograms to ensure a leak has not occurred. It is because leaks are challenging to detect with silicone implants in teardrop busts.

Not suitable for who has the best breast shape: Breast augmentation is a surgery to increase the size of the breasts. Sometimes, an implant replaces the entire breast. If the patient already has a decent breast shape with more fullness on the lower pole, a teardrop-shaped breast implant will not create an excellent final shape. 

Final thought

Choose the best breast implants to make you feel beautiful and confident. Every woman has unique and different anatomy and feels differently about her breasts. So select the right breast implants that match your lifestyle. If you have a plan to start your breast augmentation journey, you should get complete information about it. Consult well-certified plastic surgeons who can help you get better shape your bust. Surgeons can define the difference between Tear drop boobs VS Round boobs, so you find ideal solutions for their aesthetic goals?   

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