Types of Panties

We know you only want the best in your top drawer, regardless of what you name them: underwear, panties, or knickers. You should know how to choose among the various types of panties available. There are additional factors to consider while selecting undergarments than simply the bra and pant sizes. It takes a lot of research to determine what is most comfortable for you and best fits your body type.

Our buttocks are undoubtedly less complicated yet have as many distinct sizes and forms as our breasts. We choose the kinds of bras we wear carefully but need more maintenance than our undergarments. It primarily depends on your style preferences and what functions best for you. Since underwear styles and patterns are based on their suitability for different types of clothing, and the right types of bra the right or wrong pair of underwear may make or break an outfit.

Uncomfortable underwear has the potential to lower your mood seriously. Even though innovation in this field has come a long way and still has a ways to go, it’s challenging to choose which kind of underwear is perfect for what, given the abundance of possibilities currently. We are here to answer. We’ll discuss many types of underwear and which are best for you. The function is the best method to differentiate between various panties and underwear styles and designs; thus, picking the right one may make or break an ensemble.

Different types of panties 

1. Brief 

women brief 

Briefs are the preferred types of panties for women who desire support and comfort matter how low or high cut the briefs are if the waistband stays in place, they will give the front and back coverage and won’t protrude over low-rise pants. The suitable fabric may influence how you feel about the day, and these trousers are great for everyday wear. They are comfortable enough for exercise as well as for work and sleeping. 

2. Boyshort 

boyshort for women

Who says that friends can’t be appealing and encouraging? The boy shorts are a sporty, cozy pair of women’s underwear that may enhance your bottom for a super-flirty appeal while slimming your legs and tummy. Boyshorts cover the hip and back entirely, with leg holes just below the tops of your thighs. Because of their resemblance in cut to men’s boxer briefs and other male underwear (thus the name), they can offer additional chafe protection when worn with denim shorts and a bit more modesty when worn with skirts. 

3. High Rise Shorts types of panties

3. High Rise Shorts types of panties

Total defense Your body type will have a more aesthetically pleasing barrier between you and high-waisted pants with high-rise briefs, as well as better support and comfort. High-rise briefs are designed to offer total covering as well. Furthermore, high-waisted briefs go great with skirts and dresses that are tight at the waist and flowy at the bottom. 

4. Thong For Women

women thong underwear

Thongs have very little covering (to avoid noticeable panty lines) and a T-shaped string at the back. Like a bikini, it rests three inches below the waist, and the sides frequently stop at or just above the hip bone. You may wear them daily and on special occasions because they come in various fabrics, such as cotton and lace. It features a cute and flirty design and offers less back coverage than a bikini but more than a thong. Nevertheless, it may be worn frequently. This type of underwear often has a wide hip band to prevent panty lines. 

5. Slip-on Shorts types of panties

Slip-on Shorts types of panties

Slip shorts offer the utmost comfort when exercising and are our solution to summer thigh sweat. Our slip shorts have the same concealing and smoothing effect as a slip, shaping your hips and legs beneath dresses. The best thing is they wear leverage to stop chafing on your thighs. 

6. Bikini 


Similar to a short but with less coverage is a type of underwear called a bikini. Three inches below the waist, the waistband contains high-cut leg openings. Additionally, they are available in string bikini styles, where the fabric is thinly strung between the leg holes. They may be found in the same comfy materials as briefs (cotton, microfiber, and nylon), in addition to the more delicate fabrics like lace and argyle mesh. 

7. Hipstar 


As the name implies, hipster underwear has low-cut leg openings and a waistband that rests on the hips a few inches below the waist. They sit between boyshorts and a bikini, offering more excellent leg coverage than a bikini cut. Hipsters prevent unintentionally exposing your underwear if you enjoy wearing low-rise pants.

8. G-String 


G-string underwear offers the least amount of coverage. They have many characteristics with thongs but have a string at the back to cover any lines. They are made for circumstances where going commando would be preferable, but you still need some security. 

9. High-cut/French-cut types of panties 

French-cut types of panties

High-cut/french-cut underwear features a higher waist than standard briefs and high-cut leg openings extending just past the thigh’s widest part. 

10. Brief Control 

Brief Control 

Top Brief The control full brief is a kind of underwear that gives your abdomen an excellent outline. They provide support and functionality for shapewear and sit high on the waist, right under the belly button. 

11. Tanga Brief 

Tanga Brief 

Tanga briefs are a style of thong-like underwear that includes triangular fabric that covers your front and back. They give rear coverage between a bikini cut and a thong and have wider sides. They can be a convenient method to go from standard bikini underwear to thong underwear

FAQs About Different types of panties  

What Kind of Underwear Fits You Best? 

The ideal pair for you depends on the shape of your body among the many different types of panties available. High thighs on thongs and briefs all create the impression that your leg is more extended. You could wear a thong if you want to display your natural bounce during special occasions. If your bottom is V-shaped, you can pick boyshorts or briefs for full rear coverage. The most attractive underwear is ultimately the one that helps you feel the most comfortable. 

What types of panties Are Most Popular? 

Bikinis, hipsters, and briefs are the three types of women’s underwear that are the most popular. 

Which Material Makes the Best Panties? 

Since the uterus is extremely sensitive to synthetic fibers, cotton is the ideal fabric for underwear. Additionally, spending money on a pair with a cozy gusset is critical for increased ventilation. 

How Many Panties Is Enough for a Woman? 

A lady typically owns different pairs of panties. We advise choosing undergarments that are tailored to your demands and physical features.

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