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Are you searching for a durable and comfy carrying backpack, then the best vintage leather backpack is the best option for you. The vintage leather backpacks combine the natural beauty of handmade leather with the ruggedness of the vintage leather look. These backpacks complement formal or informal wear and make great companions on weekend getaways or long journeys.

Vintage Leather Backpack

Some vintage leather bags have enough storage and can accommodate your laptops, other devices, and other everyday items, all securely fastened in them. The quality handmade outdoor Vintage Leather Backpack, and weekend bags, offer you to keep all the gears you need to explore new things in your journey. They come in natural colours, trendy retro designs and quality accessories which suit your everyday life. A vintage backpack is a fashion accessory.

You can buy different types of leather backpacks Like; full-grain leather is the best quality, but it is also the most expensive; the top grain leather is a more uniform and refined finish compared to full-grain leather. But the genuine leather backpacks that have the perfect balance of price and quality are best for those who have a tight budget.

Besides, leather backpacks are heavier than nylon or canvas backpacks, so the bigger the backpack feels, the heavier to carry. Among these three types of real leather, full-grain leather is the highest quality leather. It is the strongest among all leathers. Likewise, full-grain leather is very durable. 

How can I come to know if the leather is good quality?

Patterns: When you choose the leather backpack, you observe that all the leather looks the same, so telling the difference between the leather is a bit difficult. But as we mentioned above, the high-quality leather-like full grain and top grain is much more expensive compared to genuine leather. However, the price is not the point of knowing good leather quality.

You can know full grain from other types of leather. Because the Full-grain has unique patterns compared to others is more refined. You can also feel the quality of the leather. The top grain, whereas the full grain, is more flexible. Genuine leather is more flexible than full-grain leather.

Smell: You can also know about the quality of leather by its smell. However, it is not enough to know the quality of the leather. 

Tanning: More specifically, during the tanning process. Different phases of tanning, for example, vegetable tanning and chrome tanning, also impact the quality of the leather. But only use full grain vegetable tanned leather in backpacks. It makes the bag durable and beautiful.

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack unisex

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack unisex

The leather backpack has an External USB charging port with a set-in charging cable convenient for your electronic device use anywhere. It has 4 pockets for multipurpose use and 2 side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas. The backpack is Durable, and the exterior is made from high quality lightweight 600D polyester material and soft inner materials.

The Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack comes with adjustable and padded shoulder straps that fit your shoulders like comfortable cushions. More, the Large multi-compartment backpack also has a padded sleeve for laptops. The backpack is lightweight, so perfect for everyday use. Perfect for going to school, work, weekend get-away, biking, camping, gym, travel, etc.

Buffalo Leather Backpack Multi Pockets Daypack

Buffalo Leather Backpack Multi Pockets Daypack

The Backpack is made of premium quality Buffalo leather. The backpack comes with five pockets in the front; three have a zipper, and two have brass buckles. The leather bag has two compartments; one is well padded for the safety of your Laptop. It also has a small pocket, card and pen holder section inside. It has adjustable shoulder straps. The leather backpack is ideal for weekend trips, carrying a Laptop, Travelling, Trekking and Camping.

BRASS TACKS Leathercraft Crazy Horse Genuine Rucksack

BRASS TACKS Leathercraft Crazy Horse Genuine Rucksack

BRASS TACKS backpack use top quality genuine crazy horse leather. The leather is made of high-end top layer cowhide material, with a thickness of 2.5mm, solid and durable. Your hand feel that the surface of the leather is slippy and fruity. It will give you an allochroic effect when your hand pull and stretch the surface.

Durable for long term use, shinier for the surface patina. The backpack is suitable for school or business, for men or women and various pockets are perfect for optimal organization and tidy storage. Besides, it has Smooth zipper functionality, hand-stitched design, antiqued finishes, and clean sewing.

The North Face Daypack, Vintage White backpack

The North Face Daypack, Vintage White backpack

The Day backpack has durable natural and recycled fabrics; its capacity is 22-liter. You can organise your need to stay on top of things. The everyday backpack is equipped with a padded back panel and padded shoulder straps for increasing support.

Plus, a webbing lined top strap makes it easy to grab quickly and when you go on adventure trips. Furthermore, the main compartment features a separate electronics sleeve to help protect your laptop from bumps and falls. The daypack is a go-to classic for hiking, work or just going out, So Pair it with your favourite tee, hoodie, or jacket.

Kenneth Cole On Track Pack Vegan Leather Backpack for School

Kenneth Cole On Track Pack Vegan Leather Backpack for School

The Vegan Leather Backpack for School has Anti-theft radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking technology to help block radio waves transmitted from U. S. passports and credit cards. It also has the feature of a padded laptop pocket. The backpack is a Durable, grainy faux leather exterior with a tear-resistant, fully lined interior. More, the main compartment interior features a mesh zipper pocket, dual open slip pockets, and plenty of space to store your belongings.

16-inch Vintage Leather Backpack

16 inch Vintage Leather Backpack

The handmade Vintage Leather Backpack is Perfect for men and women. It has a large storage space with 2 Front pockets, zipper pockets to hold valuable items, 1 Small front pocket for keys, and Compartment. The backpack has Quality Leather and Quality Inner Lining. Large multi-compartment backpack with a padded sleeve for a laptop, The adjustable and padded shoulder straps will fit your shoulder like comfortable cushions. It comes with an Adjustable Shoulder Strap and padded walls to keep the laptop safe.

Solo New York Reade Leather Backpack

Solo New York Reade Leather Backpack

The Leather Laptop Backpack is a full-grain leather backpack with a padded 15.6″ laptop compartment, quick access pocket, blue interior lining, front zip-down organizer section, and padded back and straps. It is also great for students and commuters, the stylish leather backpack will keep your laptop and other essentials organized and secure.

VELEZ Archaeology Genuine Leather Men’s Backpack

VELEZ Archaeology Genuine Leather Men's Backpack

The Leather laptop backpack for men is made in oiled leather with marks on its surface, which is natural due to the original condition of animal hide and our artisanal process. Its visual effects of marks and tone differences are typical in genuine leather products. VELEZ use extremely durable leather.

These rucksack backpacks for men have the highest quality to add a touch of sophisticated style to your everyday. Thick top handle for easy one-hand carry-on. Comfy, padded and adjustable straps when you use them on the back over the shoulders. These vintage backpacks are made with extremely durable materials which are carefully handcrafted, ensuring product quality. 

Handmade World Brown Vintage Leather Backpack

Handmade World Brown Vintage Leather Backpack

The 2in1 Bag is a Convertible backpack for a laptop and has four small outer pockets for misc items. You can also use an office bag with Steel buckles, 100% rust-free and an adjustable sling. A vertical leather laptop padded bag Can hold a 15″ Laptop.

High-Quality Leather With High-Quality Inner Stitched Canvas for Durability. Man always uses a Leather backpack for luxury, protection, comfort, utility, fashion, and warmth. They only use the best quality material for a bag which is 100 % made of genuine full-grain leather.

23 Inchs Brown Rucksack Laptop Bag 

23 Inchs Brown Rucksack Laptop Bag 

The vintage leather backpack is made of robust, water-resistant leather, ultra-durable and sturdy. The lining is water-resistant, which keeps your items dry. More, the bottom has been heavily padded for additional protection. The backpack is a lightweight, soft leather backpack that protects your back from discomfort and offers maximum support to carry your laptop and accessories safely. The backpack has thick padded adjustable straps and is designed to relax your shoulders.

It is attractive looking, making it perfect for college, school, business, travel, short hiking, camping and outdoor activities. The vintage style backpack has 1 large front pocket, 2 padded partitions inside, and 2 Full-size inner zipper pockets. Also has a separate space for your Laptop, textbooks, magazines, iPhone, iPad, pen, keys, wallet, books, clothes, bottle and more. They are made with care and hand-stitched. The vintage leather backpack is tanned with natural vegetable oils, which gives this special leather its unique colour. 

Loungefly Wonder Woman Cosplay Mini Backpack

Loungefly Wonder Woman Cosplay Mini Backpack 

Loungefly Vintage Wonder Woman backpack is Fighting for your rights And the old Red, White and Blue. I believe that Loungefly had never created an original version of Wonder Woman in a mini backpack. The faux leather mini backpack includes applique, debossed, printed and metal plaque details. 

Tiding Men’s Leather Backpack

Tiding Men's Leather Backpack

The travel backpack is crafted of full-grain leather and premium YKK zippers. They are hardware and sturdy in stitching to ensure long-lasting durability. The back comes with a padded design, which is breathable and comfortable. Retro style backpack has 2 front pockets, 1 detachable keychain, 2 side pockets, 2 main compartments, and 1 inner zipper pocket.

More 2 wallet/phone pouches, 2 pen holders, 1 laptop padded sleeve, 1 iPad padded sleeve, 2 mesh pouch and 1 hidden back pocket. So a lot of storage and strap allows you to carry your luggage easily. Perfect for outdoor activities, travel, hiking, and camping. 

Types of Leather for Backpacks

There are three types of leather, full-grain leather, top-grain leather, and genuine leather, having different qualities. Real leather(full-grain leather) has the highest among the three. Then the top-grain and genuine leather. These types of leather are made of animal skin.

The animal leather hide comes in the shape of leather after a long change process. They are tanned, skinned and finally cured to create the leather. The making process can take a long or short time to finish depending on the leather making method. These methods are sanding, splitting, or buffing the leather hide. 

Full Grain Leather

Do you have to know What is full-grain leather? It is animal skin that is cleaned, tanned, and cured. Full-grain leather has the highest quality, stronger, and is more durable than all leather. The natural grain is made of strong fibres that keep the leather strong and durable. In other words, full-grain leather is tough. It is expensive due to the high cost of production.

Top Grain Leather

It is a type of Genuine leather, which has the lowest quality of leather. It has less strength in contrast to the top-grain and full-grain. However, it is very tough and durable but not as breathable as the full-grain. It is cheap in price value. Top Grain leather is made from the remains after the top layer is split off to make top grain.

Splitting leather is often necessary if the leather hide is thick. The remaining leather goes in the tanning process just like top-grain and full-grain. Manufacturers often use chemicals to give genuine leather a look, likewise the top grain leather with artificial grains and spray painting.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is cheap quality leather, and its strength is significantly less than the top-grain and full-grain. It is very tough and durable but not breathable, and the price is also significantly lower. It also forms the remains after the top layer is split off to make top-grain and full-grain leather. Genuine leather does not have a natural skin finish. The manufacturers mostly use chemicals to give it a shape similar to top grain leather.

PU Leather or Vegan Leather Backpacks

There is also fake leather in the market that imitates real organic leather. They are synthetic and not organic. Fake leather, vegan leather, and faux leather. Vegan because it does not use any animal skin. some brands use PU Leather for purses, handbags, or totes. Vegan leather has two types PU Leather and PVC Leather. Both are synthetic materials; PU leather is polyurethane, while PVC leather is from polyvinyl plastic.

If you want quality and durability, then synthetic leather or vegan leather is not a good option because they are not strong as real leather, so they are not best for carrying heavy loads. Vegan leather is also not as durable. They are also easily cracked and peeled off, especially for PU leather, while they look like real leather and feel like leather, Especially for leather backpacks. You can carry many things inLeather backpacks. They are also meant for various indoor or outdoors activities; while they are indeed a cheaper alternative, but are not good investments.

Benefits of leather backpack

  • Real leather is strong and beautiful. 
  • It has a superior quality that is far from its synthetic imitations. 
  • Real leather is very durable in contrast to fake leather.
  • Real leather does not crack and peels off as easily as fake leather.
  • They look the same and feel the same in all-day use. 
  • It has reached the point that it has become a difficult task to tell apart from those who know nothing about leather.
  • The vintage leather backpacks have good quality and are expensive.

How can you Care for Your Leather Backpack?

There are some important steps in taking care of your vintage leather backpack. So it is very important to know how to clean a backpack?


The first step is cleaning. It is a very important step for your backpack because dust, stains, and other elements are the worst things to leather. If you do not clean it rightly, then these stains become permanent. Cleaning leather is a very delicate process because the leather is also delicate. Along with toughness and durability, cleaning the products will protect your leather. Do not submerge your leather into the water; some leathers are water-resistant, like oil-tanned leather, so you should not submerge them in water. Trust us, it will ruin your leather, especially if you do not try it quickly.


The leather often leaves the leather dry because of the soap or other cleaning products in the cleaning process. So Conditioning your leather with a leather conditioner keeps the leather renourish its fibres; due to this, the leather will remain strong and durable for a very long time. The conditioner will also protect the leather from harmful elements such as sunlight. I suggest that you condition your leather at least two times a year. 

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