What To Do With Old Jeans? Creative Minds

Everyone likes slipping into a comfortable and good pair of denim jeans. We like to wear denim blue jeans until they are exhausted, and sometimes their design already looks worn out. What To Do With Old Jeans? Jeans are a typical wardrobe staple. We usually spend $40–$60 on a pair of blue jeans, sometimes even more. It hurts us to discard them when they wear out. So what do you do with old jeans?

We have an emotional attachment; throwing them out feels like breaking up with an old friend. So it’s very frustrating for me when my old denim jeans start to fall apart after just a few years. That’s why I’ve been searching for some interesting ways to upcycle beloved old jeans rather than toss them in the trash. Bootcut jeans denim is such a durable fabric that’s why it’s great for recycling. Here I have some interesting ideas, which means those old jeans will soon find a new shape.

What To Do With Old Jeans

Some wonderful ideas for “What To Do With Old Jeans?”?

1. Making luggage tags 

When you travel in style with your denim DIY luggage tags, these tags will remain prominent in your luggage. Scratching and stitching old denim can be used to make a denim luggage tag. These denim luggage tags deliberately add frayed edges for a casual and trendy look. A small piece of plastic material used to make cards creates the window for the information card. Use a strip from a felled seam and a flexible loop that serves for hanging.

2. Denim jeans Cocktail Napkins

To create denim cocktail napkins Take a piece of your old apple shaped jeans from your pocket, then stitch its edge with any color piping. Now put a hot cup of tea on a recycled denim cocktail napkin in the kitchen. Decorate the edges with stitching, perfect for a casual get-together.

3. Frayed denim pouch with old jeans

Making different ideas with old jeans is always one of my favorites. Without spending money, giving a new life to old jeans is better than them ending up as trash. So make a little pouch out of a pair of jeans that have not seen the light of day for years. You can make this in any size you need; a small size is enough to fit in your bag and store small household ornaments that stubbornly keep getting lost on the bottom of your bag.

4. Denim Headband

It is another wonderful idea for the making of hairbands. So no more bad hair with this accessory that’s bound to turn heads. Overhead wear an upcycled denim jean headband, which gives you a fashionable, stylish look, and reuse of your favorite jeans.

5. Sofa covering from Old Jeans

You can make a sofa organizer for remote controls from your old jeans. So you will love the idea of using the pockets and making a super useful overarm sofa organizer to store your remote controls and magazines. You can measure to see if you can cut the larger panel from the back of your denim to keep the two back pockets. The organizer attaches some ribbons, so it is super easy to keep them in place.  

6. Denim Rug

You certainly use different rugs in your house. They are made of tough fabric; you can also make them with your old denim; these rugs will stand up to any human and animal use.

7. Pocket Organizer with Old Jeans

Making of Pocket Organizer with old denim jeans also looks good and hangs into a wall organizer with pockets for little essentials such as pens, scissors, and needles.

8. Picnic quilt holder 

You can convert your old denim into a useful picnic quilt holder. It’s kind of like carrying a duffle bag. But as a whole, it is very useful. You can use it to carry your blankets, yoga mats, or anything else that rolls up and fits inside it. 

9. Little jean purse.

Making an adorable little jean purse is such a cute and easy idea. Besides a handy little pouch, you can also make the perfect little shoulder purse to carry with you. You just cut the small pocket out of a pair of denim and make the waistband a bit above it. 

10. Denim bracelet.

It is another cute little project denim bracelet. It is a simple, easy bracelet you can make with old jeans and some beets. Wrap a Bracelet with your wrist. 

11. Decorate Your Home Office

You can make some decoration pieces with old blue denim, such as bulletin boards, pencil cubes, and wall hangings.

12. Make a chic skirt with lace.

This is one of the most amazing projects to Convert your old pair of denim into a chic skirt with lace for up-cycling an old pair of jeans. Your skirt looks amazing due to its design. 

13. Stitch old jeans Case for Knitting Needles

You need no measuring size for Stitch’s old denim Case for Knitting Needles because you can only have to store it nicely.

14. Turn Old Jeans Into Adorable Baby Bibs and shirt

After using your old blue jeans, you do not want to throw them in the trash, so it is the best idea to make your baby bibs or different style fork for your baby; that looks nice and durable.

15. Denim Soft Toy Balls

You also make Denim Soft Toy Balls, baseball, the soccer balls. Your children certainly fall in love with these cute soft toy balls. These are the perfect gift for your baby learning to grip or a little kid who has started toddling and needs some soft toys to play with.

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