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DAEWON SONG is a Korean-American skateboarder born February 19, 1975, in Seoul and raised in Gardena, California. When he was fourteen years old, his parent separated; during this time, he learned skateboarding. The first board he received from his mother, and later on, a shop called Sporting Ideas in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California sponsored him a skateboard. Song had faced many ups and downs in his life, and his grandmother and sister looked after him. SONG founded a Matix Clothing apparel company In 1998 with fellow professional skateboarder Tim Gavin.

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It is hard to debate; some skateboarders say he invented hardflip; others say Rodney Mullen, but SONG himself said he learned to form a kid named Dan Gallagher.

Skater of the year

He is not an average skateboarder but a highly skilled and professional one. He acknowledged his potential in street skateboarding with strong technical skills that he came up with on time. Song was named “Skater of the Year” in 2006 by Thrasher magazine, and it is considered a high-value honored award in skateboarding sport. He is a co-owner of the Almost Skateboards company with Rodney Mullen.

Worth Seeing Amazing Tricks.


DAEWON SONG sponsorship

DAEWON SONG sings a sponsorship at sixteen with World Industries, a skateboarding products company. He shot many videos for that company the famous one Love Child (1992), in which he first time documented hardflip on film.

After nine-year he had ended his agreement with World Industries. Different companies sponsored DAEWON such as Thank You skateboards, Matix Clothing, Adidas Footwear, Tensor Trucks, Andale Bearings, Mob Griptape, Glassy, Spitfire Wheels, and Loud Headphones. I found thankyouskateco site link in his Instagram profile he is doing his own skateboarding products eCommerce.

Ankle injury Reported

Song revealed in July 2012 to an online magazine about his ankle injury seriously contemplated ceasing skateboarding between the years 1996 and 1997.

Daewon Song Signature Series

He remained a brand ambassador of DVS shoes till 2016; then, he joined as an ambassador of Adidas. DVS shoe and Adidas are selling the Daewon Song Signature Series.

Daewon Song Achievements

X Games Austin 2016 SKB Real Street 99th

 X Games 2011 SKB Real Street 3rd

In 2017, Daewon was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

Networth of Daewon Song

His estimated net worth at about 3 million dollars that he earned through different sponsorships.

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