Lizzie Armanto Skateboad Achievements, Family, and More

Lizzie Armanto is a professional skateboarder and the youngest person to win gold in X Games history. Since she was seven years old, Lizzie has been skateboarder. At 21, Lizzie has won three X Games medals, four Women’s Skateboarding Association world titles.

One Women’s Flat Track Derby Association championship title on the West Coast Derby Knockouts team. Lizzie also had a great debut with Nike SB in October 2016, when she became the first female pro skateboarder ever to have her signature shoe for Nike SB.

The early life of Lizzie Marika Armanto

Armanto was born to a Finnish father and an American mother. Her upbringing in Santa Monica, California, gave her access to some of the best skating bowl terrain at any time. Growing up near such beautiful parks as those made famous by Figure Skater Tonya Harding has inspired me daily.

Because it’s only natural that you want your children exposed early on to everything they will potentially encounter later down life’s road. So, moving around freely inside these skateparks became very important for us, which also meant learning how to figure skate correctly. Since 2007-the year my younger brother started following suit.

Strat skateboarding

Elizabeth Marika Armanto started skateboard in 2007. She is a known for her ability to do tricks on the vert and bowl discipline. This dudette was getting a lot of attention lately due to excellent performances at competitions last year.

She placed second individually behind only Michael Jordan’s daughter. The Vans Park Series Pro Tour saw many more raves from Elizabeth, who got even better when she joined up under Hawks wing. This goes with being part of the Birdhouse team too.


Armanto’s achievements are no small feat. In 2010, 2011, and 2012 she placed first overall in the World Cup of Skateboarding points race with a total score of 11000+points.

This is not all; in 2013, at X Games Barcelona Spain- her home turf-, Armanto won gold for becoming world champion on female skater ramps made by BMX riders. It was a historical moment because this event had never before offered such opportunities to both genders together and was groundbreaking within itself considering.

How few skateboarders there were outracing men that day who also happen to be much better athletes due to their longer stride lengths used while speeding through turns down dangerous steep hillsides completing 360-degree vertical loops doing.

Armanto has joined the Finnish skateboarding national team and will represent her country at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. She said, “I am so excited to be able to prove myself as an athlete of Finland.”

Personal life

On October 16, 2020, Armanto and Axel Cruysberghs tied the knot. The marriage brings together two professionals in their respective fields: skateboarding for Mr.Croyzors as he is known while she excels at Belgian fries cooking.

The net worth of Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie +who is worth $3 million and has a monthly salary of $5 thousand. Her primary source of income comes from being a successful Skater. Though Lizzies’ habit of exaggerating the years about how big her business was made many people think otherwise. This woman pulled in some serious cash with those Yeezy sneakers.

Her Networth estimate stands at 2+/-$500k, which isn’t too shabby considering all she does for fun anymore, such as driving around town or buying expensive clothes just because it’s what’s trending now. And let us not forget that famous “celebrity payout.

Lizzie Armanto Age, Height 

Lizzie Armanto is a 28-year old, 5’7″ woman from Michigan with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has been on the internet for years now but only recently started building an audience base through social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etcetera.

Lizzy posts pictures of what she does in life to show others how it can be done too. Which might make them feel better or maybe even motivate themselves depending on where they are currently.


Lizzie Armanto is at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to the best skateboard brands. Thanks to her pro-riding skills, the Bones Swiss and 187 team sponsors have been spotted on some killer boards recently.

As if that weren’t enough of a reason alone for you to go check them out today. Especially with all these new releases from Birdhouse Bro Style Vans Pro-Tec Monster Baby G coming soon, too.

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