Tom Penny A Pro Skateboarder, Early Life, And His Achievements

Tom Penny is a professional skateboarder from the UK city of Abingdon, Oxfordshire. He was born on 13 April 1977. Tom Penny has been sponsored by Flip Skateboards since 2009, and his Cheech and Chong signature deck was one of their highest-selling product. He plays sessions with friends at any park or street location where they live around Europe, like London’s Docklands area.

Tom Penny A Pro Skateboarder

When he can get some time off work between tours traveling all over North America, including Los Angeles, California. At the same time, performed gigs throughout Australia such as Manila, Philippines, Tokyo, Japan, San Francisco USA, Las Vegas NV, Miami Ft Lauderdale SeattleVegas Boston Vancouver Houston Tysons Washington Atlanta New York City Denver Chicago Phoenix Scottsdale, Tempe Santa Barbara.

The early life of Tom Penny

Penny lives in England and is a skateboarder. Growing up, he had few peers who shared the same passion for this sport. But Penny was able to find friends at school that would later become some of his biggest influences, Justin Parker, and Erin Chalice, among them. Penny was born in Dorset, England, and raised by a group of skateboarders.

As one might expect from the description above, Penny’s early years spent skating board was not complicated. So when he was not famous, He started skateboarding around his hometown of Oxford, England, UK. When skateboarding was not a popular sport to take part in, he was the first man to discover Mon Barbour, the owner of SS20, a local skate shop.

Tom Penny is one of the most influential skateboarders in history. He’s from the UK and left his home at a young age to move to California, where he began his professional career with Flip Industries, teaming up alongside other pro skateboarders such as Rowley, Scott Glifberg, Mark Landensten, etc., even though they were not famous yet back then (1994). No one can ignore his influence in this field. Flip ensured there would always be a place for all these guys by creating sections like “industry” or teams, so everyone had something that was theirs.

Professional skateboarding

As I have told above, Penny Polendina was born and raised in Oxford, England. Penny first gained popularity for his rad skateboarding style when he joined Sean Goff’s SS20 shop team to help him cover local pro decks at the beginning of last year- spanning all over UK magazines like RAD Skateboard. His success quickly grew throughout Europe with videos such as Rollersnakes 540s or 720′.

The net worth of Tom Penny

Tom Penny is one of the wealthiest skateboarders and appears on Forbes’ richest celebrities list. His net worth was estimated at 1,500,000$ according to the analysis of Wikipedia, Business Insider, and others.

Relationship status of Tom Penny

Tom Penny is turning 45 years old. Though he has never engaged before, according to CelebsCouples. He has had at least one girlfriend and was previously linked by media reports as having relationships with several Hollywood celebrities.

Sponsors of Tom Penny

Flip Skateboards sponsors the Penny, éS Footwear, and Ghetto Child Wheels. He has been skating with his best friend Lucie in tow for the past ten years, whom he met on Instagram when they were both looking to trade sneakers.


Penny was a British skateboarder who made his debut at the 1993 UK Championships Contest. Penny’s first appearance there came 3rd US competitor Willy Santos won the contest. After returning for an encore performance in 1994 and finishing 6th with this second Redlands performance. It would not be until 1995 that we saw our hero take home top honors.

This time around; after beating over 100 other competitors, including 75 professional US skaters such as Ray Barbee Hawk or Bob Burnquist, Andrew Reynolds, Ed Templeton, Eric Koston Phil Shao, among others, And winning this year’s competition which had evolved into one of Europe’s biggest contests today by any measure.

Penny returned triumphantly back home soil, having won by a resounding margin. Tom Penny is one of the wealthiest skateboarders today; Tom has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. Which he earned by competing in numerous international competitions. And through his endorsements with several companies such as Flip Skateboards éS Footwear, Ghetto Child Wheels, etc.

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