Andrew Reynolds Best Skateboard Player And His Net Worth

Andrew Reynolds Best Skateboard Player And His Net Worth

Andrew Reynolds is an American professional skateboarder, who co-founded Baker Skateboards in 2000 with artist Jay Strickland. He is now the happiest man alive as the owner of one of America’s most successful companies. Not only does he have to deal with all sorts of company politics and employees. But also many headaches for outside business ventures like design projects at Altamont Apparel. He has constantly been on his toes designing clothing lines that will be released soon enough.

The early life of Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds was born in Lakeland, Florida to insurance salespeople. He began skateboarding at age nine. He has been competing ever since; winning many skateboard state championships along the way including when he won FASL (Florida Amateur Skateboard League). When Vision’s Streetwear line featured some sick graphics from their team riders like Mike “Psycho” Spain or James London inspired him earlier.

In the video, Berrics captures a photo of Reynolds as an 8-year-old boy with his first-ever skateboard. His mother had noticed that he was fascinated by this new hobby. And bought him one for Christmas time in 1978 just before it became popular. TV commercials for Psycho Skate would often air during 1988 on MTV. It helped spread awareness about these exciting boards made by Powell Peralta called Powell Decks.

When he was just 16, sharpshooter David Reynolds took up skateboarding. He credits the videos of his favorite skaters for introducing him to street skating. He is the only one who focused on vert as a young teenager in Florida with a few hills close. Didn’t have many opportunities otherwise but by 1990 this would change. When through amateur video making which later became part career during the late ’90s early 2000s.

Then back into an obsession taking over until 2009 when G&S sponsored again telling stories from those times spending thousands creating art on boards. Andrew Reynolds now goes by “The Boss” and can still pull off some pretty sick tricks. That you will see for yourself if you ever have a chance to watch him rip it up on his skateboard.

Professional career of Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds is a legend in the world of Skateboarding. He turned pro for Birdhouse back in 1995 and promptly racked up some wins at contests. These days though Andrew doesn’t enter as much even though he does very well with his past results. When Rolling Stone magazine came to town, Piss Drunk’s reaction was largely negative.

Though they were the subject of an article that would boost their fame in some circles. And perhaps even get them added to this list. Andrew Reynolds is a normal guy with something amazing for anyone willing to put up with his often loud demeanor on two-wheels or four-paws. Reynolds and their new little one are on the way.

Baker and Andrew Reynolds

In 2008, the skateboard deck brand Baker signed a distribution deal with Blitz Distribution. This company once distributed brands such as Birdhouse and Fury among others before it became one of their top sellers under that umbrella in 2006.

When they had hired Per Welinder from Sweden to run things at the helm alongside. Hawk Hargrave later went on his own creating a Hook-Ups clothing line for Reynolds. They equally pay all team members despite any differences between them other than gender.

Film of Andrew Reynolds

In 2011 Andrew Reynolds start filming for The Boss Life Documentary which follows Andrew around during “one crazy summer”. It shows him moving into a new house outside of Los Angeles California. This is where most of this movie takes place along with various trips back home to visit family and friends off-camera. They still have their own skateboard decks being made these days by Baker Skateboards.

This keeps Andrew in the mix with all of that. Andrew Reynolds knew a part of “The GX1000 Video” which was released back in 2013 along with his love interest. Daewon Song whom Andrew considers one of his best friends since they were kids came up around. When Blender magazine had another article on Andrew about how he was struggling to try to find someone who could create graphics for him while living in Florida at this same time when Andrew’s parents moved away from New York state and settled down.


Andrew Reynolds is currently sponsored by Baker Skateboards, Bones Wheels, and Spitfire Bearings. He previously rode for Deathwish skateboards but left due to disputes. Over ownership rights between himself and professional skateboarder Erik Ellington. Andrew Reynolds claims that he owns some of the ideas that Erik had while working with them under his own company Deathwish.

He also has a shoe deal with DC Shoes which is part of why they are one of Andrew’s top sponsors along with having him create graphics for their skateboard decks each year. Andrew Reynolds’ biggest goal right now is to get “back in shape” and become an active member again of Team Baker Skateboards.

Especially after this past summer and fall where Andrew admits there were times when things seemed too overwhelming or difficult for him during filming sessions. Only to calm back down afterward by simply reminding himself. About all these amazing opportunities still out there waiting for anyone willing to put up with what it takes just to get there.

Andrew Reynolds is passionate about skateboarding, whether it’s riding around with his kids or skating at the local park he loves to do anything on wheels. Andrew Reynolds is known for being a part of several different types of documented video footage throughout his own career as well.

The net worth of Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds is one of the most successful street skateboarders in America, with an estimated net worth of $10 million. He was born and raised near Lakeland Florida where he began to develop his love for riding boards at a young age through spending time outdoors. He is helping out with his family’s housekeeping business.

After high school graduation, Andrew moved away from home but returned several years later when Baker Skateboards opened up shop. There again allows him to accessorize new products and prototypes while also working closely together on designing graphics that now adorn many pro decks today.

Reynolds is one of the most famous skateboarders in history. He joined Birdhouse Skateboards with Tony Hawk. But left to start Baker Shoes under Jay Strickland’s leadership nine signature model releases through Emerica Clothing Company which received Transworld Magazine’s award for best video part in 2011. And also won Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater Of The Year” honor in 1998.

He starred as himself opposite actor David Arquette when they featured on the VH1 show “Shadows.”In addition, he accomplished a skater who enjoys competing internationally against other professional athletes such as winning Gold Medals at ISA World Championships in 1999 and 2003 respectively. Reynolds was known primarily by the world as Andrew Reynolds for his success in skateboarding.

Relationships And Children

Andrew Reynolds has had an interesting life, with many interests in both his professional and personal lives. He married a woman he loved dearly but they eventually divorced after she found out about one of his affairs which led her husband’s company into bankruptcy.

Since then Andrew has lived the single-parent lifestyle while building up businesses like Facebook Ads that have made him millions by embracing transparency across all channels including Instagram stories. Andrew posts pictures of a beautiful woman named Lisa on Instagram.

Skeptics have raised questions about Andrew’s claims that he has never met her in person or communicated with anyone. But this mystery girl via social media messages and photos since the beginning of time.

Andrew Reynolds is truly happy and blessed to have found love at all. It’s no surprise that Andrew Reynolds’ daughter, Stella has already shown off her skills. She is the offspring of his baby mama Christiana and he himself is one of skateboarding’s most famous stars.

In a recent video where you can see him teaching their child how to ride a boarding ramp for fun at home and what other purpose besides showing young ones your latest trick? Well as if we should know better by now after seeing Dear Stella Films numerous times beforehand. This kid will become Boss sooner rather than later because she has Andrew Reynolds as a father.

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