Yuto Horigome A Young And Pro Skateboarder

Yuto Horigome was born on January 7th, 1999, in Tokyo, Japan. He is a Japanese professional skateboarder. Yuto won the gold medal in the inaugural Olympic men’s street event at the 2020 Summer Olympics. He is becoming the first person ever to win a gold medal in skateboarding at the Olympics. On January 7th, 1999, he was born in Tokyo, Japan; his father, Ryota Horigome, was a former street skateboarder. He introduced his young son to the sport before he could walk.



Name: Yuto Horigome

Country: Japan

Hometown: Tokyo

Birth Date:01/07/1999

Age:26 years

Stance: Goofy

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

The early life of Yuto Horigome

Horigome began entering skateboarding contests at Age 15 in America, hosted by Volcom and The Berrics, where he finished 2nd position. Because he participated in skateboarding events from an early age, Yuto attended an online school. He traveled to the United States with his father on many skate trips and lived with his friends, including pro skateboarder Micky Papa, in Los Angeles.

Sensing California was where he started his progressive career; in 2016, Horigome moved Stateside full-time. His name grew grown-up when he became the first Japanese skateboard player to win a Street League Skateboarding event in May 2018. Later that year, he joined the Blind Skateboards team and stayed with the team until January 2019.

 After some time, Yuto left the Blind skateboards team, and in May 2019, Horigome joined April Skateboards, owned by pro skater Shane O’Neill, who made Horigome pro. Yuto became the first to win a gold medal in skateboarding at the Olympics. He also won the Street discipline medal, silver medallist Kelvin Hoefler and bronze medallist, Jagger Eaton

His World Skateboarding Ranking

Yuto Horigome ranked second in men’s street on the World Skateboarding Olympic Rankings in June 2019, getting 62,480 points. The 2020 Olympic Games were not held for a year, and the number of skateboarding events in 2020 was significantly reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For World Skateboarding Olympic Rankings for June 2021, added points earned from the January 1st–September 30th, 2019 season and the October 1st, 2019–June 30th, 2021 season. In the June 2021 men’s rankings, Horigome remained in second place, with 249,200 points.

Career of Yuto Horigome

In 2017, Yuto won the Oi STU Open in Rio de Janeiro, his first third-place win in the 2017 Street League held in Barcelona, Spain. At the 2021 World Championships in Rome, when just one month remained in the Games, this Japanese skater notched another win against Huston and gained the title of his American rival. In Tokyo 2020, in 2021, he became the first skateboarding Olympic gold medallist.

He grew up near the Ariake Urban Sports Park and wowed audiences worldwide. In the two runs and five trick rounds, he got the highest scores for the final point were 9.03, 9.35, 9.50, and 9.30, including an astonishing 37.18 points. Horigome said after his win. “I couldn’t miss the fourth trick, so I put everything I believed and worked for into that trick.”

Net Worth of Yuto Horigome

ZipRecruiter said that a professional skateboarder in the U.S. has an average salary of anywhere between $20K to $30K, with varying experience. At the same time, Yuto Horigome’s net worth has surpassed over a million dollars. But the factual data about Yuto Horigome’s worth is a mystery to his fans and the media.

However, as you know, professional athletes have won many skateboarding events. The skateboarder’s wins are also a significant factor in increasing his total income. The skater has also worked on different video projects with his competition wins, and His video and film projects also help the professional skateboarder earn a stable income.


Yuto Horigome is sponsored by some of the biggest brands in skateboarding, such as April Skateboards, Nike SB, Spitfire, G Shock, and Venture. He also generates enormous sums of money. His favorite skate shoe is the Janoski slip by Nike SB. 

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