Jagger Eaton’s Achievements In Skateboarding, Family, and Net Worth

Jagger Eaton His Achievements In Skateboarding

Jagger Eaton is a world champion skateboarder from California. Jagger was born in Huntington Beach, CA, on October 27th, 2001. He has been skating since the age of six and has been sponsored by Element Skateboards for over two years. Jagger spends his time traveling the globe to compete in competitions.
His family life consists of a father who works as a mechanic and a mother who owns an art studio out in Costa Mesa, CA, where Jagger grew up with his three brothers, all under the age of 18 years old; one sister who lives in London in the age of 15 years.

Jagger Eaton Updated Age

  • 22 years 3 months 19 days
  • 267 months 19 days
  • 1163 weeks 5


As a child, he used to skateboard but never thought he would be good enough for the X Games. Then one day, his dad had an audition with some pro skaters. They told him that if they could train him like other kids, he could compete too. And so this past year, at age 13 years old.

Eaton became only the youngest competitor in history waves across all levels of competition. Many aspects of skating make up who you are outside of top form.

However, there may not even come close to what goes into getting ready each time before taking your turn among others out front line – just waiting while watching everything closely around you unfold right.

The early life of Jagger Eaton

A two-year-old little boy is skateboarding and showing tricks in front of the camera. His name? Eaton, just like his dad. He was born to be a pro skater: he’s got the talent.
No one can deny that he is taking after some famous relatives too when you see what all those people are doing on screen while we watch them do their thing. So he started skateboarding at the age of 4 years.

Jagger Eaton SLS Super Crown 2021 Top Class Performance

The Career of Jagger Eaton

Eaton is considered by many to be the future of vert skateboarding and has been featured in Esquire Magazine‘s Life Of Man 80th Anniversary Edition. Along with his brother Jett, DC Shoes sponsors them as part of their 2012 initiative “DC Youth Division.” Transworld Skateboarding magazine called them “the best young skateboarders around,” noting that they liked Bob Burnquist before them (and others).
These guys have a fate ahead predicted for success at professional-level competitions despite being involved early on through separate junior divisions. Which might minimize some risk but also detract from opportunities if things work out differently than you hope beforehand.

Sponsors of Jagger Eaton

As of April 2015, Eaton is sponsored by DC Shoes, Plan B Skateboards, and Red Bull. He also got a sponsorship from KTR Skateboard School in October 2013. It has given him access to better equipment than usual for his age group, so he can continue training with them on future projects.

Competition history

A skateboarding deity, 11-year-old prodigy Zander Eaton broke the record for being the youngest X Games competitor at just eleven. He accomplished this feat by competing in LOS ANGELES with a limitless future ahead of him and already having broken more records than most people can dream about achieving before turning 18.

At age 8, he became one of America’s “Top Skaters”.That proves how talented he has to be if his goal is becoming number 1 on Google searches related to skating – not bad considering what an expert skater says “Eaton doesn’t do tricks; instead, his fluid style makes it look effortless.”

Mentioning Tampa Am 2014, where he won as a 13-year-old, demonstrates why we should admire such an exceptional. In February 2015, Eaton won the boardroom. This win earned him an invitation to compete at finals in Austin later that year. He qualified for the 2020 Olympic Games due to his success with Street Skateboarding earlier this decade.

Jagger Eaton’s Net Worth

Jagger Eaton is a professional skateboarder and athlete with an estimated net worth of $400K. He gets most of his income through sponsorships and endorsements, including from brands like Red Bull which pays him an undisclosed amount. Bones Wheels Company $10k sponsorship, Independent Truck Company $5-6 thousand.

Jagger Eaton’s Girlfriend And Background

Jagger Eaton doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s single now, but he does have one essential thing, the support and love of his family members. who is always there for him no matter what life throws at them?

His father, Geoff, was also heavily involved in Children That Rip Skateboard College when Jagger began coaching at age four under surveillance by this influential figurehead just like an extension of himself. Jaggar has never lacked anything remotely resembling confidence which comes across loud & clear each time you see/talk with him.

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